Chair Yoga exercises are very good for retaining your health and strength. They have been advised by many doctors and experts for those who cannot exercise because of their age or due to lack of time. These poses are so easy to do that almost anyone can perform them. They include, stretches, breathing, meditation, twists and rotation. They strengthen your abdomen and help you to concentrate better. For better understanding, suggestions, knowledge and reference, you may refer to the following few paragraphs.

Here are The Best Chair Yoga Poses and Benefits.

1. Breathing:

To practice yoga on the chair, you must start with breathing. Sit up straight on your chair and place your hands on your belly. Now relax yourself and start breathing. Try to push your breath into your core. Does this pose daily as this will provide you with strength and resistance.

2. Spinal Twist:

For the spinal twist, you need to sit up straight on the chair and inhale. Twist to left while you look over your left shoulder. Now hold this pose for about three breaths and then come back to the normal position. Repeat on the other side.

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3. Groin Stretch:

For the groin stretch, sit up straight on your chair and spread your legs. Place your hands on your thighs and lean towards the front. Feel the stretch upon your legs and your lower back. Hold for one count and come back to the normal position. Do this about three to four times, if you are comfortable.

4. Side Bends:

Grab a belt, strap it on yourself and sit up in a straight position. Raise your arms up above you. Inhale. While exhaling, bend down on the right side. When you become stronger, you can bend for many more breaths. Repeat the same thing on your left side. Remember to take each breath very slowly.

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5. Fan Pose:

For the fan pose, place your feet firmly on the floor. Make sure they are apart. Take both your arms and grab the back of your chair. Roll your blades down and try to create an opening in your chest. Hold about five to ten breaths and then let it relax. Finish by wrapping yourself with your arms.

6. Shake It Out Pose:

To do this yoga pose, shake your arms and legs. Begin by shaking one leg at a time. Then add your arms. This will make your core stronger. Also remember to shake your spine for a couple of seconds and then you can keep it tall. This will make you feel fresh and energized.

7. Ankle Rotations:

To do the ankle rotations, sit on the chair with your spine straight. Then lift your feet about twenty inches off the ground. Rotate both your feet to the left and back. You can do this with one foot at a time or both together. All depends upon your comfort zone. Take it to the left and then to the right.

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8. Knee Raise Pose:

For the knee raise pose, you need to sit on the edge of the bench first. Your feet should be on the floor. Now take your body down with your hands on the bench. Now lift your knees up and down; one by one. This will tone your legs, triceps, shoulders and upper back.

9. Shoulder Rotations:

For the shoulder rotations, take both your hands and place them on your arms with your fingertips touching your shoulders. Now rotate them clockwise. After doing this for about a minute or so rotate them in the anti clock wise direction. This will tone your arms muscles and make them stronger.


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