15 Amazing Chanderi Sarees With Pictures

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Chanderi Sarees are traditional sarees belongs from Madhya Pradesh, India. The name of these sarees came from the name of a place situated in Ashoknagar district of north Madhya Pradesh, i.e., Chanderi. Chanderi is popularly known for its sarees. This handloom product is mainly made up of cotton and silk. The three kinds of fabric in chanderi sarees are chanderi cotton, silk cotton and pure silk. The different types of Chanderi sarees are Chanderi silk saree, chanderi cotton saree, chanderi cotton silk sarees, chanderi designer sarees, chanderi pattu sarees, chanderi handloom sarees, etc.

Latest Chanderi Sarees With Pictures:

The top 15 styles of chanderi sarees and images are the main key attraction in this article.

1. Green And White Chanderi Silk Saree With Yellow Border:


The texture of this saree is silky. Green and yellow absolutely seems perfect combination of colors. One half of the saree is white designed part and the other half is green part with yellow border wrap over your body. This silk chanderi saree obviously makes you look colorful.

2. Red Silk Cotton Chanderi Saree With Golden Border:

2. Red silk cotton chanderi saree with golden border

This red saree as a traditional looks with simple red portions along with plain golden border run all over this piece of cotton chanderi. A touch up is given to this saree by providing a intricate golden pallu that makes it even more vibrant. You can pair up with golden blouse.

3. Orange And White Chanderi Silk Designer Saree:

3. Orange and white chanderi silk designer saree

Half and half chanderi silk designed saree having mainly two colors that makes it magnificent. White printed portion along with simple orange with some colorful strips along the border lining. To give a contrasting view, it is paired up with blue blouse having orange lining to it.

4. Pink Chanderi Pattu Saree:

4. Pink chanderi pattu saree

This pink pattu or silk saree provides a shiny texture and also soft indeed. On one side of the border it’s golden and on the other side it has violet hue. All over the saree floral designs are made. This gives a new outlook to this chanderi saree.

5. Red And Cream Designer Chanderi Silk Saree:

5. Red and cream designer chanderi silk saree

Designer chanderi saree adds a new feature to the conventional chanderi saree. This saree absolutely looks brilliant to wear in special occasion. Red half has golden motifs throughout. The cream colored pallu is draped over your body which gives a contrasting parameter to this saree with intricate designed border.

6. Magenta And White Chanderi Silk Saree:

6. Magenta and white chanderi silk saree

Here this magenta white chanderi silk is pleated nicely to give a pleasing looks to the eye. The white half of this saree is designed with black and the other half is simple magenta silky texture with green wider border. The saree is contrasted with green colored blouse which make you look perfect.

7. Peach And Silver Cotton Silk Chanderi Saree:

7. Peach and silver cotton silk chanderi saree

Cotton silk is another variety of this chanderi saree. Peach is blended with silver hue. Peach is the base color of this saree which is mismatched with silver works. This saree goes well with all ages. This peach colored outfits are the recent trends, so you can try this piece of chanderi saree if you love this hue.

8. Deep Blue Cotton Silk Chanderi Saree:

8. Deep blue cotton silk chanderi saree

Blue is the main characteristic feature of this chanderi saree. Intricate designs are made all over this piece of cotton silk chanderi saree with golden border. If you like to opt for intricate designs with multi colored effect, you can surely go for this fashionable outlook. You also look radiant in this blue shade too.

9. Red And Beige Chanderi Saree With Golden Embroidery:

9. Red and beige chanderi saree with golden embroidery

This is a designer saree with golden embroidery along the border. The embroidery work is done in circular and wavy patterns which look different. The beige colored pallu has silky outlook with translucent effect. This is contrasted with red, orange and blue portions. The widely spread red portion has intricate blue colored works done in regular patterns.

10. Pure Off-White Plain Chanderi Silk Saree:

10. Pure off-white chanderi silk saree

The simplicity of this chanderi saree is the attractive feature for this outfit. This can be worn by women of all ages. This trendy saree has golden effect on the off-white base which looks magnificent blended with elegance.

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11. Pink And Peach Color Net Chanderi Saree With Patch Works:

11. Pink and peach colour net chanderi saree with patch works

The peach half of this chanderi saree is blended with pink colored netted pallu. To enhance your outlook, try to mix and match your outlook by wearing blue colored designer blouse. It provides a multi colored effect to this saree. The transparent netted pallu enhance the beauty of your designer blouse.Patch works are done in the peach colored portions.

12. Red Printed Chanderi Checks Saree:

12. Red printed chanderi saree

This saree is just simple in its looks yet looks trendy in this red piece. These patterns of printed chanderi sarees are widely used mostly by the present generation ladies. It has multi colored printed block designs in the lower half. Triangular block prints along with strips are the main characteristic feature of this chanderi saree.

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13. Lemon Yellow Colored Designer Cotton-Silk Party Wear Chanderi Saree:

13. Lemon yellow coloured designer cotton-silk party wear chanderi saree

You can opt for this party wear chanderi saree in any special occasion. This yellow based chanderi saree has intricate designs in the main part leaving the pallu with few designed works. The border work is highly fascinating than the simple lemon yellow base. It has alluring golden works on the pink colored border.

14. Cream Chanderi Cotton Saree With Golden And Yellow Border:

14. Cream chanderi cotton saree with golden and yellow border

Simple cream colored chanderi saree is apt for any religious events. Nowadays this type of sarees is preferred to have traditional effect. Contrasting blouse is paired up with this piece of off-white golden and yellow bordered saree.

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15. Cream And Orange Light Weight Chanderi Saree:

15. Cream and orange chanderi silk saree

The lower portion of this saree provides a orange hue to the cream colored upper half. In between it has floral designs. This perfectly goes with this this chanderi saree. Black outer lining defines this saree along with intricate golden works on the cream colored portions. Black blouse highlights your beauty.

There are different varieties of chanderi saree worn in stylish manner to make you look different and fashionable. Designer chanderi sarees are easily available in the market to enhance your looks. Different styles are available to pair up in various occasions.