Charmi is a Telugu film actress who made her first debut in the year of 2002 when she was just a mere age of 15. Even though her film couldn’t get the intended success, Charmi got the desired notice and soon she became one of the common faces of the south cinema. Starting from Malayalam to Tamil and eventually back to Telegu, she has had quite some memorable acting roles that has made a place for her in the market. Always admired for her beauty and poise, it is a truth that stars do look different without their professional studio set attire on. Here in this article however, we shall take a look into Charmi Kaur’s no makeup looks and decide how well she stands without her professional makeup.

Charmi Without Makeup Pictures:

1. Off Set Sophistication:

Offset Charmi takes it upon herself to always look as good as possible no matter what the situation may be, but she always does this with no makeup to very minimal makeup. Charmi is an absolute beauty of the southern world and this sophisticated picture is a testament to the fact.

2. No Makeup Selfie Ritual:

Charmi loves to take pictures of herself and she is quite active on social media. Being a celebrity this is expected and she always tries to be the top of the game but she does this always without any makeup as she is truly a natural beauty that requires no beauty enhancers to make her look good in any way.

3. Sports Day Look:

Sports days are quite hectic and during the kabaddi season plenty of celebrities were active parts of many kabaddi teams. As you can see from the picture Charmi was a part of Telegu warriors and was quite vibrant on the field throughout the day posing for pictures and cheering her team on, All this without a drop of makeup.

4. The Minimalist Press Meet:

A press meet is normally quite a formal event and therefore a tad bit of makeup is required to keep up appearances but not too much for Charmi as she is a natural beauty. So just a minimal amount of makeup and she is ready to take on any press meet with the vibrance of a lioness.

5. The Soft No Makeup Look:

The no makeup look is one of the most comfortable looks carried off by Charmi matched with a jazzy formal shirt. This picture is a true testament to the fact that she actually looks brilliant and graceful without the need for any kind of makeup. She is one of the few women in the industry who are safe without makeup.

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6. Camera Stills:

This picture is a pure still from a movie casting Charmi. The picture shows that the makeup artist did not spend extensive amounts of time-wasting makeup on Charmi’s already brilliant face. A minimal amount of makeup is all she needs even on set.

7. Straight From The Movie:

This is also a movie still adding a little ethnic flavor to Charmi normal corporate casual look. The ethnic colors add to the radiance of Charmi’s looks without the need of any extensive makeup to help magnify anything.

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8. Yet Another Off Set:

This picture is to magnify the brilliant smile that Charmi has. Her smile is all the makeup that this great actress needs. Her smile is a great accessory to her already brilliant looks.

9. No Makeup Photo Shoot:

Charmi indulges in plenty of photoshoots which is natural for any celebrity but the only exception is that she loves to flaunt her natural beauty rather than diluting it with makeup.

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