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10 Reasons To Eating Chocolates During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the most important phase of any woman’s life. It is a very precious phase of life which should be taken utmost care of. It is very important to eat healthy food and stay healthy.

Chocolates Eating Is Safe Or Not During Pregnancy :

Pregnancy is the most important phase of any woman’s life. It is a very precious phase of life which should be taken utmost care of. It is very important to eat healthy food and stay healthy. Craving of chocolates are a common sight in this pregnancy phase but you should know chocolate eating is safe to pregnancy or not.

Don’t bother about it you can eat chocolates during pregnancy which truth was researched and prescribed by many doctors. The eating chocolates in pregnancy time is safe to both baby and mother but over eating is always not good for pregnant women.

Here in this today’s article we explain the 10 benefits and ill hazards of eating chocolates during pregnancy.

chocolates during pregnancy

Benefits of Chocolates During Pregnancy :

1. Dark Chocolate Helps Prevent Preeclampsia :

Preeclampsia is one of the major reasons of premature birth. This condition gives rise to the woman’s blood pressure which sometimes can lead to convulsion. It might also give rise to clotting in blood and also might damage your liver. Cocoa contains the bromine which is its primary alkaloid. Thus dark chocolate during pregnancy help in preventing this condition.

2. Chocolates Enable Improved Regulation In Blood Pressure :

The primary alkaloid the bromine induces the blood pressure regulation of a woman’s body properly. It improves the flow of the blood and lowers blood pressure. Consumption of cocoa produces nitric oxide which makes the arteries relax. Thus these conditions are considered healthy for a pregnant woman. This is mostly present in dark chocolates.

3. Chocolates Can Relieve Stress During Pregnancy :

Chocolate has an old age history of relieving people from stress. Thus this factor can be very advantageous for a pregnant woman who is undergoing stress. Stress and pregnancy go hand in hand. Thus you can indulge in chocolate to get rid of any kind of stress. It is comforting and thus helps in making you stress free.

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4. Happy Babies Are Born Due To Intake Of Chocolates When You Pregnant :

This conclusion has been drawn from various studies. It has been found that pregnant women when consume chocolate have more chances to give birth to happier babies. These babies are been seen to be much more lively and healthy. These babies are also seen to respond in a better way to new situations.

5. Presence of Anti-Oxidants :

Chocolates have flavonoids which consist of optimum amount of anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants improve the immunity efficiency of a pregnant woman. Thus it is very beneficial to have chocolate during pregnancy which has many important nutrients for a healthier pregnancy. It facilitates proper working of the cardiovascular system and also helps to fight out certain cancers.

6. Chocolates Contain Important Nutrients :

Nutrients like iron and magnesium are present in chocolates. Thus its intake during pregnancy can be beneficial for the woman.The presence of magnesium helps in the metabolism of fatty acids. The fats present inside the chocolates are saturated as well as monounsaturated ones. It also has plenty of zinc, potassium, selenium and phosphorous.

7. Chocolates Help In Preventing Diseases Related To Heart :

Anti-oxidants in chocolates help prevent heart diseases. The darker the chocolate and higher the quality, the better it is for a pregnant woman. In several studies it has been found out that chocolates help reducing deaths caused by heart diseases. Thus you can eat chocolate in pregnancy to avoid such possibilities.

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8. Eating Chocolates Help In Maintaining Weight For While Pregnant :

For your chocolate cravings, you should indulge in chocolate which are low in fat and sugar content. This helps in maintaining the body weight and also reduces cholesterol levels. When you consume chocolates in moderate amount, it helps in reducing your cholesterol. Controlling and maintaining your body weight during pregnancy is a must.

9. Chocolates Eating Uplift Mood During Pregnancy :

There are various properties in chocolates that stimulate neuro transmitter’s production. The neurotransmitters are called endorphin’s, spinal cord and few other parts of the body. When there is an increase of endorphin’s, it releases pleasurable or well being kind of feeling. Thus it helps in uplifting your mood and makes you feel better.

10. Chocolates Give Energy :

Chocolates are known for its sweetness and this comes from sugar. It is said to have a good quantity of sugar which facilitates energy. It helps in boosting up your energy, thus preventing you from feeling weak. We often wonder can pregnant women eat chocolate and the answer is a yes.

5 Tips To Keep In Mind While Intake Of Chocolates :

1. Chocolates Contain Caffeine :

There is an optimum amount of caffeine present in chocolates. Consumption of caffeine gives rise to blood pressure. Thus it is completely restricted for women who have hypertension. It also increases the possibilities of heart attacks and even death. Caffeine also facilitates the development of breast diseases, thus its consumption should be limited.

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2. Chocolates Contain Tons Of Fat :

Due to its high sugar content, it has a high amount of fats in it. Excess amount of fat makes it difficult to maintain your body weight. It is very important to control your body weight at this. Thus it is highly important for controlled intake of chocolates as it might otherwise increase your weight.

3. Chocolate Mousse Should Be Avoided :

Chocolate mousse should be avoided as it contains raw eggs. Eggs at times cause various illnesses like listeriosis and toxoplasmosis. It should also be avoided to prevent any kind of bacteria from entering the baby. It is recommended to consume other forms of chocolate rather than the mousse. You should eat healthy in order to stay healthy.

4. Choose Chocolate Wisely In Pregnancy :

There are various kinds of chocolates available in the market and it is very essential to choose the right kind. Some of the chocolates are made with high amount of sugar, while some are made with less sugar. It is very important to choose the ones containing less amount of sugar like dark chocolate.

5. Control The Amount of Chocolates Consumed Per Day:

It is very important to control the amount of chocolates consumed on a daily basis. You should limit your chocolate intake to 200 mg each day. Satisfy your hunger cravings by chocolate consumption but avoid over indulging. When you over indulge, it gives rise to multiple problems in your body.

Now that you are completely aware of all the benefits of having chocolate, you can easily indulge in guilt free cravings. At the same time it is also necessary to keep a watch on the amount of chocolates consumed. You should take complete care of your food habits during pregnancy for a healthy child birth.