Chinese hairstyles are more classic and beautiful also. These Chinese hairstyles occupied best place in the history of world hairstyles. These are some what difficult to follow like other normal hairstyles.

China is best known for its advanced technology, culture, fast life, religion and brilliant hair dos. Yes, you heard right. Like several other nations, China has some of the most innovative and exotic hairstyles to be seen. They are beautiful in appearance and look amazing on Chinese women, who are best known for their flawless radiance and smooth and silky hair.

15 Modern Chinese Girl Hairstyles 2023:

Given below the list of the best Chinese hairstyles along with pictures for you. You can try these for your better look.

1. Ancient Chinese Hairstyle:

The ancient Chinese hairstyle is an absolute beauty. It looks so traditional and creative in appearance. It stands as a significant symbol of Chinese hairstyles. The flower at the top steals the limelight and the raised bun gives you a very smooth and elegant touch. You can also add ornaments.

2. The Braided Bun:

Another rare Chinese hairstyle is the braided bun. Even though this is very common among Chinese celebrities, it is truly a wonder. The way the hair has been braided is fantastic and the perfecting placing of them on each side of the head is beautiful. You will look like a Chinese princess if you try this.

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3. The Fashionable Cut:

Even though China has become very modern today, they still try to preserve their culture in the smallest way possible. And this can be seen in their hairstyles. The fashionable cut for example is quite modern but carries with itself a tinge of ancient China. The hair cutting of the fringe is beautiful and the wavy locks falling on the chest is mesmerizing.

4. The Fairytale Princess:

The Chinese are famous for their fairy tales and fantasy characters. And the hairstyles that each of these mythical beauties possessed was enchanting. The intricate bun on the head attached with a fancy ornament while the rest of the sleek and gentle hair falls on your back is going to be superb.

5. Chinese Bob:

The Chinese Bob is quite a trend these days with short hair. Not only people in China, but people all over Asia are trying out this hairstyle. And guess what? It is not only the simplest but the classiest hairstyle you can get yourself this year 2018. It highlights your neck line and gives you that modern babe look you have always wanted. This cute Chinese hairstyle with short hair is perfectly suitable for girls.

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6. The Stitch Ponytail:

The Stitch Ponytail represents Chinese beauty and style. It is not only creative but also involves some of the most intricate patterns you shall ever see. With a nice fish like braid, this hairstyle is ideal for casual wear. However medium hair is preferable for this kind.

7. The Retro Chinese Hairstyle:

The Retro Chinese Hairstyle looks a little ancient but has a modern touch to it as well. The little raised puff at the top of the head steals the show and the way it has been reversed into a roll truly shows the creativity China possesses. This is definitely a great hairstyle and those who are willing to experiment should not miss out on this.

8. Baby Buns:

Even though this hairstyle is seen commonly among children, it is still used all over the world. Some of the leading fashion designers have used it on their models and it has been a huge success indeed. With two small buns; one on each side of the head looks cute, pretty and very fashionable indeed.

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9. The Chinese Wedding Hairstyle:

The Chinese Wedding Hairstyle is well designed, attractive and elaborate in appearance. You may also attach a pretty looking flower on the side and curl your hair towards the end to give it that fine look. Most of the china girls like to wear this bridal hairstyle on that day.

10. Mid-Parting Chinese Hairstyle:

Chinese hairstyles for women do not get better than this. As you can see, the two headpins on the hair with the classic wedding dress makes this look more of a bridal one. So whether you are the bride yourself or are marrying the Chinese way, this hairstyle should be one of your top pick. If you have thin hair though, this hairstyle might be difficult to implement, but otherwise you are open to experimenting. Also, make sure you straighten your hair beforehand. You don’t need many intricate accessories to take your fashion ship flying high, but make it surreal as if you put all the effort day in day out.

11. Curly Chinese Hairstyle:

While the Chinese cut hairstyle focuses mostly on straight hair, this one is a different look, going easy among women who are so busy with their lifestyle they don’t have time to maintain the long locks. So, if you recently cut your hair short, this cute look will suit you perfect. While the look is deprived of too many twists and innovations, the overall look makes up for the same and leaves an opinion once you see it. The hairstyle will make you prettier with those curls that give you the desired bouncy hair and a natural looking longer length.

12. High Bun Hairstyle:

Chinese hairstyles for women are incomplete without featuring this high rise bun that can bring out the best in your look. It can be your wedding hairstyle as well, but we personally would choose it as a simple up do for occasions like retro parties. The bun is one of the hairstyles that made a comeback from the past and is doing great in the current trend; you have to make sure you have the front bangs though to give it a Chinese essence. You can curl your hair up and put it up as a bun or keep it straight if you will. Add a ribbon bow, head pin or a flower headband to make the most of the look.

13. Hair Brooch Chinese Hairstyle:

This one copies the good old hair brooch to make it look like a Chinese cut hairstyle. Is that not cool enough for you to be convinced to choose this hairstyle for the next Asian themed party you attend? Well, if you aren’t satisfied with that reason, let us also enlighten you by saying this hairstyle is one of the oldest doing the rounds and so much so, that the Chinese dress up their Gods in this hairstyle. They add flowers on the head of course, but you can avoid all that intricacy if you wish.

14. Buddha Bun Hairstyle:

The warrior and the princess come together in this Chinese hairstyle for girls. You can choose this one when your hair is too long to manage yet too short to be tied into a bun. So take half your hair into a bun and leave the rest loose.

15. Cobra Bun Hairstyle:

This is rightly known as it is, the Chinese hairstyle for girl has been making rounds among stylists all around the world and for the right reasons. It is simple, yet looks so beautiful when the whole hairstyle comes together.

So that was the end of it. We discussed the top 15 Chinese hairstyles that are a rage in the hairstyle market right now. From prom to weddings and simple events, you can sport each one to them all, and stand out as others come up to you and shower praises.


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