Chinstrap beards aren’t a new phenomenon. But they indeed are well-known and famous across the globe for their unique and distinct looks. The chin strap beard styles have well-gained prominence after several celebrities tried them out, and now they are among the classic and timeless looks. Our list of best and latest trending chin strap beards indeed will get you excited, and we hope you will like them as much as we do!

9 Latest Chin Strap Beard Styles with Images:

Let’s have a look at the top 9 chin strap beard styles you can try.

1. Classical Chin Strap Beard:

This is one of the most popular chin strap beard choices in men. It is extremely stylish, starting from one part of the hairline to the other part, crossing the chin. There might be an optional moustache for extra effect.

2. Chinstrap Beard without Moustache:

If you want a beard only on the chin, then you can consider the above style. There is an absence of a moustache with only a soul patch connecting the chin. This is easy to achieve this style, and easily maintenance too.

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3. Chin Strip Beard with Goatee:

Goatees with chin strap beard styles like the above one are much likable by men. This one is a particularly clean one with a smooth strip of beard on the sideburns. The goatee is thick and covers the downward of the chin.

4. Chin Strap Beard Pencil Style:

This one is a good style to begin with if you opt for a less or light beard. The sideburns are very thin and give a simple look. The best part of this beard is it will suit people with all face types.

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5. Chin Strap Beard with Moustache and Goatee:

A very neat look, the above chin strip beard can make men look sophisticated and classy. Although it requires efforts to get this style, you can use an expert hairstylist to do justice with this look. Nonetheless, you can give it a shot if you can pull off the look.

6. Thick Chin Strap Beard with Connected Moustache:

If you are a beard lover, this style is for you. This thick chinstrap beard is for men who like to keep their beards unwept yet still look stylish. The sideburns have to be shaved and trimmed to get this style.

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7. Chin Strap with Shaped Moustache and Goatee:

A tidy look can be achieved by keeping your beard like the above one. This chin puff beard makes men look more professional and ideal for men who do corporate jobs.

8. Thickening Chinstrap Beard:

This thick chinstrap beard is for the ones who have a thick and messy beard. With little efforts, this cool look can be achieved easily. Regular trimming is advised with this beard style. You need to take care for this pattern. Beard need proper attention to fix your style.

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9. Chinstrap Beard with Patch Beard:

Even if you have got uneven, don’t worry. This is one of the chin strap beard styles men with an unruly beard can try. Make sure you apply beard oil to keep your beard feel soft and more manageable. This style is the best choice for music-related youngsters. This is best for adults too.

Face shapes are more essential to accept which type of beard will suitable for our face. When you are confused about what beard style to go for, you can surely experiment with the above designs and turn heads around for a change. Go for a stew that would suit your face type and structure.


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