If you are a fan of Captain America, then this post will most definitely intrigue you. Chris Evans is a name popularly associated with the Avengers franchise because he plays the character, Captain America. Although the actor has had shirtless scenes in many movies, several tattoos were covered up with makeup and therefore were not visible to fans. But recently, Chris Evans’s tattoos were revealed to fans in a surprising video of him backflipping into his pool.

It is often difficult to see the ink on the body of Chris Evans because he typically dons designer suits or casual long-sleeved shirts during public appearances. Here is a quick guide into the Chris Evans tattoos and the inspiration behind them captured by paparazzi or during interviews or social media posts. Read on!

Chris Evans Tattoo Inspirations:

If you are a fan of Captain America, AKA Chris Evans, this article gives you a glimpse into the body art of your favourite actor. Let us go through this article to know more about his tattoos and their meaning.

1. Chris Evan’s Taurus Tattoo on the Left Upper Arm:

The Taurus tattoo on Chris Evans’s left upper arm has a personal meaning. It depicts a bull with horns which is the zodiac sign of his mother. The Avengers actor revealed that the tattoo is a homage to his mother, Lisa Evans, during a September 2004 interview with USA Today.

2. Chris Evan’s Loyalty Tattoo on the Right Upper Arm:

Who doesn’t love a loyal guy? This Loyalty tattoo located on the right upper arm of Chris Evans is directed more towards family. Evan’s campaign for Gucci’s guilty fragrance with Evan Rachel Wood gave fans a good look at this tattoo. Although he never explained the meaning behind the tattoo, he said all of his tattoos are pretty much for a family making it self-explanatory.

3. Chris Evan’s Avengers Tattoo:

The cast of the original Avengers movie got matching ink depicting the superhero team’s logo and the number six to mark the release of Avengers: Infinity War in 2018. Chris Evans’s Avengers tattoo symbolises the six costars in the first Avengers movie. Evans and Scarlet Johansson got it done in New York, and the same artist Josh Lord went to LA and engraved Jeremy Renner, Robert Downey Jr, and Chris Hemsworth. According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly in May 2018 by Robert Downey Jr, five of the six original Avengers got the tattoo, whereas Mark Ruffalo opted out.

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4. Chris Evan’s SCS Tattoo on the Ankle:

Out of all the Chris Evans tattoos, the one on the back of his right ankle, which reads “SCS,” is hard to spot. According to his 2004 USA Today interview, the SCS stands for his three siblings, Scott, Carly, and Shanna. Fans could look at this tattoo with the picture taken during the filming with Michelle Monaghan in 2012 for “A Many Splintered Thing.”

5. Chris Evan’s Eagle Tattoo Across the Chest:

The latest addition to the Chris Evans chest tattoos is a regal eagle soaring across the pecs. Fans observed this tattoo while he gave them a sneak peek while snuggling with his dog. The eagle pattern is the most prominently visible of all the tats on his chest. Although it is unclear where Chris Evans got this tattoo, as per the interview with the Revolver in January 2019, Chris Evans’s go-to tattoo, Josh Lord, seems to have done it.

6. Chris Evans’s Eckhart Tolle Quote Tattoo on the Chest:

Chris Evans’s Eckhart Tolle tattoo on the upper left side of his chest came into the limelight during a shirtless photo shoot for Details in 2012. The quote says, “When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. You lose yourself in the world when you lose touch with yourself.” In a Q&A session for Spreecast in August 2013, Evans explained that spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle’s quote from Stillness Speaks resonated with him so much that he decided to get it inked permanently.

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7. Chris Evans’s Chinese Character Tattoo on the Right Bicep:

The Chinese character tattoo on Chris Evans’s right bicep below his loyalty tattoo means family or surname, as per his interview with USA Today in 2004. The actor got this tattoo removed probably because it is visible while wearing t-shirts; the reason is unknown.

8. Chris Evan’s Dodger Tattoo on the Chest:

Chris Evans got the name of his beloved rescue dog Dodger, inked on his chest, along with the Eagle and Eckhart Tolle tattoos. According to Evans, Oliver and Company was one of his favourite movies growing up, and he named his pup after a character from this movie. He even admitted regretting many other tattoos but not his dog’s name because the actor considers his relationship with his dog very pure. So instead, Chris Evans got his tattoo as a tribute to his pet after bringing him home.

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9. Chris Evans’s Matt Bardsley Tattoo on the Rib Cage:

You can get a good look at Chris Evans’s ribcage tattoo in the movie Puncture which reads “In Loving Memory, Bardsley, With Me Always.” As per the interview with The USA today in 2004, the actor got this tattoo in memory of his late friend Matt Bardsley who died in an off-road accident in November 2003.

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Being a fan of a superstar makes fans curious about their personal life. This article presents the list of tattoos Chris Evans has and the meaning behind them. We hope this article has been helpful, and don’t forget to let us know if you did!

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