These chic bun hairstyles are suitable for every occasion, and you can try them with every hair length below shoulders. One can accessorise it with different pearl clips and pins and colourful headbands. You can use hairpins, pencil to make it struck. You can straighten their hair if curly for the best outlooks. For different styles, you can do braids in front and back. These designs are mostly complex so you must take help from professional, and rest of the styles are easy to go and can carry daily, you can flaunt your highlights in these designs. It can be taken on all occasions including wedding days, parties and get together.

You can add a flower to add some glory into it. Some of the designs give you vintage and classy look as well. Buns are known best in summer to keep you free from sweat. It can be best worn with ethnic wear and saree. Take out some fringes from the front side or else shift it to hand.

9 Easy and Best Chic Bun Hairstyles for Women:

Below are the top 9 chic bun hairstyles that a person should definitely try out.

1. The Model Girl Look:

Make this chic messy bun by uplifting your hair, twisted and wrapped in a circular coil. You can try these on top or back of the head. Use some booby clips and pencil to make it suck. It is suitable for wedding occasions with a saree. You can use a spray to set your hairs. For a sharp look, braids have been added from the front side.

  • Suitable Face Types: Oval-shaped face will look good here
  • Adaptable Hair Type: This style is ideal with medium to long hair
  • Perfect Occasions: It’s best for wedding bells, bridals, and parties.
  • Ideal Age Groups: Best suited for teens, women, and girls.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Summer season would be best for it.
  • Matching Dresses: This will be good with a saree, long gown.

2. Low Pin Look:

This design is very much in trend. It is best ideal for getting together and official parties. You can use some beautiful clips to highlight your sides, and it will look perfect with backless dresses. It would be easy to handle if help was taken by the professional.

  • Suitable Face Types: Looks good for round and oval shaped women.
  • Adaptable Hair Type: Medium length hair would do here.
  • Perfect Occasions: Best suitable for wedding bells, get together and parties.
  • Ideal Age Groups: Teen and girls can be best suited here.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Summer season would be best for it.
  • Matching Dresses: This style goes with only long gowns.

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3. The Centralized Look:

This design gives a framework of alligator tail structure that looks classy and pointed. It is best for summers to tie up your hair and carry it in a stylish way. This braided bun hairstyle is easy to make and do without professional help.

  • Suitable Face Types: This requires any kind of face.
  • Adaptable Hair Type: Long hair is required for this hairstyle.
  • Perfect Occasions: It’s the best ideal for college going girls.
  • Ideal Age Groups: Any of teen, woman, and girls can try this out.
  • Best Seasons to Try: This style is best for all season.
  • Matching Dresses: It will go best with formal dresses.

4. High Low Looks:

This look reminds of a vintage look which has been reformed. You can try other accessories to give it a funky look, and It would look great with vintage theme dresses. It has a braid top bun and a low bun. Just add some dark lipstick, old eyeliner, and you all set to rock.

  • Suitable Face Types: Oval shaped face required.
  • Adaptable Hair Type: Smooth long hair required for this look.
  • Perfect Occasions: Best suitable for vintage theme parties.
  • Ideal Age Groups: Teen and girls can go with it easily.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Summer and winter season would be best for it.
  • Matching Dresses: Looks great with vintage polka dot dresses.

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5. The Casual Look:

This casual look is the most elegant Indian bun hairstyle which gives your face a very appealing look. It is easy to make and carry with every traditional wear. It would best suit women.

  • Suitable Face Types: Oval or round shaped face, both would go perfectly here.
  • Adaptable Hair Type: Smooth and medium to long hair can go with it easily.
  • Perfect Occasions: This is ideal for daily use and small events and some variations to it like braids.
  • Ideal Age Groups: It’s perfect for women only.
  • Best Seasons to Try: This style is suitable for all seasons.
  • Matching Dresses: Saree and salwar suit would go best with this.

6. The Summer Look:

This summer hairstyle look design seems to be running at deep downside braided from the front which mixes up in the back portion. This look is perfect for girls. You can walk carefree in the summer season.

  • Perfect Occasions: Best suitable in kitty parties, get together and Mehendi ceremonies.
  • Suitable Face Types: Any face type suits with this style.
  • Adaptable Hair Type: Requires medium to long hair for this style.
  • Ideal Age Groups: This hairstyle is suitable for girls only.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Summer season would be best for it.
  • Matching Dresses: It will go perfect with saree and a long gown.

7. Floral High Look:

This design can carry out with rose and flowers on the side to give it a stylish look. A white rose will look elegant in it with coloured highlighted hairs. You can add some braids to the back. Try a Smokey eye makeup look with dark shades of lipstick with this chic messy bun hairstyle.

  • Suitable Face Types: Can suit round shaped face people.
  • Adaptable Hair Type: Given the design of bun, this requires long smooth hair for the perfect texture.
  • Perfect Occasions: Best proper for wedding bells, bridals, and parties.
  • Ideal Age Groups: Women and girls can try this style.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Summer season would be best suitable for it.
  • Matching Dresses: Saree, long gown, and salwar suit would go best with it.

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8. The Bumped Look:

This design has a high puff folded into a bun and braided by the side. This design could be carried smoothly on straight hairs, and a particular hairstyle will give you a sharp and bold look. You will be starring into everyone eyes by trying this bun hairstyle for prom look.

  • Suitable Face Types: This will be good on oval-shaped fair people
  • Adaptable Hair Type: This hairstyle is ideal for any type of hair.
  • Perfect Occasions: Best ideal for clubbing, parties or on wedding ceremonies.
  • Ideal Age Groups: Teenagers and girls would look fabulous with this hairstyle.
  • Best Seasons to Try: This style is best for all seasons.
  • Matching Dresses: Anarkali and saree would go perfect with this hairstyle.

9. The short chic look:

This look is best suitable for college going girls. It is less time taking and helps to flaunt your highlights. And you can carry this style on regular days or while going to colleges. This style would give you comfort in summer. However, you can add variations through adding braids or colourful clips on your hair.

  • Suitable Face Types: Any medium to long hair can go with it
  • Adaptable Hair Type: Any texture of hair can go with this bun style
  • Perfect Occasions: Wedding parties, bridals, and parties could be the best occasion for it.
  • Ideal Age Groups: Teenagers would look best on trying this.
  • Best Seasons to Try: Summer season would be best for it
  • Matching Dresses: Any casual wear will suit on this.

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Additional Tips:

  1. Make sure you shampoo your hair for best results.
  2. Use a good quality hairspray to set your hair.
  3. If using hair straighteners must use pre-applied cream to avoid it from damaging heat effects.
  4. Use conditioner to smoothen your hairs.
  5. For highlighting, use the best experts products to prevent your hair from damage.
  6. Use organic products like curd and egg to make your hair dandruff free.
  7. Comb your hair regularly.
  8. Try to keep your hair away from dust.

These cool chic bun hairstyles would help you set new hair goals this wedding season. And also, you can flaunt it everywhere to get-togethers or any parties. It would be bang on with every outfit especially saree. These are the most natural hairstyles which can do with the help of professionals. You can add some accessories or flower to glorify it. It is best used in summer to help you from sweat and give your face an elegant look.

Frequently Asked Questions and answers:

Q1. How much time does it take to do this design?

Ans: It takes half an hour if done by a professional. However, if you know yourself how to do it, it can be done within minutes. Some designs are intricate and may require the help of a professional. You should try to smooth your hairs and comb nicely for the best results.

Q2. Which hairstyle is suitable for daily use?

Ans: The short chic look would be best for it as it gives you relaxation in continuing work with no disturbance as they are neatly tied up. It provides relief in summers from sweat. These could be best for college and office going girls. Also, it doesn’t need time to set up. For first hair, you can try braiding them and set up at the back.

Q3. What should be the hair length for it?

Ans: It should be at least till shoulders so that it could be perfectly rolled up without using many clips. And more the length it would be easy to carry out these designs. Short hair can be set with the help of spray and funky clips.

Q4. Which age group would be more suitable for buns?

Ans: There is no such age group to categorise, and buns look good on every age group. And also, one can change its style according to their look, age, and occasion. There are various designs given for teenagers, women, and girls according to their needs and method.


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