The world today is seeing a lot many new hairstyles and one of them is the chignon styled hair. A bun is a perfect solution for a bad hair day when all you can do is wrap your hair in a ball and roll it up and secure it. You are done with the hair troubles for the day.

Now a bun is appropriate for the parties with a little embellishment and for the corporate look too with a little strictness. However, the same bun all day long might be a real bore and therefore here is the list to a new variety of bun, the chignon bun hairstyles.

Top 9 Chignon Bun Hairstyles:

1. The Low Bun:

If you are looking for a great bun hairstyle to maintain a great image at both social events and corporate events then this is the best hairstyle to choose. The low bun is a highly sophisticated hairstyle that can complement most forms of attire.

2. The Wrapped Around Look:

The wrapped around look is yet again a great chignon bun hairstyle that is part of the great bun hairstyle family. It is much easier to make than any other bun and looks more finished as compared to the others because of its ability to hold most of your hair in a knot.

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3. Twisted Buns:

Twisted buns comprise of a variety of buns all knotted together to create a very adept bun that goes well with the most unique attires as well. the twisted bun is made well when you have a separate pair of hands to help you effectively.

4. The Band Bun:

The band bun is a more youthful hairstyle and seen popularly on school girls and college students who love to have a bit of fun. The bun is easily accessorized with a great head band that brings a fresh breath of air to the hair style.

5. The Braided Bun:

The braided bun is a more modern hairstyle that is part of the younger section of society. This bun requires a bit longer hair than any other and must be made first by creating a large and long braid which you can then turn round on your head to create a braided bun. The braided bun can be used for both social and corporate events and looks great with almost any form of attire you choose to wear.

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6. The Messy Bun:

The messy bun is a very customizable bun hairstyle because you can achieve a higher sense of fashion to your attire with a customized bun hairstyle of your choice. The messy look can be further enhanced by using front falling curls which are perfect for both social and corporate events and will surely make you the centre of attention.

7. The Side Chignon:

The side chignon is truly very fashionable because it maintains the elegance of all bun hairstyles by enhancing your look and allowing you to dig deep and flourish your feminine qualities. The side chignon is perfect if you truly want to be the centre of attention at any party that you wish to attend.

8. The Compact Look:

The compact look is a much more precise hairstyle that is one of the best chignon hairstyles available in the world. Chignon has a variety of styles to choose from but this is probably the oldest yet elegant style to choose at any point in time.

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9. The Super Rolls:

Yet again another customized chignon bun the super rolls require a longer set of hair to complete fully and will always be better if you have another person to help you. The chignon hairstyle is perfect for weddings and any other social event.

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