Necklaces are one of the important ornaments a woman, desires to wear. Necklaces come in various styles and sizes, chokers being one of them. The chokers have various jewellery designs and it becomes a little difficult to choose among them.

Different Types of Chokers Jewellery:

Here is a list of the top 15 chokers, to please you with their designs and you can plan to buy any of them.

1. The Silver Heart Chain Choker:

A cute little choker necklace made of silver is the best gift to a girl from his better half. The thin chain with the two layers and heart in between. The silver chain looks all the more fascinating because of the heart and the doubly layered chain adds to its look.

2. The Three Layered Choker:

The trend of setting in your own fashion has always been in the scene. This necklace design reveals a similar look. The black choker tied to the neck with a small golden accessory in between and the chains layered beneath give a nice look. The lower most chain with the accessories is different from the other two depicting a non parallel relation between the chains.

3. The Spike Choker for Girls:

The black choker like a wrap around necklace is a sexy one to wear with a western dress. The spike like pendant adds to its spunkiness. This neckpiece can be easily chosen by a teenager as an accessory for herself. The thread like choker looks simple to you but would look a lot more beautiful to others when hung upon the neck.

4. Ocean Chain Choker:

Shades of blue are highly desired colours by the women. When coming to this colour, it would make anyone breathe high when watching this. The golden doubly layered chain choker with the round ocean coloured pendant in between is a blissful thing to buy. I don’t need to list down the kind of attire you need with this because it is sure to upgrade and highlight the appearance of any kind of dress you wear with it.

5. The Lipsy Lace Choker Necklace:

This is a classy choker necklace to wear. Designed in the shape of flowers, the design appears good with a not so broad base. The chain attached to it with the pearl studded on a flat surface dangling beneath gives a traditional look as well. Thus, it is an option for many.

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6. The White Pearl Choker Necklace:

The very uniquely designed choker like a white necklace wrapped around your neck is a sober yet a sassy accessory to put upon. White is a peaceful colour symbolising goodness and the plain choker, in a similar, depicts a positive aura. The bunches of white pearls tied in a straight line in the thread also depict a similar appearance, in line with the choker. Thus, this piece is a wonderful one to buy and wear.

7. The Black Gothic Choker Necklace:

As the name above suggests, the necklace gives a gothic appearance and would be the choice of any girl who loves a dark accessory. The dangling black stones also give a similar appearance. It looks elegant in its own manner and would really be the highlighting object of your once you wear it. The big black stone in the middle is a traditional add on to the elegance the neckpiece carries with it.

8. Colorful Floral Crochet Choker:

Another one with the black big flowers attached to each and made into a choker brings elegance with it in its appearance. The group of pearls in the middle give it a classy look and the neckpiece would be a wonderful choice for a woman to wear it out with her friends or colleagues.

9. The Black Velvet Choker Necklace:

When planning to rock the party with a velvety look, this necklace is the one for you. Adding a good amount of spunkiness and sass in your personality it will make you look all the more sexy and cool. It is available in different and many colours. You could any one of them for yourself.

10. Simple Knotted Choker:

The dark black velvet choker with the knot in between comes again as a sexy surprise. The knot tied in the two triangular shapes and the rest of the knot left dangling beneath gives an attractive appearance. This would very well go with a black dress and black shoes together.

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11. The Hoop Pendant Choker:

The black choker is a classy one with the gold hoop in the middle. It has a lobster clasp closure. The hoop in the middle has high polish accents.

12. The Leaf Choker:

The leather choker with the golden ring in between is a beautiful one. The pendant especially, as the leaf, is a creative one to be used and conveys a message. A very pleasant one to look at and wear is the quality of this choker necklace. So, buy this if you wish the people also to watch you with soothing eyes.

13. The Saturn Choker:

A not-ordinary choker with the creative idea of a hanging pendant with it is a fun to buy. The two layered choker necklaces with the above one in the form of circles attached to it and the other one with the pendant in the form of a revolving planet around the solar system give a bright look. This would be ‘an out of the box’ thing to buy.

14. The Iridescent Floral Choker:

The floral designs formed with bright stones attached to the purple band give a glistening look. The gems are in the floral shaped frames are an attractive thing to wear. A choker which can be worn casually as well as to parties, this is the one fulfilling your multipurpose demands of necklaces.

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15. The Egyptian-Like Choker:

The golden coins attached to each other with a chain give a similar to Egyptian look and anyone who has a fantasy for such jewellery can easily fulfill her wish by buying this.

These chokers are the picked up choices among the best ones you would find around. Going to attend a function, going for a casual party or a get together, any occasion can be attended easily now with less pressure on choosing what to wear. All of them, distinct from each other give an appealing look and you can make a choice from any of them.


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