Chinese collar blouses are probably one of the most beautiful blouses ever. These blouses come with really cool designs, and their patterns are unique. If you are willing to look beautiful and stylish at an event, this is probably one of your best blouses. The colour of these blouses is also very alluring. The neck and collar patterns of these blouses are different from others. There are other blouses, which come with collars, but all are not prince collar blouses. If you want to know which are Chinese collar blouses, the best ones are discussed in this article below.

Which Body Shapes Are Suitable for Chinese Collar Blouses?

Chinese collar blouses are versatile and can be worn by women with various body shapes. However, certain body shapes may find specific styles more flattering. Here’s a general guideline:

Hourglass Figure:

  • Chinese collar blouses can beautifully accentuate the balanced proportions of an hourglass figure.
  • Opt for tailored or fitted styles that highlight the waistline and emphasize the curves.
  • Consider pairing the blouse with a high-waisted skirt or pants to enhance the hourglass shape further.

Pear Shape:

  • Chinese collar blouses can help draw attention to the upper body and balance out a pear-shaped figure.
  • Choose blouses with intricate detailing or embellishments on the collar or shoulders to add volume to the upper body.
  • Go for A-line or slightly flared styles that skim over the hips and create a more balanced silhouette.

Apple Shape:

  • Chinese collar blouses can work well for apple-shaped figures by highlighting the neckline and drawing attention upward.
  • Look for blouses with vertical details or vertical stripes to create a lengthening effect.
  • Opt for looser, flowy styles that gently drape over the midsection without clinging too much.

Rectangle Shape:

  • Chinese collar blouses can add structure and definition to a rectangular figure.
  • Choose blouses with unique collar designs, ruffles, or pleats to create the illusion of curves.
  • Consider belting the blouse at the waist to create more shape and emphasize the waistline.

Inverted Triangle Shape:

  • Chinese collar blouses can help soften the broader shoulder line of an inverted triangle shape.
  • Look for blouses with softer fabrics and fluid designs that drape gracefully over the shoulders.
  • Choose slightly looser styles around the shoulders and taper down towards the waist.

These are general suggestions; personal style and confidence are key in fashion. Ultimately, anyone can wear Chinese collar blouses and experiment with different styles to find the best for their body shape and preferences.

Latest and Stylish Collection of Chinese Collar Neck Blouse Models With Images:

Chinese collar blouse designs are mostly unique, very attractive and charming also. Here are the different mandarin collar blouse patterns with pictures that allure you.

1. Orange And Gold Half Chinese Collar Blouse:

If you are looking for a cool Chinese collar blouse, this is one of the best-looking ones. It sports a cool design, and the golden pattern on the orange base makes this item of traditional Indian clothing look unique. The sleeves of the blouse are partially full. They don’t extend to the palms. They remain above the wrist level. This is what makes them so beautiful and unique, so this particular design is one of the best-looking Chinese collar blouse designs.

2. Long  Sleeve Chinese Collar Blouse Design:

We have yet another pretty-looking Chinese collar blouse, which is not as good as the previous one, but it will do. The blouse is designed with lace work in black colour, and the way of designing the blouse is worth mentioning. Again, the sleeves are not full; they remain over the wrist level and lie on the forearms. The blouse will be suitable for almost any and every woman out there. By looking at the material, it can be said that this blouse will be comfortable to sport during the summer season. This blouse is perfect for a saree and will become one of the most appealing Chinese collars blouses ever.

3. Front Open Chinese Collar Blouse:

This is something different from what you have seen until now. This particular blouse sports a Chinese collar design, and many other fashion trends make the blouse decorative at the front with awesome patterns. The front and middle portions of the chest are partially revealed, which is one reason why this blouse looks so attractive. By looking at the allure of this design, this particular blouse can be said to be a decent Chinese collar blouse for a saree.

4. Red Cap Sleeves Chinese Collar Blouse Design:

If you want a celebrity look, this might be one of the best things for you. Here, we can see a beautiful pattern throughout the red base body of the blouse. There is zero presence of any other colour in the blouse. Within just a red shade, the blouse looks so attractive without sleeves. One should wear this blouse with a similar saree, and judging the suitability of this blouse for events and seasons, it can be claimed to be one of the best-looking Chinese collar blouses with great design.

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5. Sleeveless Chinese Collar Blouse Design:

This blouse is adorable. It has an awesome green base upon which many patterns have been made. The blouse is probably one of the most beautiful Chinese collar blouse designs ever, and it sports a really good vibe. Designing the collar of the blouse and the neck is quite impressive. Another feature about the blouse that makes it so likeable is the decision to make it sleeveless.

6. Celebrity Designer Chinese Collar Blouse:

You can wear this particular designer Chinese collar blouse; you will look like a celebrity. The allure of this design will make any woman look divine. This white blouse has an embroidered neck collar and a plain blouse.

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7. Traditional Chinese Collar Blouse Design:

Women love bright clothes, and this traditional designer item sports a bright yellow colour and a pro-designer touch. The colour combination of this particular blouse will make the design more attractive and adorable.

8. Golden Chinese Collar Blouse with Keyhole:

Are you looking for something trendy? This particular blouse meets the demands. It sports an awesome design and a great Chinese collar and design. This is perfectly suitable for traditional ladies with fair skin colour.

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9. Grey Plain Chinese Collar Blouse Design:

Looking for a decent Chinese collar blouse, which comes with awesome colour, and the pattern on the collars is also quite beautiful. You can wear this type of Chinese collar blouse designed for office parties.

These are some of the designs in Chinese collars regarding blouses. Mostly, it is advisable for people above 40 years of age, but it depends on your taste and classiness when picking this one.

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