Chiffon is a light, sheer and transparent fabric made with silk or nylon or twisted crepe yarn. Chiffon sarees, dresses and tops tunics are very elegant looking because of the fall that chiffon offers to the wearer. Chiffon fabric is very comfortable to wear and very easy to carry. One gets to experiment with a lot of cuts and patterns in chiffon tunics.

Latest and Fashionable Designs of Chiffon Tunics for Gents and Ladies in Trend:

We will check the top 9 chiffon tunics for men as well as women here in this article.

1. Gothic Fashion Chiffon Tunic for Men:

This is inspired from Victorian Gothic fashion. This is pure white chiffon tunic for men with high collar and in gothic style with full sleeves. This tunic has punk pleated collar with cuffs in the sleeves too. Slim fitted in chiffon, this can be paired with straight fitted trousers.

2. Lace Chiffon Tunics for Men:

This is a lovely blue lace sheer see through chiffon tunic for men. The sleeves are made of chiffon and have a collar and buttons up. This tunic is slim fit and looks good on youngsters who want to experiment with fashion.

3. Designer Solid Colour Chiffon Tunic Shirt for Men:

This is a nice designer solid coloured two pocket chiffon sexy tunic for men. This is a nice evening wear shirt for men to be paired with nice designer trousers.

4. Summery Chiffon Tunic for Men:

This is one perfect tunic in chiffon for a man which is the ideal for summers. This has a lot of colourful floral print motifs and looks good on men irrespective of their age groups. This is in silk chiffon material and has a nice flow as the tunic and has a retro feel to it too with the long sleeves.

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5. Chiffon Beach Kaftan Tunic for Women:

This is one sexy tunic in chiffon for women perfect for the beaches. In line with today’s fashion, this comes with cold shoulder and that increases the hotness quotient. Pair it with shorts and you are ready for the waves.

6. Geometric Printed Chiffon Tunic for Women:

This is a lovely looking chiffon tunic for women. This has geometric print with dots and abstract patterns and comes with off shoulder which looks nice when it is in this lovely fabric.

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7. Short Chiffon Tunic Blouse for Women:

This is a designer shirt chiffon tunic blouse to be paired with jeans or jeggings. This is a light cappuccino coloured sleeveless tunic perfect for both formal as well as casual occasions.

8. Navy Blue Sheer Silk Chiffon Tunic for Women:

This is one masterpiece crafted in chiffon that combines the fabric with contemporary style. The cuts and the folds in this tunic are just perfect for an evening party and lend a high element of feminism to it. Made of sheer silk fabric, this has long sleeves and has a panelling done across the tunic.

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9. Printed Chiffon Tunic Dress for Women:

This is a classic one in chiffon for women and is a must have essential in a woman’s wardrobe. This is like a long tunic dress in chiffon with colourful prints all over. One can wear this standalone as a chiffon dress or can pair it with any matching bottoms.

Chiffon as a fabric appeals to both sexes and one can wear this with style and class. One can be really at ease wearing chiffon tunics paired with nice bottoms. Tunics are something one can wear all through the years and seasons and yet they can never be wrong when it comes to fashion.

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