Did you know Chris Nunez has had a storied tattoo art career? Yes! Chris Nunez is a former Miami Ink cast member, current Ink master and an American tattoo artist. He built a nearly 30-year career with hard work and talent. He is a Florida-based artist and entrepreneur with a tattoo shop named “Handcrafted Tattoo and Art Gallery.” Nunez is best known for his Japanese-style tattoos, though he enjoys the chance to tattoo any style, anywhere.

Let us go through this article to learn more about Chris Nunez’s tattoos from this article. Read on!

11 Best Chris Nunez Tattoo Designs:

If you are an avid follower of famous tattoo artists worldwide, then Chris Nunez should be on your list. Go through this article to learn more about Chris Nunez’s tattoo and its meaning.

1. Chris Nunez Tattoos On The Right Hand:

Chris Nunez got a dagger tattoo on his right index finger by β„¨π–†π–ˆπ”–π–ˆπ–π–Šπ–Žπ–“π–‡π–†π–šπ–’ in August 2015. He uploaded the same picture on his Instagram handle on August 9, 2015. A Dagger tattoo symbolizes bravery, death, envy, loss, betrayal and sacrifice.

Another tattoo on the right hand of Chris Nunez is that of a serpent which has its tail to the middle finger. A snake in the form of a tattoo usually means passion, growth, healing, rebirth and fertility.

Yet another funky tattoo on Chris Nunez’s right hand is an ice cream cup with a skull. A skull symbolizes protection to the wearer, along with strength and power. It can also give the wearer overcome complex challenges to overcome death.

2. Chris Nunez Tattoos On The Left Hand:

The Diamond tattoo on Chris Nunez’s left ring finger has a little diamond which usually symbolizes purity, perfection, wealth, strength, luxury, and beauty. Since the size of the tattoo is pretty tiny, it looks exceptional on the finger.

The Unalome tattoo on Chris Nunez’s left-hand middle finger looks beautiful and unique. The unalome tattoo represents the path towards enlightenment and is a significant Buddhist symbol. The ups and downs of life are described in the spiral design. In contrast, the path towards enlightenment is represented in a straight line.

3. Chris Nunez Dew Drop Tattoo:

There is a drop tattoo on Chris Nunez’s left index finger. The symbolic meaning of the drop tattoo is the death of someone close, emotional loss, or conviction. The placement also makes a lot of difference regarding small tattoos.

A lot of small tattoos cover the outer side of the artist’s palm, which look similar to the alphabet X if you look closely. The meaning of the tattoo depends on the wearer’s perspective.

4. Chris Nunez Full-Body Tattoos:

The whole body tattoos of Chris Nunez are trendy among fans of the artist’s body art. The centre area of his chest has a black and bold spider engraved, which symbolizes balance, fertility, wisdom and harmony. The black spider stands out against all the other colourful and detailed tattoos.

The right shoulders of Chris Nunez have a beautiful rose tattoo. This design is pretty simple, with sleek outlines without any fillings. A rose usually symbolizes mature love, passion, growth and new beginnings for the wearer.

There is a skull tattoo on the right side of Chris Nunez’s torso, which looks pretty realistic and intimidating. A skull tattoo usually refers to the wearer’s strength to overcome various difficulties and symbolizes past life, power, strength and danger.

5. Chris Nunez’s Personal Tattoos On Legs:

Chris Nunez has gotten several tattoos covering both legs, whose meaning is unknown. There is a little tattoo near the ankle whose purpose is unknown. Another tattoo is spread across the calf, which looks similar to a snake’s head. The other leg of the tattoo artist has a Japanese tattoo with a bowler hat.

6. Chris Nunez Palm Tattoo:

Chris Nunez has engraved a dollar sign on his palm, which might look small but significant. Good luck, power, wealth and success are the symbolic meanings of the dollar tattoo.

7. Chris Nunez Demon Tattoo:

An Oni tattoo engraved on Chris Nunez’s right bicep looks bright and fiery. This tattoo symbolizes extreme powers when put all the Oni are put together. With its design, you can also consider this tattoo a demon that can warn others to stay away and inspire fear in the onlooker.

8. Chris Nunez Finger Tattoo:

The artist Chris Nunez got himself a tattoo on his little finger with the letters N and Y on either side of the lines, which is connected to a crescent moon at the bottom. The artist got this tattoo in November 2013 and captioned it “straight outta the darkness” on the Instagram handle on November 18, 2013.

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9. Chris Nunez Arm Tattoo:

This is yet another demon tattoo on Chris Nunez’s right forearm, which looks pretty intimidating to the onlooker. The tattoo is completely done in black. A demon tattoo symbolizes hidden powers, destruction, bad habits, temptation, lust and evil spirits. How one perceives the tattoo depends on the wearer and onlooker.

10. Chris Nunez Tattoo On Little Finger:

As you have seen, Chris Nunez has a whimsical side, and you can observe the same in some of his tattoos. This is a woman’s leg engraved on his finger wearing high heels and a garter at the top. The artist got this tattoo in March 2012 and uploaded the same to his Instagram handle with the caption “Dancing finger” on March 6, 2012.

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11. Chris Nunez Tattoos On The Back:

Chris Nunez has many tattoos on his back, from small to large. Many have meaning, and the importance of some is not evident.

The drawing pin tattoo engraved on the artist’s neck is tiny, and protection from evil thoughts and spirits is the symbolic meaning behind it.

Below the pin tattoo is a beautiful and lively heart tattoo on Chris Nunez’s back. The feelings of passion, love, and emotions are symbolized with a red heart tattoo. In addition, “MOM DAD” is written across the heart, which can be an ode to the artist’s parents.

There is a dragon tattoo on the back of Chris Nunez, which looks lively and fiery. A dragon tattoo symbolizes hidden knowledge, passion, power, strength and wisdom.

Another prominent tattoo on Chris’s tattoo is the ‘Japanese fire.’ The tattoo symbolizes rising from the ashes, transformation, rebirth and passion. The meaning of the tattoo depends totally on the wearer’s perspective.

The Lotus tattoo engraved on the left arm of Chris Nunez looks very realistic and beautiful. A lotus usually symbolizes passion, divine love, spirituality, purity and beauty. These qualities can be the innermost feelings of the wearer about himself or qualities one wants to imbibe.


Chris Nunez is one of the famous American tattoo artists whose art is known locally and worldwide. His hard work and talent have paved the path for his bright future. Chris Nunez has several more minute tattoos all over his body, whose meaning is unclear. Therefore, we have mentioned visible tattoos and their importance. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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