Charlize Theron started her days as a fashion model, rising to become a well-known actress and a producer soon. Charlize has won an Academy Award and was nominated for a Golden Globe. She dated Stuart Townsend until 2010, after nine long years of togetherness. She has done South Africa proud and continues to possess dual citizenship with the USA and South Africa. Here are some of the very best no-makeup looks from her days in public.

Charlize Theron without Makeup:

1. Winter Outing Without Makeup:

It looks like she was out and about to grab an energy drink. She is wearing a light neckpiece, drawing more attention to her flawless face. Her greyish black sweater adds to the charm. Walking away, she doesn’t seem aware that the shutters are picturing her.

2. The Gym Picture:

Of course, no celebrity goes to sweat it out at the gym with lipstick and liners. Charlize Theron, with no make-up, isn’t a different sight. She is seen here with her white gym bag and a headband to keep her hair in place. With no vibe of exhaustion, she looks like she can still do a couple of rounds.

3. The Blonde Perfection:

Even with little of what you call makeup, she looks ideally stunning. Her lips are as rosy as it gets, while her hair is nothing less than what you call an ‘extravagant show all by itself.

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4. The Hat Look:

This side face shows just how smooth and unblemished her skin is, even without those extra coats of makeup. A hat covers her hair, while its end is tied up casually. Perhaps when she is out to take an interval between her shoots.

5. The Rosy Beauty:

Her pink lips give us enviable severe ‘skin and look’ goals. With very carelessly tied hair, it seems like Charlize Theron without makeup is just as beautiful.

6. The Classic Round Ear Ring:

I noticed she is more than often pictured with her round earrings. This still from her movie Young Adult is no different. The goggles keep her hair in place, and the intense look makes her acting skills evident.

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7. Oscar Appearances:

With just a hint of eyeliner and a lip gloss, this is undoubtedly one of the little makeup looks from the actress’s gallery of flawless pictures. Her usual long blondes are gone as she proves that the short hair looks great on her too.

8. With Car Keys:

Her car keys are seen in her hands as Charlize Theron is startled and perplexed by the crowd without makeup. She presses her lips and waves distantly. You can easily comment on how smooth and glowy it still looks by noticing her skin.

9. No one is Acne Free:

That sunglass of hers isn’t doing a good job drawing interest away from her acne. Usually seen with an even facial texture, she is not doing so well with her skincare regime.

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10. The Curly Bob:

In another picture and the final one on the list of Charlize Theron with no makeup, she is seen in her neck-length blondes, with a striking expression, representing her true beauty.

Being an official public appearance, she has made sure she leaves none of her flaws to be poked at for most pictures. Even her hair looks done up perfectly, enhancing her natural appearance.


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