If you want to name your little one as per Hindu astrology and star alignment, and lunar constellations, it is believed auspicious if you follow the naming pattern as per certain starting syllables. Today, we are going to help you out with Chitra nakshatra baby names for those little ones born under this star. The Chitra Nakshatra is the 14th star in the 27 nakshatras.

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If you want a traditional name or a modern-sounding one with a lovely meaning, we have compiled the perfect list for suiting all your requirements. We bet your search on Chitra nakshatra names ends here.

Chitra Nakshatra and Characteristics:

The Chitra nakshatra ranges between 23.20 degrees in the Virgo zodiac sign to 6.40 in Libra. It is the fourteenth star in the 27 nakshatras total in Hindu astrology. Those born under the Chitra nakshatra are said to be very brilliant in different aspects of life they undertake. They are perfectionists and always admire art, beauty, and creation. They are always dynamic, get prosperity, and have the desire to learn everything. The Chitra nakshatra borns enjoy good health and are always happy beings. They are intelligent and are always peace-loving.
The governing deity planet is Mars, and the animal’s name is Female Tiger.

Chitra Nakshatra Name Starting Letters/Syllables:

it is considered auspicious and lucky if those babies born under Chitra nakshatra begin with the following syllables,
Pe, Po, Ra, Raa, Ri, Ree

If you want to go naming by pada,

  • The Chitra Nakshatra 1 pada names begin with Pe
  • Chitra Nakshatra 2nd pada names with Po
  • The Chitra Nakshatra 3rd pada names start with Ra/Pra
  • Chitra Nakshatra 4th pada names start with Ri

Now let’s go ahead and explore lovely and meaningful chithirai natchathiram names for baby boys and girls.

Names for Chitra Nakshatra Babies with Their Meanings:

Let’s explore the baby names for Chitra nakshatra, for boys and girls, with their meanings and symbolisms today here.

Chitra Nakshatra Baby Boy Names:

1. Peeyush:

Peeyush means milk. This is an uncommon and rare baby boy name for those born under the Chitra nakshatra.

2. Perumal:

Perumal is a famous south Indian, especially Tamil name choice for Chitra nakshatra. It means Lord Venkateswara.

3. Porush:

Porush means powerful. It is a new and modern unique baby name choice for boys in this decade. It is a new chithirai nakshatra Hindu boy names.

4. Raadhik:

Raadhik means a wealthy, successful person. It also symbolizes a liberal and prosperous soul. This is a modern name for babies under Chitra nakshatra.

5. Raag:

Raag means a musical. It also implies life, love, passion, beauty, and radiance. This is a new and creative Chitra nakshatra baby boy’s name.

6. Raajan:

Raajan is already a common name choice for baby boys, yet it is a classic variant. The name Raajan means king and royal lineage.

7. Raanish:

Raanish is none other than Lord Siva. It is a traditional meaning name, yet with a modern-sounding name word for boys in Chitra nakshatra.

8. Rachit:

Rachit is a unique and rare name again, yet with a lovely meaning. The name Rachit means invention. Isn’t this Chitra Nakshatra names for boy cool?

9. Radhav:

Radhav is none other than Lord Krishna. It means beloved of Radha, that is, Krishna. This is a romantic yet cute baby boy name choice.

10. Ragav:

Ragav is Lord Ram. This means Raghavender God, which comes under traditional meaning for boys in Chitra nakshatra.

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11. Rajak:

Rajak is a new modern name. rajak means radiance. The name also means prince, or ruler. It is a lovely baby boy name choice for Chitra nakshatra borns.

12. Rajas:

Rajas mean passion. This is a unique and rare name for boys in this generation. It is gaining prominence in the north Indian states. This is one of the favorite Chitra Nakshatra male names on the list.

13. Rakshit:

Rakshit means guarded. It also symbolizes a secured, and protected well. The name is a literal translation from the Sanskrit language word.

14. Ranvir:

Ranvir means a winner. It actually means the hero of the war or battle. The name is a quite modern and charming choice for boys in North Indian states.

15. Rishi:

Rishi actually translates to sage. It also means wise and light. The name is quite popular in several states across India, yet it is a classic choice given its youthful meaning and sounding.

16. Rishit:

Rishit is a new and modern name derived from the Hindi language. The name Rishit means the best of all. It also symbolizes a learned and knowledgeable man.

17. Rishvanth:

Rishvanth is a friendly soul. The name means a person who is joyous, friendly, and beautiful with everyone around him. Another variation in the spelling of this name is Rishwanth.

18. Rithav:

Rithav is a hard worker. The name also is taken from the mythological stories and implies Lord Vishnu. It is a modern name for Chitra nakshatra with a traditional meaning.

19. Riteesh:

Riteesh or Rithesh means strongest of all. It also means Lord of the truth. This is a lovely and charming baby boy’s modern name choice. This is a trendy baby boy names for Chitra Nakshatra.

20. Rithul:

Rithul or Ritul is a truth-seeking person. The name also symbolizes a compassionate and determined being.

21. Rithvik:

Rithvik is a popular name in India across states, yet it is a youthful and charming name choice to date. It means a priest or saint. The other meaning of Rithvik or Ritik/Rithwik is desire.

22. Ritvaan:

Ritvaan means happiness. The name is a modern and contemporary name choice for baby boys in Chitra nakshatra.

23. Rivan:

If you want a totally graceful and stylish name and a short, pronounced version, then Rivan can be a good choice. Rivan means a star.

24. Riyanksh:

Riyansh is a lovely, meaningful name. Riyansh means the first ray of light. This also means Lord Vishnu’s eye. (Ansh means eye). The other variations of the same name are Riyanshu and Riyanskhu.

25. Riyyan:

Riyyan means little star or little king. The name is not originated in the Indian language, yet the context and derivation are not known. However, it is a lovely and charming baby boy’s name. What do you think?

Chitra Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Pehal:

Pehal means the start or the beginning. It is inspired by Urdu poetry and is among the lovely and beautiful baby girl name choices for Chitra nakshatra.

27. Pernitha:

Pernitha or Pernita means answered prayers. This is a lovely and beautiful modern and rare name choice for baby girls. This is also a lovely Kanya rasi Chitra Nakshatra names.

28. Poshitha:

Poshitha means a nourished girl. It also means loved and cared for. The Chitra Nakshatra female name choice is a unique and refreshing new choice.

29. Pournima:

Pournima in Sanskrit and south Indian languages translate to the full moon. This is a classic and all-time favorite baby name choice for several generations.

30. Raadhika:

Radhika or Raadhika means Goddess Radha. The name also symbolizes a successful person and a wealthy person. This is one of the lovely and evergreen girl baby names for chithirai natchathiram.

31. Raagini:

Raagini means melody or music. The name is originated from musical terminology and also symbolizes love. It is also another name for Goddess Lakshmi.

32. Raashi:

Raashi means zodiac sign. This Chitra Nakshatra names for a girl is a very short and cute yet traditional name choice for Chitra nakshatra borns

33. Rachana:

Rachana means creation. It also means arraignment and construction. Although this is a commonly found name, it is very meaningful and elegant.

34. Radhana:

Radhana means speech. It is a rare baby name for Hindu borns in India as yet and is a beautiful choice for Chitra nakshatra babies.

35. Rajathi:

Rajathi means a queen or ruler. This is a new name invention and yet with intense and charming meaning.

36. Rajitha:

Rajitha is a common name in South India, yet with lovely symbolism. The name Rajitha means brilliant person. It also means shining and illuminance.

37. Ranjika:

Ranjika means a lovable and pleasant person. This is a unique name for babies and is rarely found, originating from the Sanskrit and Hindi language.

38. Ranvitha:

Ranvitha or Ranvita means a happy, cheerful, and joyous person. The origins aren’t established as yet but are a rare name choice for Chitra nakshatra borns.

39. Rashmika:

We all know the name Rashmika given the celebrity orientation to it. Rashmika actually means a ray of light. This also symbolizes luminance and radiance. This is lovely and beautiful, meaning Chitra nakshatra name.

40. Rati:

Rati is a common north Indian baby girl name. The name Rati means desire, cupid, love, and wish. It is a short and cute Chitra nakshatra baby name for girls.

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41. Ravali:

Ravali is a common South Indian name, especially in Telugu. It means a sound that comes from the flute. This is among the names which is a creative and beautiful names for Chitra nakshatra babies.

42. Ravita:

Ravita means link, bond or nexus. If you want a completely modern, rare and new name, this can be a good choice.

43. Ria:

Ria is a short three-letter cute baby name. It means gem or rich. The name also symbolizes Goddess Lakshmi. It is a popular yet very classic and cute name in North Indian states.

44. Richa:

Richa is a hymn. It means writing of the Vedas. However, it also denotes and implies brilliance, knowledge and wisdom. This is a popular yet mesmerizing baby girl’s name.

45. Riju:

If you want a very new name, Riju can be good to go. Riju means innocent and honest person.

46. Rinitha:

Rinitha or Rinita means determination and will. The name has originated from Indian languages and is a rare yet lovely baby name choice.

47. Riyanshi:

We love the name Riyanshi. Riyanshi means a cheerful person.

48. Ritvi:

Ritvi or Rithwi means a happy person. The name also means a scholarly person with knowledge of all Vedas. This is a traditional meaning name with a philosophy behind it, yet cute and modern in pronunciation.

49. Ritika:

Rithika or Ritika means joy and happiness. The name also means truthful and generous. It is modern Chitra Nakshatra Tula Rashi names.

50. Rishita:

Rishita is a common name in North India, which means saintly person. It also means the best and learned knowledgeable person. This is a meaningful and lovely name choice for baby girls in Chitra nakshatra.

Unisex Names for Chitranakshatra:

51. Rijul:

Rijul is a lovely unisex name for baby boys and girls. The name Rijul means an innocent and honest person. This is a rare Chitra nakshatra baby name.

52. Ripal:

Ripal is another modern and uncommon baby name for boys and girls. It means to love and compassionate being.

53. Rithu:

Rithu is a name for boys and girls. The name is originated from the Hindi word Ritu which means season or period.

54. Rajani:

Rajani is another lovely and traditional name sounding for boys and girls. It means night and is a charming choice for Chitra nakshatra babies.

55. Ratna:

Ratna is a very common baby name. The name Ratna means pearl. It also symbolizes a precious and gem-like person.

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Twins Names for Chitranakshatra:

56. Peehu – Pehr:

Peehu and Pehr are lovely and modern-day Indian baby girl twin name choices. It means a sweet person. It also means peacock. Pehr is the time of the day or phase.

57. Porush – Poshit:

Porush means an influential person. Poshit, on the other hand, means defended or loved person. These are rare and lovely baby boy twin name choices for Chitra nakshatra.

58. Raasya – Ravee:

Raassya means sentimental soul. Ravee, on the other hand, implies an amazing human. These are both ideal new modern baby girl twin name ideas for Chitra nakshatra borns.

59. Radnya – Ragab:

Radnya is a baby girl name which means daughter of the king. Ragab is a baby boy name implying Lord Ram or Lord of God. These are twin baby girl and boy name choices.

60. Rishav – Rishen:

Rishav and Rishen are lovely and contemporary baby boy twin name choices for Chitra nakshatra. It means superior and excellent. Rishen means good humans.

We hope you have found the ideal Chitra nakshatra baby name for your little star. Let us know which are your favorite ones on the list; we love to hear from you.


All the names given above have their meanings as per context and time. These meanings and symbols may alter according to different cultures, countries, regions, and languages. We advise conducting your extensive research before understanding the several interpretations attached to the name.


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