Necklaces have had their importance in jewellery designs. They give the neck and adjacent look. When studded with lovely emeralds, diamonds, rubies, pearls, and cute charms, they always get a small place in the hearts of the women. Gold necklaces have always given a new look with amazing designs. But with the change in fashion, the necklace designs have also changed from heavy gold ones to cute and charming chokers. Choker necklace came into existence in the late 90s to give a new fashion trend. They can be of gold, silver, or simply of a tattoo design. In any form, they give a glamorous look to the girls who hate that heavy necklace.

Latest and Beautiful Models of Choker Necklace for Women with Images:

Let’s have a look at some amazing designs of choker necklaces.

1. Black And Stone Choker Necklace:

A new choker design with a western look is an amazing combination of black and white. The black choker necklace is studded with a strand of white stones in leaf-shaped. The strand is given a different string so that bit can be tightened if required. It gives a lavish touch to western wear, especially at parties or days out.

2. Double Strand Choker Necklace:

A simple choker design with black strands and a cute charm gives a sophisticated glance for routine wear on every outfit. The design is composed of two black strands, which are connected with a cute charm of the design of the sun made in silver. You can also give a new look to the choker by pulling one strand of it, making it longer than the other.

3. Simple Black Choker Necklace:

Want to have a simple but sensual look for ball nights on short gowns! Take a look at a simple black choker necklace design made out of velvet. All it contains is a black strip tied on the neck firmly. It gives a sensual look on black gowns. Also, different coloured velvet chokers are available to select the one matching your dress.

4. Sun And Moon Choker Necklace:

Want the opposite combination to wear! Want a heavenly look! Try a strand made with the sun and the moon charms. The design has two strings. One is given a sun charm, which is worn above the string having the moon charm. It gives a glance of two powers assembled at one point. The sun represents the power of light, truth to fight against evil. At the same time, the power of the moon represents the healing power.

5. Silver Thick Choker Necklace:

You are looking for something stunning for any party or disco night! Here is a fancy silver choker studded with tiny diamonds to give your neck a shiny look. It also looks pretty on ethnic wear for functions. Young girls or teens widely carry the design on casuals, especially jeans.

6. Chain With Beads Choker Necklace:

A chain style choker looks lovely to upraise your look at parties or also for regular wear. A simple gold or silver chain is attached with round giggled sky blue beads in the between. A thin chain looks amazing on casuals, especially the Capri, to have a beach look. A big chain can be worn to add to its amazing design.

7. Thin Gold Choker Necklace:

Have a fantasy to wear gold coins design! Here is a gold choker necklace design to wear on functions such as engagements, pre-weddings functions, etc. When carried with ethnic suits, the choker design made with gold coin design gives an embossed look to your personality. It is also adaptable on jeans for discos.

8. Diamond Choker Necklace Design:

A diamond choker necklace studded with emerald and pearls gives a royal look to your designer wear. The choker design is centred with an oval emerald in a green while it is surrounded by tiny CZ diamonds giving a ravishing look. The end of the design is made with pearls hanging below. The design gives your neck a bridal look, and hence it is worn on the royal wedding.

9. Diamond Choker Necklace Set:

Diamonds have always won the heart of the women on ethnic wear. A diamond choker set design gives a magnificent look over lehengas and designer sarees. The choker is given white crystal diamonds studded with a pink emerald floral design and a set of earrings matching the design of the choker. Such sets are quite trendy these days among ladies.

10. Floral Pearl Choker Necklace:

A pearl choker necklace gives your beauty a touch of simplicity yet is fashionable. The choker design is made with four strands of sea pearls and a floral design in the middle. The flower is also given a pearl surrounded by golden design petals and a tear-shaped pearl hanging below. The design is carried with designer suits, sarees and lehengas to give a sophisticated look to your personality.

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11. Jeans Choker Necklace:

They are looking for a new choker design that is funky yet trendy! Get a look at a jeans choker made out of a piece of denim jeans. The design is quite popular among college bugs these days. Not only the girls but also the guys are getting Jean’s choker for a bold look. It widely is worn on casuals.

12. Lettering Choker Necklace:

A new choker necklace design getting popular is the choker having names. A personalized choker can be made with b the wearer’s name or with a word that perfectly describes her. Made from gold or silver, such a choker design suits any dress, whether casual or ethnic. It can be carried to offices, functions etc. A perfect gift with a feeling for your angle can be a named choker.

13. Spring Design Choker Necklace:

A choker design inspired by the spring or a tribal tattoo is widely funky among the youths. Not only girls but also boys are adopting v this trend for band looks. The choker is a design with a stretchable string designed in various curves to make it more attractive. Such designs are quite often on concerts of rock stars.

14. Chanel Pearl Choker Necklace:

A quite clumsy and trendy choker design popular among celebs is the Chanel pearl choker necklace. The choker is simple, with two big pearls, also known as Chanel pearls, at each end of the gold strand. Such choker designs are widely seen on casuals, especially for models to give their designer wear an antic look.

15. Indian Choker Necklace Design:

Apart from other choker necklaces, Indian choker necklaces have always been studded with pearls, stones and emeralds, giving an antic look every time. A pearl choker necklace with black stones is a unique design giving a dashing look with ethnic suits and sarees. The black and white choker also includes two matching earrings to add to its beauty.

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16. Colourful Choker Necklace:

Want to wear something selected and funky! A floral design with several colour combinations gives a stunning look at theme parties, fashion shows, etc., for a funky look. The various flowers are made with different net materials, while the main strand is made with sterling silver.

17. Handmade Choker Necklace:

A simple handmade choker necklace gives a new definition to your simplified personality. The black choker necklace is made with a velvet silk material with two silver charms to add to its look. The design gives a flaunt look on casuals and black gowns. It can be made with different colours matching your dress.

18. Net With Bow Choker Necklace:

Not only the adults but also the small girls adorn their necks with cute choker necklace designs. A black choker necklace is designed with a tiny bow and two chains giving a pleasant look on short frocks or Capri. The main black strand is designed with a net material to give a gorgeous look. The design is also popular among the teen girls of colleges in kitty parties, picnics and college functions.

19. Butterfly Gold Choker Necklace:

A gold choker necklace with a butterfly design gives a lavishing look to the teens and women while giving a cute and clumsy look to the school girls. The design can be made with a gold or silver chain. The butterfly is given a colourful stone with tiny CZ diamonds to give it a sparkling look. It looks amazing in discos or casuals.

20. Oxidised Choker Necklace:

Want to have a classic and traditional look for any festival. Get an oxidised choker design made with oxidised material embossed with tiny designs. Such choker designs are highly worn on Navratri, religious festive and other functions on Choli, Lehenga and traditional sarees to raise your ethnic style a step higher.

The choker necklaces are a boon to the beauties who do not want heavy necklaces for their neck. A designer choker design, either hand made or made with gold, silver, diamond etc., give a fabulous designer look to your neck. There are also several designs of the choker with some specific charms made for men. The boys are widely carried out for a bold appearance, especially for the ones in music bands, wrestlers, street dancers, etc.


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