9 Best & Comfortable Chairs For Pregnant Ladies In India

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Pregnancy is a beautiful journey of transition for ladies from a lady to mother. It brings with it lot of happiness and bundle of joy. During pregnancy, ladies undergo some difficulties also in sitting and walking. They do need back support while sitting. And therefore special chairs are invented for pregnant ladies which give them utmost comfort in sitting.

If a lady is working women or while at home too, she can use this chair and give herself some rest. This chair is designed in such a way that even if a lady be seated for a long time, it won’t harm her. Let’s choose the best chairs for your sister and wife when they have pregnancy.

Best Chairs For Pregnant Ladies With Pictures:

Here we enlisted 9 simple and latest chairs for pregnant ladies. Let’s have a look in to them.

1. Wooden Chair with Stool:


This pregnancy chair for home is having much size and it comes with stool too. Lady can put her feet up on this stool and earn the rest. This chair is having an ultra-soft cushions too which are smooth. The base of the chair and stool is wooden but cushions are very soft.

2. Back Support Pregnancy Chair:

Back Support Pregnancy Chair

It is one of the best office chair for pregnancy, providing great support to pregnant women. In this region chair, there are two extra square shape cushions too. This gives support to your bums and back side too. The chair is revolving so the lady can easily get the things done.

3. Best Pregnancy Chair:

Best Pregnancy Chair

This is one of the best chairs for pregnancy. The whole chair is adjustable so that you can stretch it whenever you like. If you are tired of sitting, you can convert it into a lounge and sleep. At home, pregnant lady can use this chair in her home garden too.

4. Mid-Back Pregnancy Chair:

Mid-Back Pregnancy Chair

It is a comfortable chair for pregnancy as it helps ladies in working with ease during their critical pregnancy days. This chair provides relaxation to body and women can work without pain. It heals all the body pain and give peace to the mind.

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5. Rocking Pregnancy Chair:

Rocking Pregnancy Chair

This is a stylish pregnancy chair. There is attached extra cushion overhead and from top to bottom the chair is designed for comfort. There are wooden handles for keeping your hands. Your back will stay straight on this and little down also.

6. Recliner Pregnancy Chair:

Recliner Pregnancy Chair

This office chair for pregnancy is adjustable i.e., you can move it up and down. It is with wheels so that you can roll around nearby places to get your stuff. The base is straight and back is little in front from middle. It won’t be panic for pregnant women.

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7. Pregnancy Chair for Desk:

Pregnancy Chair for Desk

This chair for pregnant women is just perfect. It is specially manufactured for pregnant ladies carrying on desk work. The back side of chair is totally made up of net material with support. This is highly preferable to keeping your spinal cord straight.

8. Bean Bag Pregnancy Chair:

Bean Bag Pregnancy Chair

This bean bag can also be used as a pregnancy chair for home. This chair is made up of small beans and it is having soothing stool too. A lady can sit so peacefully in this and revive the serenity. When once seated, lady won’t feel to get up early from this.

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9. Gliding Pregnancy Chair:

Gliding Pregnancy Chair

This gliding chair for pregnant ladies can prove out to be a boon. It is really comfortable giving with good density of cushion. There is a small rectangular cushion added with chair which a lady can use as back support. It has an extra size so she can easily sit with pregnant body.

By making pregnancy chair, a great amount of help is given to women. She needs so much support in sitting. In pregnancy chair, she will receive extra support with all soft cushions and all. Special care is needed when she gets a big womb. Every pregnant lady should take advantage of this pregnant chair. It will support her body.