There are numerous yoga postures that may assist you in recovering from back pain. But there is nothing like the chakrasana. This is one of the best back bend postures ever invented. This is basically a wheel posture where the upper body starting from the waist bends to the back so that the face is pointed towards the ground and the palms are pushing the floor. There are numerous steps to achieve the ideal chakrasana posture and when completed, it looks like a wheel. This is a great movement for making the spine flexible.

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Chakrasana means the Wheel Asan, where Chakra is the wheel and Asana means seat or posture.

How To Do The Chakrasana:

Chakrasana is not a very complicated yoga posture. But still there are a few things that you need to consider before going into this yoga posture. First of all you will have to set your hands and back loose. Try stretching a bit so that it can take the pulling and tearing that your muscles are about to experience.

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Generally, for doing this yoga properly, the hands and feet are to be placed on the floor while the abdomen will face upwards. Start from a supine or spineless position so that you can bend your back properly. One of the easiest ways to perform this yoga is to stand straight and drop your back to the ground. But be careful at all times or might injure yourself.

For avoiding injury keep your hands and palms ready to support your upper body while it leans towards the ground. If you’re a beginner, then you should apply the wall assistance technique, where you won’t have to drop the upper body in the first and can take the advantage of the wall behind you and slowly bend your back against your lower body.

This asan will definitely increase the flexibility and make you strong from the core. If you’re doing it properly then someone who is watching will remind you that your body is looking like an upward facing bow.

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Benefits Of The Chakrasana:

This exercise of pretty effective for treating back pains and also offers a number of benefits when it comes to the body, spirit, and the mind as well. Among the numerous of chakrasana, the most important ones are discussed below.

Firstly, this yoga posture strengthens and lengthens the vertebral column. It enhances the elasticity and flexibility of the back muscles and prevents the spines against age problems such as compression. For standing tall, a certain amount of space of required between the spines, which can be achieved through this posture.

Secondly, chakrasana is effective for the arms since it enhances the strength of the arms, wrists, forearms, etc. Apart from that it also enhances the flexibility in the chest, legs, shoulder, etc and tones the muscles in those areas.

Thirdly, chakrasana strengthens the lungs and allows the proper flow of oxygen into the rib cage. Believe it or not, this particular yoga posture can increase the respiration as well. Proper breathing while performing this yoga posture can help you get healthy from the core.

Fourthly, the chakrasana yoga posture can enhance the mental as well as physical strength and can remove stress, over anxiety and depression.

Fifthly, this particular yoga posture is beneficial for the whole body and can prevent the arrival of osteoporosis.

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