Are you bored of the regular classy look and prefer to experiment with something new? Try out the all-new choppy hairstyles. Well, the choppy haircuts may not have been that a new entry in the fashion town, but they are super-fun, unique, and incredibly fascinating. These are variants in textured haircuts and bring in new and modern-day vibrant hues effortlessly.

We love how modern women recently don choppy hairstyles, and you must try them too. Here are a few suggestions.

25 Most Stylish Choppy Hairstyles with Images:

Choppy Hairstyles are not only for those who have thin or thick hair that needs to be given a fuller look, even voluminous hair can be given a layered and choppy styling to make it look smart and manageable. Here are a few most liked choppy hairstyles with pictures.

1. Trendy Choppy Hairstyle:

Those with long and broad face and thick hair, this is a fashionable manageable hair style that gives your face a longer appearance. In this style, the hair is maintained up to the chin level at front and longer at the back giving an overall voluminous look.

2. Layered Choppy Look:

This is an edgy style in which the hair is kept short and distinct layers are maintained. The overall appearance is a messy yet smart look. Even the fringe is unevenly chopped that looks stylish. It can be done for all kind of face shapes and well suited for wavy hair. This is one of the long choppy hairstyles for thick hair along with bangs which is exactly suitable for oval faces and round faces also.

3. Short Choppy Look:

The hair is left long on the crown that gives an uneven layer on the top and also adds volume. This hairstyle is best suited for thin hair. The uneven edges give an overall delicate and feminine look. This is one of the most popular choppy hairstyles for fine hair which can you make more beautiful with sun glasses.

4. Medium Length Chopped Hair:

This choppy hairstyle has been in fashion for the last few years. This style is suited for those who want a medium length hair, but have fine or thin hair. The length is maintained longer on the sides and fringes on the forehead give a fuller look.

5. Choppy Bob Cut:

This short hair look with all its layers looks voluminous and gives a sexy and smart look. The hair is chopped into finite layers and styled giving spikes on all sides. The fringe is turned sideways adding the glam factor to the style.

6. Long Choppy Hairstyle:

This is on of the finest choppy hairstyle for long hair which perfectly suitable for oblong face. The look is a combination of layers and choppy cuts. Hairs are kept longer at the back and sides and comparatively shorter at front. It suits most of the face shapes and adds volume to the hair. Wavy hair is best suited for this style.

7. Choppy Hair With Soft Curls:

Wavy hair need to be cut wisely to utilize the texture for maximum advantage. Giving uneven lengths on all sides enhances the soft curls and gives a cool look. This is well suited for casual and formal styling, easy to do and manage too.

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8. Choppy Hairstyle With Spikes:

The cut is given by keeping the hair very short from all sides and about half inch longer on the crown. Gel is used to make the spikes stay. With proper coloring, depth can be added to the look. It is a cool and fun hairstyle that requires minimum maintenance. All in all this is a rock star look.

9. Cute Choppy Look:

This style is meant for those above forty. This look is given by maintaining a very short layered cut on all sides. Hair on the crown is kept longer to add bounce to the hair. Effective use of hair colors that suit your skin tone can also enhance the look.

10. Jaw-Length Shaggy Haircut with Side Bangs:

This short choppy hairstyle with side bangs is ideal for women who like to add some flair to their look. It imparts a very good texture to your tresses. Add added dimensional to this jaw-length choppy layered hairstyles with a touch of color. Sports these new looks and look trendy with minimum effort.

11. Pomegranate Passion:

If you have thick coarse hair, this Pomegranate Passion choppy bob hairstyle is must try for you. The textured bob will easily transform your coarse and thick hair with this unique styling. This hairstyle is suitable for women with round, square or oval face shapes.

12. Whispering Waves:

In this layered choppy hairstyles, hair falls in layers giving a softer look. The ends are made to look rounded, curving inward to make the overall look more girly and feminine. If you want to try choppy layered hairstyles that is not too loud, this whispering waves styling will suit your personality. Also if you have square or round face shape, these choppy hairstyles with waves will look awesome.

13. Chopped Locks:

Wearing locks on short hair may seem unusual, but this choppy hairstyle for thick hair does just that. In this chopped locks are made at the front looks very interesting and add a hippy look. Definitely a fun and funky style to try on. Ideal for women with heart or round shaped faces and it gets easily styled if you have slight wavy hair.

14. Two- Tiered Choppy Bob Hairstyle:

This is definitely not a style you will frequently notice on every other girl. In this the hair is styled in two tiers with edging done at different angles. This style adds a twist to the regular bob chopped layers. This is one of the simplest choppy layered haircuts for short hair.

15. Choppy Pixie Hairstyle:

This feathered out layered version of choppy hairstyles is for girls who love to have some fun, even when it comes to experimenting with your hair. A perfect combination of pixie and short choppy look. If you have medium textured hair with slight curls, this hairstyle will look best on you. Also the choppy pixie style compliments heart shaped faces.

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16. Chopped Pixie With Long Bangs:

Very girly chopped hairstyles loaded with cuteness. The pixie cut with long side bangs creates a neat texture. The razored edges at the back impart a soft look at the back tapered area. Use some light colored highlights to break the monotone. This face framing layers with thicker long bangs looks best on women with heart face shape. It is not suitable if you have crazy curls.

17. Raised Choppy hairstyle:

This raised style adds lots of volume and chiselled layers to your hair. What’s more it even looks super cool. The angled shapes and intriguing asymmetry makes it one of the interesting short choppy hairstyles. This raised chopped hairstyle look best on women with heart face shape.

18. Chopped Wavy With Short Bangs:

This style is ideal for those who have stubborn locks and do not like to spend their time on styling. The collarbone length short bangs highlight its imperfection and give a somewhat shaggy appearance. Highlighting makes the texture even more prominent.

19. Chopped Cutting Edge Hairstyle:

This uneven yet neat fringe presents a fun shattered look all over the face. In this cutting edge hairstyle, the outer layers are kept sleek and long making the front choppy strands to stand out. This chopped cutting edge hairstyles covers the entire face and therefore compliments all face shapes. The deep raspberry highlighting adds a glam factor to this edgy haircut. Opt for this style only if you do not have a habit of putting hair behind your ears.

20. Punked Out Pixie:

This is the perfect chopped hairstyles for girls who have very short hair. The disheveled look in the front makes it even more stylish. This punked out pixie cut suits all face shapes. Add more sparkle to this style with the use of dazzling bows and hair clips.

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21. Jagged and Voluminous Choppy Hairstyle:

An incredible chopped hairstyle that adds tons of volume to your hair. The jagged ends are brilliantly textured and seem to dance around your face. The medium to long layers impart magnificent volume and tremendous movement to your tresses. A superb choppy layered hairstyles with fun and funky element. This kind of styling looks good on all face shapes, although it look best on round face shapes.

22. Long Chopped Bob Hairstyle:

One of the classic medium choppy hairstyles. With this kind of styling you can sport the chopped bob look even if you have long hair. The hair is maintained at shoulder length and is perfectly layered and angled. You cannot miss out on the flattering side bangs. This long chopped bog hairstyle is extremely neat and allows your hair to move around freely.

23. Choppy Inverted Bob:

If you are bored of the classic stacked bob, try on this ultra unique inverted bob hair cut. The angled layers in this style make it look so different that you cannot pass by without getting a second glance. To make this choppy inverted bob more dramatic add a touch of silver hue!

24. Flirty Flip:

This short choppy hairstyles has layers that can be flipped in or out easily. In this flirty flip choppy hairstyle, the long side bangs perfectly blends into layers. A collarbone length style that is very girly and suits square and round face shapes.

25. Finger-Combed Choppy Bob:

Sometimes you don’t need styling tools to get that extraordinary look; your fingers can just help you achieve the same. It is styled with layers all over and you just need finger-combing to give the final touch.

These choppy hairstyle looks are evergreen and can be experimented with a lot of ease. It is easy to maintain choppy hair styles and never go out of fashion. There also are choppy hair styles that can be carried by older women who are fond of short hair which look edgy and smart. Who would not want to try any of these versatile choppy hairstyles? Choose any of these styles and get ready to sport this extraordinary choppy look!

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