9 Best Chapstick Lip Balms

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A common general term for a lip balm is often referred to as a chapstick, especially the ones that come in a tubular form. However, this word is actually trademarked by a company called Pfizer consumer Healthcare, who are the real makers of the lip balm brand named Chapstick. Much like Labello and Beeswax, this is a popular lip care company whose main aim is to quench the thirst of a chapped lip, hence the name concurred Chapstick. This is a year round lip balm found in various flavors, types and benefits. Lip balms usually partake in moisturizing your lips to the optimum level so that they can flourish and happily pout in the selfies without having to deal with skin peeling and damage. Here is a list of some of the best productions of Chapstick lip balms enlisted below.

Top Chapstick Lip Balms:


1. Chapstick Classic Lip Balm, Cherry:


The classic collection of Chapstick includes tint less lip balm products that infuriates different fruity or floral flavors to your lip balm that leaves a nice trial or aroma on your lips along with long lasting nourishment. The classic cherry is as guessed, cherry flavored that make lips soft, supple and plump.

2. Chapstick Mixstix Lemon Berry Sorbet:

Chapstick mixstix lemon berry sorbet

The Mixstix range of Chapstick uses dual sided lip balms, one of them containing lemon extracts while the other uses intoxicating raspberries. Mixing them together will give you the lemon berry sorbet that infuses great moisturizers like aloe Vera which would provide you moisturization for up to 8 hours.

3. Chapstick Classic Lip Balm, Spearmint:

Chapstick classic lip balm, spearmint

The spearmint flavor will burst into your nostrils, a refreshed smell of mint extracts that immediately freshens up your senses while the Chapstick’s ideal goal to soften and nourish lips shall be easily executed. The classic lip balm moistens your lips for a dewy softness that keeps lips supple and replenished.

4. Chapstick Cake Batter Lip Balm:

Chapstick cake batter lip balm

If you are looking for unique mixes in your every day lip balm, make sure you grab the Cake batter flavored Chapstick lip balm from your nearest stores. An invigorating Christmassy smell lightens up your mood as the lip balm softens and moistens your lip with care and protection.

5. Chapstick Aloha Coconut Lip Balm:

Chapstick aloha coconut lip balm

The aloha coconut lip balm from Chapstick is a part of their tropical balm series that uses the goodness of coconut extracts to keep your lip skin healthier and plump while the sweet coconut smell keeps reminding you off the Hawaiian tropical beaches.

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6. Chapstick Total Hydration Fresh Citrus:

Chapstick total hydration fresh citrus

The primary ingredients used in the total hydration Chapstick lip balm is omega 6 and 9 that transforms early signs of ageing like fine wrinkles or creases on your lips to give your puckers a youthful feel. The mixture of avocado butter and Argan oil provides optimum nourishment and hydration on the side.

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7. Chapstick Pumpkin Pie Lip Balm:

Chapstick pumpkin pie lip balm

A perfect fall lip balm that reminds you of October mornings with Halloween around the curb. The tint and the hue of the lip balm resembles the true color of a pumpkin pie while the exotic smell of cinnamon a nutmeg fills your lips with a dewy softness and a vibrant moisturization.

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8. Chapstick Dual Ended Hydration Lock Day And Night:

Chapstick dual ended hydration lock day and night

One again this is a wonder lip balm with dual sides, one for the day that infuses SPF ad ultra-conditioning to care and protect your lips while keeping them hydrated. The other side is for the night when the Tamanu oil rejuvenates and revitalizes your skin while you sleep.

9. Chapstick Wild Acai Berry 3-in 1 Lip Balm:

Chapstick wild acai berry 3-in 1 lip balm

The 3 in 1 formulae uses Acai berry compounds and essential botanical oils to replenish and soften your lips while reversing damage and fine lines to give you a glowing youthful pair of kissable smooth lips.