You probably would have started hunting for a name right from the first month of your pregnancy to the day of your delivery. You probably still would not have found the right name. Here is a little help. Take a look at the list of new Christian baby names and their meanings.

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Best Christian Names for Boys:

1. Aadam:

The meaning of this name is “of the earth”. It means someone who belongs to this beautiful planet. This can be said to be one of the best biblical boy baby names ever. One can easily fall in love with this name and the reason behind this naming someone is the love that parents would have for their child.

2. Aiden:

This is another beautiful Christian baby names and is one of the finest Christian names for boys. The meaning Aiden is “a fiery young man”. It will build up the character of a child and will assist that boy in creating an easy impression in the growing years. People will be spellbound after hearing this beautiful name. The name can be given to almost any Christian boy child.

3. Aaric:

These names are of immense significance. The meaning of this particular name is “rule with mercy”. These types of names were generally given to the prince in the olden days in the hope that they will live long enough to become a King and rule their own kingdom with justified mercy. The name is one of the most famous Biblical names for boys.

4. Adam:

The meaning of this name is “man”. This is a pretty cool name for the Christian boys. It is one of the most given and used names in the Christian religion. The name is really popular among Biblical parents, and it also means “earth”.

5. Badrick:

Out from the letter A, now we have stepped into the list of the best Biblical names for babies starting with B. The meaning of this name is “Axe Ruler”, which is quite a cool name for the Christian boy. The name is very famous among Christian boys.

6. Baltasar:

The name Baltasar indicates “God” which is a high-end name for kids born in the 20th century. Baltasar is one of the best names for Christian boys and will add some density and weight to a man’s personality. People will first judge you by your name and then think about you as a human being. Hence, it is extremely important to have a decent name.

7. Beamer:

These names are generally used in families where there are people who are fond of music and musical instruments. The meaning of this name is “trumpet player”. This is one of the best and one of the most unique Biblical baby names. The name is quite famous among kids growing up in Boston and girls like this name and find it attractive as well.

8. Cayden:

Cayden means “a battle maiden”, which is quite an authentic name and people will find it interesting as it will display your character as well. The name is very beautiful and will suit a boy who has a warrior-like heart. This is one of the best ways to name a Christian boy, and the boy will later thank his parents for naming him this way when he is old enough to figure out the meaning of this name.

9. Calvin:

It means “bald”. Calvin is one of the most commonly used Christian names, and the most usage of this name is found in the families residing in Europe, such as in England. The name suits a smart and good-looking talented child.

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10. Casson:

The meaning of the name Casson is “a seer”. It is one of the finest Christian baby names and suits the boys especially.

11. Chad:

The word or the name Chad has a historical meaning. The name is full of heritage, and one should be proud of this name as well. The meaning of name Chad basically means “warrior”. It is a very good name for a brave and courageous child. If a baby shows signs of loyalty and courage from a very little age, then this name might be perfect for him.

12. Daan:

Daan is a very unique Christian baby name that you can come across. This boy name means ‘God is my judge’.

13. Don:

Don means ‘ruler of the world’. It is a rather common name in Christianity.

14. Dirk:

Dirk means ‘ruler of the people’. This is a way to bring out and encourage your son in the future to be a leader and lead the people to goodness.

15. Fidel:

Fidel is someone who is loyal. The name is getting popular these days and is probably a unique Christian name.

16. Fredrick:

Fredrick is a common name among Christians. It means a ‘calm monarch’. It signals his ability to lead people.

17. Gabriel:

It means ‘God is my strength’. Gabriel is often shown as a messenger in Biblical stories. He is also considered an angel.

18. Gideon:

Gideon is a name in memory of a brave soldier who was known to have delivered the Israelites from Midian, according to the Old Testament. The name means ‘cutting down.’

19. Hebron:

Hebron means ‘company’ or ‘union.

20. Helek:

Helek means ‘smoothness’. This could be the best Christian name which is unique and rare.

21. Hiram:

The name means ‘exalted brother’. The name originates from Hebrew. Owing to the art and culture popularity that is rising, Hiram as a name has started to gain popularity.

22. Isaac:

Isaac is a very common name in Christianity. It means ‘laughter’. The name is derived from Hebrew. This is one Christian biblical name.

23. Isaiah:

Isaiah is known as the patriotic prophet in the Old Testament. The name means ‘Salvation is of the Lord’ and has a very strong biblical connection. Isaiah is a name for all those looking for a Christian bible name.

24. Jacob:

Jacob, according to Bible, is Esau’s younger twin brother. He is known to fight with his elder brother in the womb itself. Jacob means ‘he who supplants’.

25. Jairus:

Jairus means ‘he will enlighten’. You could think of this also as one cute Christian baby name for your son.

26. James:

James means ‘supplanter’ and is one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ.

27. Jason:

The name Jason means ‘healing’ or one who cures. Jason is a very popular Christian name for boys in Christianity.

28. Joel:

‘The Lord is God’ is the meaning of Joel. Joel is also a popular Christian baby name that you must have heard of often.

29. John:

All of us must have heard of this name. John is a popular Christian name that means ‘God is gracious’.

30. Jordan:

Jordan is in reference to the river. It means ‘to descend’. Jordan is a popular Christian biblical baby name.

31. Joseph:

The name Joseph means ‘May Jehovah add or increase’. Joseph is a very popular Christian baby name. Joseph is also the father of Jesus Christ.

32. Judas:

Judas in Hebrew means ‘praise’. According to the New Testament, Judas is the one who betrays the Lord, Jesus Christ.

33. Levi:

Levi tribes, according to the Bible are the priestly class of the Israelites. The name also means ‘joined’.

34. Lucifer:

The name Lucifer means ‘morning star’. Lucifer is also another commonly known Christian bible name.

35. Luke:

Luke means ‘luminous’. The name is another variant of Lucius or Lucas and has been a preferred choice for a lot of parents.

36. Mark:

Mark is also known as Marcus. The name means ‘shining’. Mark has a connection with the New Testament, because of the Gospel.

37. Matthew:

Matthew is one popular name in Christianity. This Christian kid’s name means ‘Gift of Jehovah’. It is also commonly believed that Matthew wrote the Gospel.

38. Michael:

Probably a favorite name among Christians, this is widely popular among a lot of families. Michael means ‘one who is like God’. Michael, according to the Bible, is the one who defeated Satan during the war that took place in heaven.

39. Moses:

Moses is raised as the Prince of Egypt. He is a prime figure in the Bible and is the one who wrote the Ten Commandments at the Mount of Sinai. This is another Christian biblical name for your child.

40. Nathan:

Nathan means ‘rewarded’ in Hebrew. The name has its origin in Hebrew and is a unique Christian baby name.

41. Noah:

Noah is a name derived from the Hebrew language. The name means ‘rest’.

42. Omar:

Omar is a ‘mountaineer’. In Hebrew, the name means ‘He that speaks’.

43. Paul:

It means ‘little’. Paul is also one of the writers and also an apostle in the New Testament.

44. Peter:

Peter is known as one of the original disciples of Jesus. The name means ‘rock’. This is another Christian child’s name for you to think about.

45. Philip:

Philip means ‘warrior’ and is another apostle of the twelve.

46. Rosh:

Rosh means ‘Prince’. This is another way for you to tell your son what he means to you.

47. Rufus:

Rufus refers to the color red.

48. Samuel:

The name Samuel is the original name of Paul. Samuel means ‘heard’.

49. Simon:

Simon means ‘hearing with acceptance’. The name has a biblical connection.

50. Thomas:

Thomas means ‘twin’ and is commonly known as ‘doubting Thomas’ for his skepticism.

51. Theophilus:

Theophilus means ‘friend of God’.

52. Uriel:

Uriel means ‘God is my Light’ and has its origin in the Hebrew language.

53. Zerah:

Zerah means ‘springing up of light’.Bible mention: Genesis 36:13 has mention Zerauh’s name.

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Christian Baby Names with Meanings for Girls:

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54. Abira:

Here we have an extremely beautiful Christian name for the girls. The name is quite beautiful and generally suitable for girls who are very strong and so is the meaning of this name. Yes! Abira means “strong”.

55. Acacia:

The meaning of this beautiful name is “Holy girl”. This is a very pretty name for girls and can be said to be one of the most used Biblical names for girls. The name has been given to one of the most famous women (Christian) in the world, who have achieved great success and hopefully, the female child being named will as well.

56. Ada:

Here is another beautiful Christian name for the girls. The meaning of Ada is “prosperous and happy”. The name suggests a young lady who is prosperous and really happy at the same time. It seems as if the girl named with this name is pretty happy with her life and she enjoys her life. The name is really beautiful, and almost all Christian girls should be named in this manner.

57. Achazia:

The meaning of this name is “the Lord holds”. It is one of the most used Biblical names for girls ever. The name will be suitable for girls who believe in God. For naming a child by this name, believing in Christ is really important for the members of the family in which the girl has taken birth.

58. Adah:

Adah simply means “a form of Ada”. It is really famous among Christian girls and one of the most used names ever.

59. Adallyn:

If you are looking for some Biblical girl names, then this is one of the best ones there is. The name is really beautiful and will be suitable for almost each and every Christian girl out there.

60. Bethel:

It means ‘House of God’. Bethel is a variety of Christian baby names for girls.

61. Bethany:

The name Bethany means ‘house of affliction’. Bethany, according to the Bible is the village of Mary and her sister Martha.

62. Chloe:

Chloe is a modern Christian baby name that means ‘blooming’ and ‘fertility’.

63. Claudia:

Claudia means ‘lame’ and is regarded as a cute Christian baby name.

64. Deborah:

Deborah means ‘bee’ and is a modern Christian name for a baby girl.

65. Delilah:

How about Delilah? Delilah is a popular Christian baby name that means ‘to delight’.

66. Elizabeth:

Elizabeth means ‘God is my oath’. It also means a worshipper of God. It has various spellings to spell it.

67. Esther:

Esther means a star. It signifies the meaning ‘star of joy and is a Christian biblical baby name that is widely popular among kids these days.

68. Eve:

The name Eve, as we know, is the name of Adam’s wife and means ‘living’. The name has a very strong biblical connection.

69. Gabrielle:

Gabrielle is a name from the Hebrew language. The name means ‘God is my strength’. Gabrielle was once a top Christian baby name, and now again it is gaining grounds.

70. Grace:

Grace, just like the word, means ‘politeness’. The name is an inspiration from the Latin word gratia.

71. Hagar:

Hagar means ‘flight’ and is inspired from the Egyptian language. This a rather unique Christian baby names you can think of.

72. Hannah:

Hannah means ‘favor’. There is a possibility that you must have heard this name quite often because this is yet another popular Christian name.

73. Hosanna:

Hosanna means ‘prayer’ and is a very rare name that you can name your baby girl. If your baby girl was the result of your prayers, then this sure can be something you can narrow down to.

74. Iscah:

Ischa is a pretty interesting and unique name that means ‘to see’. There is also a biblical mention of the name in Genesis 11:29.

75. Jaada:

Jaada resembles a green gemstone. So the meaning of this name will be “the green gemstone”. Every girl should be precious as a gem to their family members, and this name also follows the same theory. Naming your baby girl with this name will be an efficient way to show how precious your girl is to you.

76. Jacklynn:

You often hear this name, don’t you? You surely do! This is one of the most used biblical girl names. The meaning of this name is “supplanter”.

77. Jaen:

This is a very cute Christian name for the girls. It is actually a funny name as well, as it relates to an Ostrich. The name is quite cute, though and will surely suit a sweet and cute girl.

78. Jael:

Jael is in reference to a mountain goat. The Old Testament identifies Jael as the wife of Heber.

79. Jemimah:

Jemimah means ‘a little Dove’. This is one cute Christian name you can think of for your daughter.

80. Joanna:

Joanna is a very beautiful name that means ‘God is gracious’. This is probably another best Christian name.

81. Kailla:

The true meaning of this amazing name is “a stylish woman”. The name is as stylish as the meaning and is clearly one of the best biblical names for girls out there.

82. Kaitlinn:

This is such a beautiful name. The meaning of this name is “pure”, which means that the woman is pure from her heart. The name is really good and will suit almost any Christian woman. It is one of the best biblical names for girls out there as well. It brings up the true meaning of Christianity and can also be claimed as one of the most used names as well.

83. Kajol:

It seems like an Indian name, but it is also a Christian one. The meaning of Kajol is “kohl”. It is a beautiful name and has a good deep meaning attached to it. The name is very beautiful, and the mothers and fathers belonging to Christian families often like naming their girl child with this beautiful and catchy name.

84. Kalanit:

Kalanit means “flower”. It will surely suit a girl who is beautiful like a flower. The name Kalanit is really pretty and sounds so good when you hear it. The name is very much in practice these days, instead of the presence of so many contemporary fancy names and this one being the classic one. There are, however, some people who value old things and this is one of the best ways to add some extra value to the classic biblical names for girls.

85. Kalina:

The true meaning of the Kalina is “Rowan tree”. This is a really beautiful and classy Christian name for girls. The name is so beautiful and catchy, that anyone will easily fall in love with it. It also suggests a pure and Holy character and will make the baby look much more beautiful when she is named after this particular one.

86. Leah:

Leah means ‘a woman who is weary but yet remains loyal’. A good and rare Christian baby name for your daughter.

87. Martha:

Martha means ‘Lady Master’. The name is also the feminine version of ‘Master’.

88. Mary:

Mary, as we know, is the mother of Jesus Christ. There is no better Christian biblical baby name you can think of.

89. Mercy:

Mercy means ‘compassion’, just like the name.

90. Naarah:

Naarah means ‘daughter or Child of the Lord’. Isn’t this the best Christian kid’s name for your daughter?

91. Oprah:

Oprah means ‘Fawn’. The name in Hebrew is however spelt Orpha and has a Biblical mention in Ruth.

92. Phoebe:

Phoebe means ‘radiant as the moon’. This is another interesting and unique name for you to think of.

93. Rachel:

The name Rachel means Ewe and indicates a female sheep. Rachel is a modern Christian children’s name.

94. Salome:

Salome is a name that means ‘peace’. It is getting popular these days among Christian parents to name their child Salome.

95. Sarah:

Have we not heard of Sarah a lot before? Sarah means princess and noblewoman. She is known as the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac.

96. Sharon:

Sharon means ‘flat area’. There is also a Bible mention of the name in Chronicles 5:16.

97. Susanna:

Susanna means ‘a graceful lily’. Looking for a cute name for your delicate little one? Susanna will do all justice.

98. Terah:

Terah means ‘scent’.

99. Tryphena:

Tryphena means someone who is delicate. This is another commonly heard name these days.

100. Zipporah:

The name means a little bird.

Christian Twin Baby Names:

101. Bigail and Adriel:

‘A father’s joy’ and ‘flock of God’. This is a very rare name to be found.

102. Diana and Elisha:

‘Luminous’ and ‘the Salvation of God’. This twin baby name has a strong Biblical connection.

103. Faith and Hope:

‘Loyalty’ and ‘expectations’ in Latin and Old English, respectively, this is a popular twin baby names for Christians.

104. Ava/Eva and Grace:

‘Living’ and ‘blessing’. How about these short names for your baby girl?

105. Victoria and Rebecca:

‘a song’ and ‘beautifully ensnaring/soil’ respectively, the name is very classy and never dies.

106. Olive and Lillian:

‘beauty/dignity’ and ‘purity/beauty’. Both of them are hugely popular Christian Bible names for twins.

107. Grace and Esther:

‘Blessing’ and ‘secret/hidden’. Isn’t this a nice name for twin baby girls?

108. Daniel and Ezekiel:

‘God is my judge’ and ‘the strength of God’. This is a good twin baby boy name for you to think of.

109. Jason and Peter:

‘the one who cures’ and ‘a rock’ respectively, this is a very classy Christian baby name with meaning provided.

110. Abram and Asher:

‘Exalted Father’ and ‘happiness’ respectively. We sure must have heard this name a lot. Haven’t we?

111. Mark and Jesse:

‘Polite’ and ‘gift or oblation’ respectively. Jesse must be a rather unique Christian baby name.

112. Nathan and Noah:

‘Rewarded’ and ‘consolation’ respectively. Another classy combination!

113. Lemuel and Aquila:

‘God is with them or him’ and ‘an eagle’ respectively, is the meaning. Isn’t this a rather unusual name?

114. Andrew and Micah:

Looking for something really unique? These names mean ‘strong man’ and ‘humble’ respectively.

115. Michael and Victor:

Another name that stands for victory and humble, these are rather common Christian twin baby names for boys.

Christian Biblical Baby Names:

116. Abel:

Abel means ‘breath’. In the Old Testament, he is the second son of the famous Adam and Eve who was murdered out of envy by his own brother. This is a name for baby boys.

117. Abijah:

Abijah has a strong Biblical connection and means to be the name of both male and female in the Old Testament. The second King of Judah’s name is Abijah. The name can be both boys and girls.

118. Achan:

The name means ‘trouble’. This is a rare biblical baby name for boys.

119. Amal:

Amal means ‘work’ in Hebrew. The name was also shared by Asherite in the Old Testament. This is a unisex name.

120. Annas:

It is the name of the highest priest of the Jews in the New Testament. Annas is yet another unisex name.

121. Barak:

Barak is another popular Biblical name that means ‘lightning’ for boys.

122. Chloe:

Chloe is the name of the girl. It means ‘green shoot’, referring to the spring and the birth of greenery. It signals positivity.

123. Damaris:

The name means ‘girl’. The name in the New Testament is that of a woman who converted to Christianity. She was named Saint Paul.

124. Dinah:

Dinah means ‘judged’. She is also the daughter of Jacob and Leah. This is a biblical name for a girl child.

125. Eli:

Eli in the Old Testament is stated as the priest of the Israelites. This is a name for all the baby boys.

126. Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is a name for the baby girl that means ‘my God is my oath’.

127. Eve:

The name Eve is the wife of Adam and has a strong reference in the Bible. Eve is a name for a baby girl.

128. Hannah:

Hannah means ‘grace’. She is the wife of Elkanah in the Old Testament.

129. Hirah:

The name Hirah also means ‘splendour’ in Hebrew. Hirah is the father-in-law of Judah in the Old Testament. This is a name for baby boy.

130. Ira:

Ira means ‘watchful’ and is a name for baby girls. This is a unique Christian baby name. It is also the name of King David’s priest.

131. Jaala:

Jalaa means ‘wild goat’ and is a unisex name.

132. Jael:

Jael means ‘mountain goat’. The name has a reference in the Old Testament as the wife of Heber, the Kenite. Jael is a unisex name.

133. Jared:

The name Jared means ‘descent’. Jared is the name of a descendant of Adam according to the Old Testament. Jared is the name for a baby boy.

134. Joel:

The name Joel is known as one of the twelve proponents of the Old Testament. This is a name for baby boy.

135. Jubal:

It means ‘stream’ in Hebrew. Jubal was also a musician according to the Bible. This is a name for baby girl.

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Christian Baby Names and Meanings for Unisex:

136. Aaden:

This name means ‘one who is fiery’.

137. Abby:

Abby is a popular unisex Christian name that is a variation of the abbey.

138. Abell:

Abell means ‘breath’ and is another common unisex Christian name.

139. Billy:

Billy means ‘will’.

140. Caitlyn:

Caitlyn means ‘pure’ and is a name for both boy and girl.

141. Damon:

Damon means ‘to tame’.

142. Darian:

Darian means ‘gift’ and thus can be a name for both the boy and girl.

143. Edden:

Edden means ‘delightful’.

144. Erich:

Erich is a ‘brave ruler’.

145. Estefani:

Estefani is a rather unusual name and means ‘crown’.

We have curated a list of Christian kid’s names to help you find the right name for your child. Some of the best and rare Christian biblical names have also been mentioned. Take a good look and remember to narrow down what appeals to you the most.


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