Pregnancy is a beautiful transition for women to motherhood. It brings with it tons of happiness and a bundle of joy. However, the pregnancy phase itself can be taxing for the mother as her body goes through a lot of changes. The hormonal changes, the increasing belly, and the increased sensitivity to pain all are quite difficult for a pregnant lady. The best solution for all these problems is adequate rest, which can be achieved through a proper comfortable pregnancy chair. Invest in one, and you are more than ready to have a better pregnancy experience. Here we enlisted the 15 easy and best chairs for pregnant ladies that give you more comfort in your pregnancy phase.

Importance Of Pregnancy Chairs:

  • Investing in a pregnancy chair might seem a bit expensive at first, but do not skip it because the right chair can provide you with a lot of comfort, and the pros outweigh the cons.
  • Pregnancy makes your body more prone to body pains and aches, and the best way to soothe them is a comfortable pregnancy chair.
  • The discomfort in the back might be minor initially, but can become a severe issue in the advanced stages of pregnancy, and also after delivery.
  • Pregnant women tend to stay in the same position for long hours so a good pregnancy chair can provide proper rest to the body.

What Is The Right Sitting Position During Pregnancy?

  • You should always pay attention to your posture while sitting.
  • Take the support of the backrest and keep your back straight.
  • Your feet should not dangle and touch the ground completely. Keep the legs and hips at right angles and lean forward slightly.
  • Keep your shoulders straight.
  • Do not sit at the same place in the same position for long hours.

What To Avoid When Sitting During Pregnancy?

  • Do not sit with crossed legs as it might affect the circulation to your legs and result in swollen ankles.
  • Do not dangle your legs and make sure they touch the floor while you are seated.
  • Do not slouch and maintain a straight back while sitting.
  • If you maintain an improper posture while sitting for a long time, it could lead to back pain issues.
  • Do not change your position while sitting suddenly. Gradually shift and get up or change position slowly.
  • Do not bend your waist too much as it could strain your back.

Best Sitting and Sleeping Chairs For Pregnant Ladies In India:

Take a look at the 15 best and most comfortable chairs for pregnant ladies, given below with images and choose one according to your requirements.

1. Herma Miller Embody Chair:

Image Source: pinterest

If aesthetics is an essential consideration for you, then the stylish design of this pregnancy chair makes it one of the best options for you. This chair offers several adjustments in inclination and height to ensure maximum comfort for you throughout the day. The material is extremely comfortable and provides a soft and cushiony feel, and is sure to guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

2. Naomi Home Odelia Swivel Rocker Recliner:

This ultra-modern swivel rocker recliner is a multifunctional pregnancy chair enough to erase all your physical pregnancy woes. It can swivel around and rock to provide you with extra functionality and comfort. The recliner is adjustable so that the back can be inclined according to your needs. The leg rests help you put your feet up to relieve ankle swelling and just sit back and have a comfortable snooze in the extra cushiony and soft chair.

3. Dutailier California Glider Pregnancy Chair:

This ultra-modern and comfortable chair comes with a stool so that a pregnant woman can put her feet up and have some much-deserved rest peacefully. The backrest and headrest are expanded to provide maximum comfort to the increasing body of a pregnant woman. The soft cushions help you relax and forget all your body pains temporarily. The colour is also very trendy and eye-catching.

4. Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner Chair:

This bulky power recliner is sure to win your heart as it provides excellent padding and comfort, which you cannot find in an ordinary chair. It has a smooth reclining action, which can be activated by a single button. The fabric is soft and skin-friendly. Invest in it for a beautiful naptime during the afternoon.

5. Ravenna Home Pull Recliner:

This oversized recliner chair makes sure that it accommodates the chubbiest of pregnant women. It provides enough space for two, and that is why it is popular. It glides and increases the angle of the chair for proper reclination of the back. The cover is also extremely soft, making it skin-friendly and a complete winner.

6. Best Chair for Pregnant Ladies:

Image Source:

If you are looking to invest in a pregnancy chair for the office, this one is worth looking at. The height and width of the chair are big enough to accommodate a pregnant woman comfortably. The height of the back is more than usual to provide sufficient back support. It is covered with black leather, which is very durable and also increases the aesthetic look of the chair. The armrests are also curved and cushioned for extra comfort. The 360-degree swivel mechanism ensures that you do not have to get up too frequently and provides you with maximum comfort and rest.

7. Wooden Chair for Pregnant Ladies:

This elegant and modern wooden chair is a super comfortable option for a pregnancy chair. This acts as a lounger and relaxes your entire body and mind, and is quite useful in soothing back pain. You can comfortably have a nap in this chair or enjoy the sun in your garden without getting too tired from the physical discomfort.

8. Back Support Pregnancy Chair:

It is s super stylish and beautiful pregnancy chair designed to give your back all the support it needs. It has a set of 2 extra cushions that provide additional support to your buttocks and backside to ensure maximum comfort and ease all your pains. The chair has a swivel mechanism which helps the lady get all her things done effortlessly without having to get up too much.

9. Mid-Back Pregnancy Chair:

This pregnancy chair’s best asset is perhaps the full range of motion it can offer. It can swivel completely, while the height of the seat is also adjustable according to the height of the desk. The leather is soft and provides comfort while sitting. The inclination can also be adjusted for a comfortable experience at your workplace.

10. Stylish Chair for Pregnant Ladies:

Image Source: pinterest

This chic and modern pregnancy chair, which has an extra cushion attached to the head, is designed for maximum comfort. The design ensures a straight back and proper posture while easing back pain and providing adequate rest to the body. It is eye candy for white lovers and incredibly stylish.

11. Recliner Pregnancy Chair:

This rocking chair for pregnant women is oversized and with a small cushion attached overhead. The fabric of the cushion allows your skin to breathe and provides a soft surface for you to lounge on without feeling any discomfort. The flat armrests and leg support help you sit comfortably in proper posture without hampering blood circulation.

12. Bean Bag Pregnancy Chair:

Most of us have bean bags at home, but how many of us know that they can be extremely comfortable to lounge on during pregnancy? A bean bag is made of thousands of small beans, and shifts shape according to our shifting posture. It moulds according to our body posture and provides support to the entire body accordingly. So you can sit and watch a movie or snooze on this bean bag comfortably for hours.

13. Gliding Chair for Pregnant Ladies:

This comfortable pregnancy chair comes with an ottoman. The thick cushions and the padding are the highlight of this chair and provide you with maximum comfort. The fabric is soft and pale-coloured, ensuring a smooth surface to relax on and stretch your feet while taking a rest.

14. Office Chair for Pregnant Ladies:

This stylish metallic chair is specially designed for pregnant ladies doing desk work. It has head support and a specially designed backrest to accommodate you. The leg rests let you stretch your feet without getting cramped up. The chair is functional with a 360-degree swivel and support for your computer, which ensures that you can relax back and be efficient at work too.

15. Sleeping Chair for Pregnant Ladies:

Image Source: pinterest

This has to be one of the best and most comfy pregnancy chairs out there in the market. Though slightly expensive, it is worth every penny as the whole chair can be adjusted according to your needs. Sit up and read a book or convert it into your lounge and drift off into a peaceful sleep at your own will. The material is skin-friendly and allows your skin to breathe and allows you to stretch whenever you like. Pamper yourself and get this fantastic chair to forget all your pregnancy aches !!

Pregnancy is a fantastic journey, but it can be quite challenging for women physically too. Special care is required during pregnancy for every woman as she needs all the rest she can afford to take. These pregnancy chairs are the best solution for all bodily pregnancy sorrows and ease away any back pain or physical discomfort. Hope our selection of the top 15 best chairs for pregnant ladies has helped you in making a decision. Please comment in the section below and let us know your favourite ones!


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