Names are sure identity for all. That being said, don’t you want your baby boy to have unique Christian baby boy names? If you do wish, then this is probably the right article for you. We have a list of baby boy names arranged alphabetically. Take a look below.

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Christian Names for Boys:

1. Aabel:

Aabel is a good name to start with. The name means ‘breath’. It also refers to the breath of the Lord and hence is very unique.

2. Aadam:

Here is a common Christian baby boy names that you must have heard often. The name means ‘of the earth’.

3. Aadan:

The name means ‘of the earth’.

4. Aaden:

Aaden is a very unique Christian baby boy names. It means ‘a small flame of fire’. A very fierce name. isn’t?

5. Aadne:

Another rare Christian name pick for your little one, Aadne, means a child who is as sharp as an eagle. It refers to his smartness.

6. Aaidan:

The name means ‘a fiery young man’.

7. Aaiden:

The name is a variation of the name Aaidan. It also means ‘a fiery young man’.

8. Aari:

Aari means ‘a mountain of strength’. The name is a typical Christian baby boy names.

9. Aaric:

Aaric means to rule with mercy.

10. Aaron:

Aaron is a very creative name for baby boy. It means enlightenment. It is a name derived from the Hebrew language.

11. Abba:

Abba is a name for all those boys born on Thursday. The name means ‘one who is born on a Thursday’.

12. Abdiel:

Abdiel means ‘servant of God’.

13. Abel:

Abel is a Christian name for baby boys that means vanity. The name is taken from the Hebrew language.

14. Abelard:

Abelard means one who is very determined and stubborn to win. The name is used in a positive sense.

15. Abie:

Abie means father of many.

16. Abner:

Abner is a Hebrew word that means ‘father of light’.

17. Abraam:

The name means father of a multitude.

18. Abraham:

Here are another popular Christian baby boy names. It means father of multitude and is perhaps the most commonly heard Christian name.

19. Abram:

Abram is a variation of the name Abraham.

20. Baltasar:

The name means God.

21. Balthasar:

Balthasar is a Christian biblical boy names. The name refers to one of the three wise men.

22. Bassett:

The name means little person.

23. Cabbrieli:

The name is a variation of the name Gabriel and it also means servant of God. The name is not often heard and is therefore rare.

24. Cador:

Cador is the name of the nephew of King Arthur.

25. Caelic:

Caelic means a man from heaven.

26. Ceaddi:

This is another rare Christian name for little boys. The name means ‘a brave person’.

27. Ceiro:

Ceiro means one who is loved by all.

28. Cenn:

Cenn means ‘one who has a strong and stable character’.

29. Daan:

Daan means ‘God is my judge’.

30. Daaron:

For all those who think their child is the gift of God, here is a name. Daaron means a great man or a gift from God.

31. Daghan:

Daghan means ‘one who is good at heart’.

32. Damean:

The name is that of a Greek saint.

33. Dedrik:

Dedrik is male Christian names that mean ‘a powerful ruler who is very brave and bold’.

34. Eadfrith:

The name means ‘one who is generous’.

35. Eadsele:

Eadsele means one who is strong.

36. Eann:

Eann is the name of one of the apostles and is a Christian biblical boy names if you like your son to have one.

37. Edward:

Edward means ‘a wealthy protector’.

38. Edwin:

Edwin means ‘prosperous friend’.

39. Elan:

Elan is a Hebrew name for the word ‘light’. The name here refers to how the boy will grow up and spread a lot of wisdom and positivity to the people around him.

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40. Fane:

The name means joyful and glad.

41. Fayvel:

Fayvel means a smart and outstanding boy.

42. Gabe:

Gabe is a cute Christian baby boy names that are the short form of Gabriel.

43. Gale:

Gale means someone who is very jovial.

44. Galvin:

Galvin is a name that signifies the white colour.

45. Gaudinus:

This is the name of Lord of Colours.

46. Gavi:

Gavi is a religious person and is a name that is not heard often.

47. Hachi:

Hachi is a ‘little prince’.

48. Hadriel:

The name means majesty of God.

49. Halbert:

Halbert means ‘shining hero’.

50. Ham:

Ham means ‘hot’.

51. Issaiah:

Issaiah means God is my salvation.

52. Ivann:

The name means God is gracious. Ivann is also one of the name of apostles.

53. Jaalen:

Jaalen means calm.

54. Jaaved:

Jaaved is a popular Christian baby boy names that mean ‘the eternal one’.

55. Jacobson:

Jacobson means ‘son of Jacob’.

56. Jadon:

Jadon is a new Christian baby boy names that mean ‘God has heard’.

57. Jarrad:

Jarrad means ‘descendant’.

58. Jason:

The name Jason is also famous one. It means ‘he that cures’. The name is taken from the Hebrew language.

59. Karl:

Karl means free man.

60. Keeyon:

Keeyon is a unique and latest Christian baby boy names. It means ‘guiding leader’.

61. Kevin:

Kevin is a cute Christian baby boy names that mean someone who is gentle, attractive and lovable. Sounds like a name for your son?

62. Mac:

Mac means ‘dear son’.

63. Mahoga:

Mahoga is a rare Christian name for baby. It means ‘one who has a thirst for knowledge’.

64. Marcuss:

Marcuss is a name that is derived from the God Mars.

65. Marrio:

Marrio means one who is manly.

66. Massimo:

Massimo means ‘the greatest’.

67. Mathew:

This name is very popular and it means ‘gift of God’.

68. Malvyn:

The name Malvyn is a very cool and trendy one. It means ‘one who takes authority’.

69. Napolean:

A very famous and energetic name of all times, Napolean is the top Christian names for baby boy that, mean ‘lion of the new city’.

70. Nathan:

Nathan is Christian male baby names that mean ‘given or rewarded’. The name is taken from the Hebrew language.

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71. Nicolas:

The name Nicolas means ‘the victory of people’.

72. Parkin:

The name means little Peter.

73. Paul:

Paul is a cute Christian baby boy names that mean small or humble.

74. Peter:

Peter means ‘stone’. The name is used to indicate the strength and hardness of a decision of a person.

75. Philip:

Philip is a person who is a lover of horses.

76. Raabu:

The name means ‘almighty’.

77. Renzo:

The name Renzo means ‘third born son’.

78. Saamel:

Here is a rare name. It means ‘one who has been heard by the Lord’. The name is also a biblical reference.

79. Sagiv:

The name Sagiv is very rare and it means one who has mighty power.

80. Samson:

Samson is good Christian boy names that mean ‘child of the son Samuel, his name is God’.

81. Santino:

The name Santino means sacred.

82. Taneli:

Taneli means ‘one who is judged by God’.

83. Tedor:

The name means ‘a gift of God’.

84. Thanasis:

This is a very unusual name that means ‘one who is blessed with a long life’.

85. Theophilius:

The name means ‘a true friend of the Lord’.

86. Ulrich:

The name means ‘world ruler’.

87. Uriel:

Uriel is a very thoughtful name and it means light of God.

Biblical Christian Baby Boy Names:

For those of you looking for some solid biblical boy names, here are our suggestions.

1. Adam:

The name Adam is a name used time and again in the bible. Adam was the first man on earth.

2. Abaddon:

Abaddon might be a new name for you. But, the name has solid references in the old testament. It is the name of an angel.

3. Abba:

Abba is a short Christian baby boy names who have a scholar and a well-learned person.

4. Abel:

Able is the son of Adam and Eve. Abel was compassionate and competent.

5. Abidan:

The name was used in the old testament and was the head of a tribe of Benjamin. He was also the leader at the time of Exodus.

6. Abiel:

Here is a popular Christian baby boy name. Abiel was a name used by the Puritans.

7. Abraham:

It is a very cool and classy Christian name. Abraham was considered to be the founding father of the Jewish people.

8. Andrew:

Andrew is a modern Christian name for baby boys.

9. Baruch:

Baruch means one who is blessed.

10. Benjamin:

Benjamin is a common Christian name for a male. The name means son of the right hand.

11. Cain:

Cain means possession or possessed.

12. Claudius:

Claudius means lame.

13. Dan:

The name Dan means judgement. It also means ‘one who judges’.

14. David:

David is a name from the Hebrew language. It means beloved or dear.

15. Ebenezer:

The name Ebenezer is a very classy one. It means stone or rock of help.

16. Elah:

Elah is a Hebrew name that means an oak, indicating the strength of the person.

17. Gabriel:

The name Gabriel means ‘god is my strength’.

18. Immanuel:

The name means ‘God is with us’.

19. Issac:

Issac is a Hebrew name that means laughter.

20. Jacob:

Jacob means the heel.

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Christian Twin Baby Boy Names:

Here are some names for your little twins.

1. Asher and Felix:

If you are looking for some similar meaning names for your baby boy, here is our choice. These names mean ‘fortunate’.

2. Cyrus and Samson:

Here is another similar meaning name for your little one. The name means ‘Sun’.

3. Ariel and Atwood:

The names mean ‘lion of God’ and ‘forest dweller’ respectively.

4. Leon and Leonard:

Leon names mean lion, and Leonard means as brave as a lion.

5. Aaron and Abel:

The names mean ‘exalted’ and ‘breath’ respectively.

6. John and Jonah:

John means God is gracious, and Jonah means dove.

7. Noah and Noel:

The names mean comfort and Christmas, respectively.

8. Colin and Colm:

The names mean cub and dove, respectively.

9. Louis and Walter:

The names mean ‘warrior’.

10. Orlando and Rodrigo:

The names mean famous.

Naming babies are sometimes really fun. Sometimes, the challenge of having to find the right Christian name for boys can take away all the fun. You will only land up in a loop of thoughts. For all those sleepless thoughts, here is our little help. This list will surely help you.


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