With evolving globalization and drastic changes in work patterns, people suffer from back pain at every age. The current generation is mostly working at MNC companies to earn good money. Sitting and working in front of a computer for a long time or sitting at a place for a long time affects the backbone and causes severe back pain. These back pains can be made better by changing the chairs we use.

Right posture and relaxation of muscles at the right time can reduce back pain. The pain can be categorized based on the human vertebra and there are different chairs to relax different parts of the back. Let’s check out the top chairs for back pain and get relief.

Comfortable Chairs For Back Pain:

Here we enlisted the 9 best and most comfortable chairs for back pain with pictures. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Recliner Chairs for Back Pain:

Image Source: apresfurniture.co.uk

The recliner chair is the most used office chair for back pain. The leaning back end of this chair is made with flexible material and it is made in the shape of the backbone. This makes it more suitable for back pain and working for a long time.

2. Kneeling Office Chairs for back pain:

Image Source: pinterest

Kneeling office chairs give a straight poster and the legs form like kneeling. This makes the back stand straight and thus reduces the pain. These types of chairs are also preferred for office chairs. But these are not suitable for lower back pain.

3. Ergonomic Office Chairs for Back Pain:

Image Source: pinterest

This chair is the best office chair for lower back pain as they provide pseudo vertebrae like humans and they are broad at the shoulder part. This enables the person to rest both their back and shoulders and thus reduces the lower back pain.

4. Ergohuman Black Mesh Hi Swivel Back Pain Chair:

Image Source: pinterest

This is the best office chair for back pain and provides different segments with the flexibility to hold the neck, shoulder and lower back. These are preferred at work as they relax every part of the back. These are made with fibre and small springs make it easy to stretch and relax.

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5. Short Back Chairs for Back Pain:

The short-back chairs have very short enabling support only for the lower back. This makes it comfortable for lower back pain but it sometimes increases the shoulder nerve reflexes. These are less preferred chairs at the office where there is continuous work for hands and fingers.

6. Cradle Type Chairs for Back Pain:

Image Source: pinterest

These look like a cradle and they have different supports for a different part of the back. These also have support to rest the foot which makes the pain better. These are used mostly for home and casual places. These are not preferred for office use.

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7. Roller Back Chairs for Back Pain:

The back is supported with a cushioned roller fitted to the arm of the chair. This gives a light massage while working thus reducing the pain. These are used in very few offices in India and these are preferred for home usage.

8. Hostgarcia Ergonomic Desk Back Pain Chair:

Image Source: pinterest

The best chair for back pain is designed just like a human vertebra to give a better position and grip. Different cushions are attached to the back support which enables to position of the vertebra at the right position and thus reduces back pain, especially lower back pain.

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9. Lumbar Support Chair for Back Pain:

The lumbar support chairs provide special support for the lumbar region. This support makes the vertebra stay erect. Placing the vertebra in the right position reduces pain and this support enables a good flow of blood through the body.

With the revolution in technology and the IT world, people need the right chair and stuff to work in good health. Back pain is the most common now and the age of the patients ranged from 20-40. It can be prevented with the right chair and right posture rather than feeling the pain and curing it.


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