Christian names are unique for a reason. They are distinct and have references to many elements of nature. If you are looking for some beautiful Christian baby girl names, here are some to think of. We have got their meanings covered too.

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Beautiful Christian Baby Girl Names:

Take a look at below.

1. Aaliyah:

Aaliyah is a Christian names for girls. It means ‘to ascend’ and ‘high exalted’.

2. Aamanda:

Aamanda is a name that means one who is much loved. These Christian female baby names are very popular.

3. Aamani:

Aamani means one who is peaceful. It also means one who has a lot of wishes and dreams.

4. Aamber:

The name means one who resembles a jewel.

5. Aamiya:

Aamiya means nectar. The Christian women names mean one who is ever bright.

6. Aana:

Aana is the latest Christian baby girl names that means a woman who has God’s grace.

7. Aanya:

The name means one who is graced with God.

8. Aaria:

Aaria means a beautiful melody.

9. Aareilla:

This is modern Christian girl baby names that mean a lion of God.

10. Aava:

Aava means bird.

11. Abiah:

The name means ‘my father is Lord’. The name is derived from the Hebrew language is also a very modern name.

12. Abira:

Abira means strong. This is a popular Christian names for girl baby. Abira is a very empowering name for girls.

13. Abiya:

Abiya is a name from the Hebrew language. It means ‘Yahweh is my father’.

14. Achazia:

This unique Christian baby girl names. It means ‘the lord holds’.

15. Adalia:

The name means noble one.

16. Adamina:

Adamina means the daughter of the Earth.

17. Airanna:

The name means ‘a form of Airanna’.

18. Aizza:

Aizza is a beautiful Christian girl names that mean life.

19. Bailie:

Bailie is a form of Bailey.

20. Bambi:

Bambi is a stylish Christian girl baby names that mean little girl.

21. Bara:

Bara means to choose.

22. Beatrix:

How about another stylish Christian girl baby names that mean a voyager through life.

23. Belle:

Belle is a top Christian baby girl names that means beautiful.

24. Bellinda:

Bellinda is a Christian biblical girl names that mean pretty or very beautiful.

25. Bertina:

Bertina means bright and shining.

26. Beth:

Beth is a Christian biblical girl names that mean house of Gods.

27. Biannca:

Biannca is a name that became popular after Shakespeare used it in his two plays.

28. Breonna:

This is popular Christian names for girl baby that mean just pretty.

29. Brennda:

Brennda means ‘a princess’.

30. Cadee:

Cadee means one who is round.

31. Cady:

The name means a form of kady.

32. Caitlynn:

Here is another best Christian baby girl names. The name means pure.

33. Caleigh:

The name means a beautiful girl. An apt name for your cute and beautiful daughter. Isn’t?

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34. Camelia:

This means flower.

35. Camini:

Camini means a careful and meticulous woman.

36. Candice:

Candice means sparkling. It also means shining.

37. Cariline:

The name means feminine strength. This is a name that is very needed and empowering for woman of today’s age.

38. Carine:

Carine is a latest Christian baby girl names that mean cheerful child of love.

39. Carita:

Carita means love.

40. Carmina:

Carmina means melody or song.

41. Carri:

Carri means ‘dear’ and is a good way to address your daughter.

42. Daania:

For all those women who are from Denmark, here is a name that will suit her. Daania means one who is from Denmark.

43. Danae:

Danae is a Christian name from Greek mythology.

44. Danica:

The name means morning star.

45. Daniella:

Danielle means ‘god is my judge’.

46. Deborrah:

Deborrah means one who resembles a bee.

47. Ealasaid:

Ealasaid is Christian female baby names that mean ‘a, faithful devotee’.

48. Emma:

Emma is a cute Christian girl name that means ‘one who compromises the whole university’.

49. Eartha:

The name means ‘earthy’.

50. Edeline:

Edeline means noble and kind.

51. Edna:

Edna means pleasure and delight.

52. Elizabeth:

The name is a top Christian baby girl names that mean ‘consecrated to God’. The name is derived from the Hebrew language.

53. Faaiz:

Faaiz means a successful person.

54. Faina:

The name means happy. Faina is a modern Christian name for baby girls.

55. Fanny:

Fanny means a girl from France.

56. Fayre:

The name is very trendy and it means fair and light haired.

57. Fionna:

Here is another stylish Christian girl baby names that mean one who is fair. It also means a white-shouldered woman.

58. Foy:

Foy means faith.

59. Gabbriel:

The name Gabbriel is a very classic and traditional name that means heroine of God.

60. Gail:

Gail means merry and lively.

61. Haana:

The name is a very trendy and cool name for baby girls. It means a graceful lady.

62. Haddie:

Haddie is a good Christian name for baby girl that means ‘ruler of the home’.

63. Hana:

Hana means happiness.

64. Hava:

The name means life.

65. Ida:

Ida is a cute and short name for daughters. The name means prosperous.

66. Ideh:

The name means praise.

67. Ilana:

Here are another Indian Christian baby girl names that mean sunshine. Thoughtful name. isn’t?

68. Issabella:

Another popular Christian names for girl baby is Issabella. The name means ‘my God is bountiful’. It also refers to God.

69. Jacqueline:

Jacqueline is an Indian Christian baby girl names that mean supplanter.

70. Jane:

Haven’t we heard of this name before? Jane is a feminine version of the masculine name John. The name is very popular and is a classy one.

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71. Kaari:

Kaari means a small and strong woman.

72. Kaena:

The name means praised.

73. Kaitlinn:

This is a very trendy and Christian biblical girl name that means pure.

74. Karen:

The name Karen is quite old, but, is still preferred and used by a lot of parents to name their children. This is a Christian lady names for you to think about.

75. Ladonna:

Ladonna means lady.

76. Lailaa:

Lailla is a very classic name. The name is evergreen. It means dark beauty.

77. Lanna:

The name means attractive.

78. Leea:

The name means meadow.

79. Maaria:

Maaria means star of the sea.

80. Madonna:

Don’t we all love this name? Madonna means ‘my lady’.

81. Mahalia:

Heard of this trendy name? Mahalia means affection.

82. Naadia:

Naadia is a new Christian names for baby girl that means one who is full of hope.

83. Nakkia:

The name is a good Christian names for baby girls that mean pure and faithful.

84. Nataasha:

Nataasha is a Christian biblical girl names that refers to Jesus Christ.

85. Nikita:

Nikita means victorious.

86. Paloma:

Paloma means one who is dove-like.

87. Pammela:

The name means a woman who is as sweet as honey.

88. Patricia:

Patricia means a nobleman.

89. Pranuthi:

The name means celebrated.

90. Rachael:

Rachael means innocent.

91. Raina:

Raina means a queenly woman.

92. Rebekah:

The name is also written as Rebecca. It means ‘captivating’.

93. Saara:

Saara means princess. It also means lady.

94. Saasha:

The name means a helper.

95. Sadie:

Sadie means princess.

96. Salena:

The name means moon.

97. Samantha:

Samantha is an Indian Christian baby girl names that means ‘one who listens’.

98. Samarra:

Samarra means ruled by God.

99. Selene:

Selene means moon goddess.

100. Taite:

The name means cheerful.

101. Taanisha:

If your daughter was born on a Monday, here is a name for her. Taanisha means one who is born on a Monday.

102. Varda:

Varda means rose.

103. Vidette:

The name means the beloved.

Christian Biblical Names:

Here are some biblical Christian names.

1. Mary:

Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ.

2. Alphonso:

Alphonso is a popular Christian biblical name for baby girls.

3. Bellinda:

The name means pretty.

4. Beth:

Beth means house of Gods.

5. Abigail:

This is a name from the Old Testament. She was known to be the wife of David. Abigail was known for her wisdom and beauty.

6. Adah:

Adah was the first female name in Genesis after Eve.

7. Abra:

Abra is the feminine form of Abraham and was one of the wives of King David.

8. Abijah:

Abijah was the female ancestor of Jesus Christ.

9. Ariel:

Ariel is a Christian biblical girl names who is known to be the messenger of Ezra.

10. Bernice:

Bernice is the wife of Ptolemy of Egypt.

11. Bethany:

Bethany is a famous biblical name for baby girls. The name is classic and age-old.

12. Beulah:

Beulah is a place in the land of Israel. The place is considered to be heaven and hence the significance of the name.

13. Chloe:

Chloe is a Greek name. The name symbolizes growth and prosperity.

14. Delilah:

Delilah means one who has feminine qualities.

15. Elisha:

Elisha is a classic Christian name for girls. The name is very stylish, although the name has been famous for a long time.

16. Eunice:

Eunice is the mother of Timothy.

17. Eve:

Eve refers to simplicity and purity.

18. Hannah:

Hannah is a modern Christian name for baby girls.

19. Jemima:

Jemima means strong and beautiful.

20. Joanna:

The name is a very fashionable name for ladies. This Christian name Joanna is the one who accompanied Jesus.

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Christian Twin Baby Names:

Here are some twin baby names for girls.

1. Abigail and Adriel:

The names mean ‘a father’s joy’ and ‘flock of God’.

2. Diana and Elisha:

‘luminous’ and ‘salvation of God’.

3. Faith and Hope:

Faith and Hope mean ‘loyalty’ and ‘expectations’. The name is derived from Latin and English, respectively.

4. Eva and Grace:

The names mean ‘living’ and ‘blessing’ respectively.

5. Olive and Lillian:

The name means ‘beauty’ and ‘purity’.

6. Pheobe and Penelope:

These names are the names of a Greek Titan, and Penelope is the wife of Odysseus.

7. Hera and Iris:

The names mean ‘queen of the heavens’ and ‘messenger of Gods’ respectively.

8. Adah and Dinah:

The names mean ‘an assembly’ and ‘judgement’.

9. Grace and Esther:

The names mean ‘blessing’ and ‘hidden’.

10. Lois and Lydia:

The names mean ‘better’ and ‘standing pool’.

These top Christian baby girl names are very unique and distinct. They are biblical and some are even trendy. Take a look at these beautiful Christian baby girl names and we are sure your job of having to find a name will be resolved.


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