The story of the saree and the various types that we have in India is varied and you will love to read the origins of each of them. The Checked saree is one such style of saree design that has enthralled many women through the ages. The origins of the checked saree can be seen in the Narayanpet sarees. These have a checked surface that has embroidery work and also temple design. The story of the checked saree begins from the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. His weavers would travel with him, but some of them stayed back at Narayanpet. They showed the locals how to weave checked silk sarees with this intricate design style and they fell in love with it.

Importance of Checked Sarees:

The checked sarees have a wonderful feel and look on the body. They can be small checks or large. These checked can be with two color scheme or many. Each of these design features adds to the charm of this wonderful saree. Checked sarees give you the origin of its place and the folklore of old. When you know the story behind a saree, it only adds to the prestige of wearing it. The checked design sarees are wonderful to look at and also wear.

Checked Saree Features:

  • The main feature of the checked saree is the check design itself. This can be done on the border and palla or all over the saree.
  • The latest checked sarees have a modern style that is loved by the young women of this age.
  • The check design can be done in gold zari work or even thread work. Each of this adds a glamour quotient to the saree.
  • Gold or silver work is perfect for silk sarees and the checked cotton sarees can be done in thread work too.

Which Fabrics Used in Checked Sarees:

The fabrics that are used in check sarees include cotton, silk and also soft silk. Each of these fabric types gives you a different feel of the saree. The cotton sarees are great for the summers and casual wear. These sarees are worn by teachers and professionals to get a formal look too. The silk sarees are more festive wear and for occasions. The silk can be pure silk as well as soft silk. Each of them is soft and gives you a very majestic look.

Which Body Shape Women are Preferred:

You do not have to be of a particular body shape to wear these beautiful checked sarees. Just make sure the size of the check works for your body shape. If you are short, then small checks will look better than large checks. If you are tall go in for any type like small or big checks. To make you look taller and slimmer, you can also opt for checks that are only on the border and the palla. This way you get the body of the saree that is plain and this adds height to the person.

Stylish Checks Design Sarees for Trendy Women:

Here are the best Checked Sarees are the modern take on the traditional way.

1. Checked Silk Saree:

Silk saree is the best of the best. The material used is made from silkworms and this gives it a shine and a fabric that will last you for years.

Saree Design & Fabric: This is a bright and colorful checked silk saree that is perfect for you. The saree is made from red silk material. The red silk saree is then stitched with gold thread to give the check design all over the body. The border and the palla of the saree are made from a gold zari border that is broad.

Occasions to Wear: This makes the saree perfect for special occasions and festivals.

2. Checked Cotton Saree:

Cotton is another popular material that is used all over India. The ability of the fabric to breathe makes it a good choice for the Indian humid climate. This is the reason why cotton sarees are used for summers.

Saree Design & Fabric: The checked cotton saree is also one such popular design that most women like. This saree has a yellow and platinum check design with gold zari border and palla. The border is thin and so the checks are the broad and big size.

Occasions to Wear: You can wear this saree for casual wear as well as for a formal occasion when you can stand out in a crowd.

3. Check Pattu Saree:

The Pattu sarees are also silk sarees that come from the south of India. One of the more famous ones is the Uppada Pattu Sarees.

Saree Design & Fabric: These sarees have a length and breadth count of 100 threads and this makes them quite unique. This particular checks pattu saree is beautiful with rust color and a green combination. This is a saree that can be worn for an important occasion. The checks in this saree are very thin and therefore seem to blend with the overall design.

Occasions to Wear: You can use the gold zari border in this saree for a special festival or as part of the wedding trousseau.

4. Checked Silk Cotton Saree:

Cotton silk material is a wonderful combination of the best of each fabric. The result is a great mix of the breathable cotton and the richness and shine of silk. The garments made with this material are usually much cheaper than silk but still show grandeur.

Saree Design & Fabric: This checked silk cotton saree has a bright green and orange combined with a green palla. The body of the saree has gold zari circles in between the check design. The gold palla work also adds to the richness of this saree.

Occasions to Wear: You can wear this for any festive occasion or temple visit.

5. Multi Color Checked Silk Saree:

It’s not only one or two colors that you get when you opt for a checked saree. You can also find gorgeous multi-colored checked silk sarees that have a perfect look. These silk sarees have a soft feel and a bright shine.

Saree Design & Fabric: The sarees have multiple colors that are coordinated well and thus give the overall saree a welcoming look. You can wear this silk saree for any occasion.

Occasions to Wear: It can be used for a festival or a formal occasion. Weddings are a popular place to wear these traditional sarees too. Choose the best among the multi-colors that are available.

6. Checked Border Saree:

Some of the checked sarees have a design only on the border of the saree. The body of the saree will be plain and the border will have a contrast color check design. This gives the saree a unique look.

Saree Design & Fabric: The checks on the border can be large checks or it can be a small check. The body is normally a bright color in silk or cotton. This lemon yellow saree has a wonderful black and white checkered border saree.

Occasions to Wear: This can be worn for all occasions like festive or casual. The border of the saree makes it look modern too like the black and white color is not traditional.

7. Check Print Saree:

Printed sarees are always a part of every Indian woman’s wardrobe. The print on a saree looks very inviting and this can range from traditional prints to modern. A check print saree is also very popular as it is both modern as well as traditional.

Saree Design & Fabric: The saree can be printed all over the body and have a check border or vice versa. This particular saree has a checked body and a printed border. This thin border gives the saree a very elegant look. The material of the saree is also soft and flows well.

Occasions to Wear: This can be worn for any casual as well as formal occasion like office wear.

8. Checked Kanjeevaram Saree:

Kanjeevaram silk sarees are the best of the best. These sarees come from the South of India and particularly Tamil Nadu. The silk is of the purest form and so these sarees are worn for the best of occasions.

Saree Design & Fabric: The checks Kanjeevaram saree is also very famous for both the silk as well as the checked design. Here this particular saree has a broad check design with multi colors. The palla is contrasted with a bright pink check design. The flow of the saree is perfect because of the silk that it is made of.

Occasions to Wear: These can be worn for weddings, festivals, etc.

9. Black and White Checks Saree:

A modern take on the traditional checked saree is the black and white check saree. This saree has colors that are not normally associated with traditional sarees. The black and white saree is a combination of two bright colors that match well.

Saree Design & Fabric: The saree has small checks all over with a small border of black. The fringes of the black and white on the saree also make a lovely statement. This can be worn with a black blouse for that bold look.

Occasions to Wear: Wear this saree for formal occasions or office wear. If you pair it with bold accessories, this can also be worn for functions.

10. Checked Linen Saree:

Linen is one of the natural fibers in the world. The fabric that is produced thus is very soft and breathable. It is a perfect natural garment that will keep you free flowing.

Saree Design & Fabric: The checked linen saree has a soft feel and an easy drape. This is perfect for all weather, especially summers. You will be able to carry off this saree with ease. The colors used in the saree are bright with the use of grey. This gives it a wonderful hue that is perfect for any occasion.

Occasions to Wear: You can use this for casual or even office wear.

Which Blouse is Suitable for Checked Saree:

A saree is complete when you wear a matching blouse along with it. The blouse and its designs are also varied. With a checked saree it is always advisable to wear a solid color blouse. This blouse can be of a contrast color or matching color. The border and palla of a checked saree usually define the color of the blouse as well. The pattern of the blouse can be according to the occasion that you are wearing the saree for. Formal and traditional blouses are great for formal occasions while bold and stylish blouses can be worn for festivals and weddings, etc.

How To Style Checked Saree:

Styling a saree is a technique that has seen a lot of changes in the years. The traditional way of wearing a saree depended on the place of origin.

  • The saree is usually draped with the palla on the left side of the person. You can also change this traditional style.
  • Gujarati style of bringing the palla in the front.
  • You can use a waistband to accentuate your curves and give the saree a stylish look.
  • Leaving the palla loose or pinning it up is also a style statement that works good both ways.

A saree is the epitome of beauty for an Indian woman. She loves to drape herself in this exquisite beauty that transforms her into a goddess. The saree is one such garment that makes you look very sexy even while covering up most of your body. Checked sarees are one such design element that all women must own. The check pattern on the border, palla or even all over makes the saree look stunning. Choose from small checks, big checks, printed checks, etc to get the best of this wonderful fabric. The latest checked saree is good for weddings, meetings, office wear, etc.

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