Charm necklaces are the dainty necklaces that are loved by all. The necklaces have little charms hanging on them like pendants. The charms are normally small in size and usually two or more charms are placed on each chain.

Latest and Stylish Charm Necklaces for Women Fashion:

Let we have to look at the top 9 designs of necklace with charms.

1. Personalized Charm Necklace:

Get yourself this eclectic personalized charm necklace that has engraving done on it. The charms used here are circular and rectangular in shape. The circular one has a name engraved on it. The rectangular one has a date that will be important to you. These are more for anniversaries etc so that it has some sentimental value.

2. Short Charm Necklace:

This particular charm necklace has a short chain and sit well on the neck. The tiny charms used here are of various patterns ranging from heart, star, skeleton head, lips etc. You can choose and change which ever charms you may like and make it more personal. The charms can be multi colored or single like silver or gold.

3. Silhouette Charm Necklace:

Keep your kids close to your heart by wearing this silhouette charm necklace. The charms for necklace used here are in the shape of the head. You can get the silhouette of your kids heads done in metal and then have their names engraved in the center. This necklace with charms is the perfect gift to a mother for her birthday or even Mother’s Day.

4. Constellation Charm Necklace:

If you are into the whole zodiac calendar and stand by what is predicted for you, then you would love this constellation charm necklace. The gold charm necklace has the entire constellation engraved in a circular fashion on one side. The opposite side of the charm has all the zodiac signs engraved. This is good for those who believe in the zodiac.

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5. Birthstone Charm Necklace:

This silver charm necklace is a very good choice for those wanting to wear their birth stone. You can select the birth stone that is applicable to you and you can then get the charm hand stamped with wordings that you like. This particular charm necklace has a moon shape charm that is simply adorable.

6. Floating Charm Necklace:

You can build a floating charm necklace that has a round glass with several charms set in it. The whole idea is to make the charms look like they are floating in air. This wonderful floating charm necklace is perfect for the younger generation.  You can even engrave wordings around the glass frame.

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7. Matching Charm Necklaces:

This one is for best friends. There are two charm necklaces, one for each of the friends. Each necklace has one half of the charm. Most designs used in the matching charm necklaces include ying and yang, hearts, etc. Here the ying design will be on one necklace and the yang on the other. This way it symbolizes the friendship of two people.

8. Initial Charm Necklace:

You can have a wonderful charm necklace that has a charm as the initial of your name. The simple and elegant charm can be made in silver or gold and is a perfect gift for your loved one too. The initials can be done in any font, with the italic fonts being most used.

9. Photo Frame Charm Necklace:

Get this sentimental value charm necklace to have your family close to you. This photo frame charm necklace has tiny photo frames as charms. You can set tiny pictures of your family or loved ones in each of the charms. You can choose to have one or many frames on the chain.

Charm necklaces can be personalized or can have your zodiac sign. You can get your initial as a charm and also have same charms made for your best friend. Either way a charm necklace can be your best choice as a personal gift.


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