Cheryl Ann Fernandez-Versini is also known as just Cheryl Cole is quite a good looking woman. She has a good face and a great voice. People who see her can’t get her face off their minds. She is that attractive. She is a professional singer, a dancer, and also a well-known television personality. The 32-year-old from the United Kingdom looks great even when she doesn’t put on any makeup. Here are some of those times, when Cheryl Cole was spotted without any makeup and she looked absolutely flawless.

Cheryl Cole Without Makeup Pictures:

1. The Teenage Crush:

Teenagers fell in love with this picture of Cheryl. It also affected older and mature men as well. Why wouldn’t it? She looks so damn fantastic in this picture, where her sun-kissed face is suitable enough to make the headlines of every beauty commercial. Here, we can see her with her no-makeup face on and this is one of the best Cheryl Cole without makeup pictures ever.

2. The Camera Selfie Picture:

Cheryl doesn’t need any kind of beauty touch-ups to look alluring. She can simply showcase her natural face and people will adore her that way only.

3. On The Streets:

Cheryl was spotted on the streets displaying her naturally alluring makeup face. She looked fine in her beautiful outfit and her dress seemed to be complementing her gifted face, which doesn’t need to be decorated with any kind of beauty product.

4. The Adorable Smooch Selfie:

Girls take lots of pictures like this these days. But they will never come anywhere near Cheryl. She kills it with her natural attraction. Her facial beauty seems to hide all her flaws if she had any. She literally cannot be compared to anything.

5. The Outdoor Selfie:

This selfie of Cheryl was taken by her at an airport. She sported her natural beauty most of the time and smoothly and easily impressed everyone with her beauty. This is probably one of the best pictures of Cheryl without any makeup.

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6. The Bed Face Selfie:

This particular bed selfie of Cheryl reveals how awesome looking this woman is. She sports her natural allure unlike anyone else and so looks so amazing without any makeup at all. This picture can be said to be one of the best Cheryl Cole no makeup pictures ever.

7. Before People Came To Know her:

This picture of young Cheryl is quite amazing. It dates back to a time before people knew her as a celebrity. Here, we can witness her actual face and her totally natural beauty. This picture will inspire a lot of women to sport their no-makeup face and stop looking for Cheryl Cole’s makeup pictures and look for some opposite ones like the ones discussed here.

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8. The Expressive Beauty:

Cheryl has got beautiful eyes that are really expressive. Her eyes are so beautiful that they can impress anyone pretty easily. This particular picture of Cheryl makes her look pretty relaxed and just simply beautiful.

9. She Is Flawless:

In brief, it can be said that Cheryl is divine. Her skin is flawless. This picture justifies the fact. Here, we can see the totally natural face of Cheryl Cole. The picture was taken, while Cheryl was walking the streets happily displaying her casual look.

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10. A Holiday Snap:

The picture was clicked while Nicole went to an island with her family to spend quite some days relaxing and taking a break from the paparazzi. But her natural beauty somehow attracted them.

The best way a woman can display herself to attract people is by showcasing their natural beauty and Cheryl totally gets it.

This article provides you with some of the best without makeup pictures of Cheryl Cole, which are absolutely revolutionary. The pictures provided here are some of the best ones based on the popularity among the fans. They d prove that this British woman can look awesome without makeup.


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