Chokers are back in fashion. This golden era jewelry item was thought to be long forgotten. Now with its comeback, the fashion and jewelry industry is trying out the latest designs for chokers. Chokers are worn by girls for its simplistic yet stylish designs. Chokers may come in leather, suede, velvet, lace or other material. They fit the round of your neck tightly as they have either clasps, magnets or the knot style approach. Choose one of these gorgeous chokers for girls to wear for college or just for a party.

Latest and Beautiful Designs of Chokers for Girls with Images:

Let we have to look at the top 9 chokers for girls.

1. Leather Choker for Girls:

Select this cool black leather choker for girls to look charming and chic. The leather choker is hollow and in the shape of a heart. The tiny hearts are cut out in a continuous loop. The choker sits snuggly on the neck.

2. Rope Choker Necklaces:

Go in for a very simplistic approach with this leather rope choker necklace for girls. The necklace has two different charms at each end that look very bohemian. The leather rope necklace can be tied in the form of a bow to give a cool look.

3. Velvet Choker for Girls:

Add style to your evening wear with this smooth velvet choker in deep purple or black. The soft touch and feel of velvet feels very nice on the neck. The choker is pinched at the center and a pendant attached to it. This particular pendant has a crystal heart.

4. Crystal Rhinestone Choker:

Crystal rhinestone is a very colorful option for you if you like bling. These pretty tiny stones set in the choker complement any color outfit. This choker is made of three rows of crystal and fills up the neck area. It is perfect for girls to wear over simple tops too.

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5. Suede Choker for Girls:

This thin faux suede girl’s choker is perfect college wear. The suede material used is classy and it has silver beads arranged around the length of the choker. This is a very complementary piece of jewelry to wear anytime, be it day wear or even evening or for a night party.

6. Animal Pendant Chokers for Girls:

Choose your favorite animal pendants and make it personal with these cute animal pendant girl’s choker necklaces. The pendant are placed in the centre of the necklaces and made of silver or any other metal. The detailing on each of the pendant is fine and adds to the charm.

7. Stretch Choker for Girls:

This one is for the bold and daring girl! Select this choker for its vibrant colors and stretch material. The choker is made with crisscrossing the rope and colorful beads are intertwined at equal distances. This is quite a broad choker and so covers up the whole of the neck area.

8. Magnetic Choker for Girls:

One of the latest in choker designs, this magnetic choker for girls is perfect to fit any size neck. The choker is made of leather and has a crystal pendant in the center. The magnetic clasp allows you a very fuss free attachment, as opposed to the knot style tying of the other chokers.

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9. Double Strand choker for Girls:

This beauty is sure to add bling to your overall appeal. The double strand gold choker is very simple yet extremely exquisite. The gorgeous star pendant adds character to this choker. The choker fills the neck area and can be paired for an evening out.

Chokers for girls are thin single strand necklaces that are made in leather or other material. The chokers have a centre pendant that adds charm and beauty. Choose pendants that are meaningful or go bold with vibrant colors.

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