Children usually don’t like designer types or delicate pendant designs. Boys like rough and tough designs in pendants, and girls prefer soft designs. Kids appear to be gorgeous when they wear the pendant. The tiny neckline seems to be beautiful. Kids generally love the designs of cartoon creatures, superhero designs, fairy tales, etc. They always select such things for them.

Best and Cute Children’s Lockets:

Let’s find different types of lockets for your children to get an awesome look.

1. Children’s Flower Locket:

These lockets for kids are very amazing for cute girls. There are varieties of flower designs on gold coins. A beaded mala is attached to this pendant. Some pendants have pictures embossed on them, while some have designs made with ceramic.

2. Elephant Style Children’s Lockets:

This is such a delightful kid’s locket of Elephant design. It is designed so creatively, and it looks very tiny too. It has big ears and lovely eyes. This pendant can be a good gift for your boychild. This pendant is in Gold, and it appears like a toy.

3. Teddy Bear Style Children’s Lockets:

This adorable children’s locket has a teddy bear design. One big teddy bear is placed holding a heart-shaped blue stone. On the legs of the teddy, one round white stone is studded. These stones add glamour to this teddy bear and make it more attractive.

4. Angel Children’s Lockets:

It is a personalised children’s silver locket with Angel. There is a lovely angel creature pendant with wings. Over angel, a cross design is created with the help of white diamonds. This angel pendant is a blessing for the kids. It will always protect your child from evils.

5. Barbie Figure Lockets for Children:

This enchanting child’s locket is engraved with a Barbie figure. One Barbie figure is drawn in an oval shape, and the surrounding has a red colour stone. Kids do have big crazed behind Barbie dolls. This Barbie picture is drawn very finely.

6. Floral Princess Children’s Lockets:

This is an amazing locket for children with a floral design. There is a smiley, and a half portion is covered with rose petals. A bow-like design is made in the rest of the half, which seems like a floral princess. It will look really good in the neckline of small girls.

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7. Tiara Cut-out Style Children’s Lockets:

This kid’s locket is a tiara shape pendant. This is a half tiara cut-out design made in this pendant. Tiara is something that every girl loves to wear. So its captivating shape has been given to this pendant. Four small round halls are done in this shape, and there is one straight layer too.

8. Little Princess Pendant:

It can be the best pendant a father can give to her daughter. This locket for children is a photo locket where kids can insert their family photos. One nice line is written over the pendant that Girls are Princess for her Father, and it is true too.

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9. Cartoon Tiger Children’s Lockets:

This hilarious kid’s locket has an angry animal drawing like Tiger. A circular silver pendant with a black background and a tiger image is beaming over it. The picture of an orange tiger looks so innocent and peaceful.

Seeing such adorable designs, I feel like wearing the one and being a child again. Kids can get such funky designs that mean a lot to them. These designs are precious for kids, and they love them. Children’s lockets are designed with the care of taking their kind of choice in mind.


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