Have you ever checked the Christian bridal sarees images? Most of us assume that all their range is the only white or off-white colour with plain or lighter work. But today, you won’t believe us when we say there are several types of sarees for Christian brides, with intricate work and details. Given that our country’s Christian community is quite diverse and unique with their own cultures and beliefs within, their way of dressing and habits also vary accordingly. One should not assume that all the Christian brides in India have a similar dressing style during their big day!

If you think that sarees should have lots of colours, work, and embellishments, you will be surprised to know that the new Christian bridal sarees collection is no less! With time, looks and styles are emerging, and their way of dressing is quite sought by the new-gen youth. Today, let us see a glimpse of different types of saree looks for Christian brides in India!

How to Pick The Right Wedding Saree for a Christian Bride?

Now comes the question, how to pick the right Christian bridal sarees for an Indian bride? Depending on the culture, state, and place of the wedding, the bride’s types of sarees can vary. Here are some clues.

  • If you are traditional and believe in the culture and religious values, then you can go with a plain white or off-white saree for your wedding. The self-design and stonework on the saree are the most common design one can find in traditional looks.
  • In the elegant bride’s summer wedding and look, we advise you to go for a gorgeous tissue white saree with a white lacework design. You can team it with pearls to look stunning.
  • If there is a high-end wedding coming up, then prefer wedding sarees for Christian brides from famous designers in India. There is a range of such options from popular designer wear too. Most of these sarees are filled with heavy silver or gold work designs on white sarees or have shimmering gold with embroidery work.

Which Type of Wedding Sarees for Christian Marriage is Popular?

While there are several looks and styles within the choice of bridal sarees for Christians, here are few popular choices.

  • Most of the wedding sarees depend on local culture and traditions. They are mostly plain off-white colours or with a golden border/work.
  • You can often spot Indian Christian bridal sarees in gold embroidery or shimmers these days. They help enhance the look overall and are among the most sought options for many youths. They give a fancy stylish, and modern look.
  • Alternatively, one can witness several regional traditional options. For instance, most of Kerala’s brides pick a white saree with a gold border for their big day. On the other hand, we see a few south Indian states brides also picking up traditional pattu sarees with red and gold borders.
  • Given these several types of Christian marriage saree collection styles, let us now get into finding out the popular range of saree looks for today’s brides.

Beautiful Models of Christian Bridal Sarees with Images:

Here are the most popular and gorgeous Christian marriage saree looks with details.

1. Kerala Christian Wedding Sarees:

Image Source: Pinterest

The state of Kerala has a significant number of Christian population. The Kerala Christian Wedding sarees are not uniform in all cultures. We often notice two different types of sarees for Christian brides in the state. The weddings of traditional families and those who prefer to follow the age-old customary beliefs often prefer a white saree with a golden border. Alternatively, there are also gold sarees trending around in the Malayalee tradition. While this has been the case for a long, recently, we noticed the other type of sarees emerging in the trend. These are off-white or white sarees with stone and lacework on them.

  • Design: Textured Gold Colored Sarees
  • Fabric: Cotton Silk
  • Suitable Blouse: Intricate Self Design Worked Blouse
  • Wash Care: Dry Wash Only

2. White Christian Bridal Sarees:

Image Source: Pinterest

This is the popular one which we often notice around in India. The white Christian bridal sarees are filled with lace and thread work design with sequins, which turn into a mind-blowing look. They come in different textures and often have embroidery work on them too. They are quite delicate yet modern, and most of them are filled with applique highlights.

  • Design: White Saree with Thread Embroidery Design
  • Fabric: Net
  • Suitable Blouse: Long Sleeve Blouse with Embroidery
  • Wash Care: Dry Wash Only

3. Golden Saree for Christian Bride:

Image Source: Pinterest

The golden-coloured saree for Christian brides is most prevalent down the south. Unlike the popular notion that most Christian brides wear gown or white saree, there are communities from Karnataka and certain parts near the Konkani region, which prefer wearing golden zari work sarees for weddings. These may range from plain gold sarees to sarees with golden zari work or embroidery work. They look magnificent and stunning that one cannot take their eyes off!

  • Design: Plain Gold Saree Zari Work Border
  • Fabric: Tissue Silk
  • Suitable Blouse: Dark Golden Colour Blouse with Self-Embroidery Work
  • Wash Care: Dry Wash Only

4. Off-white Christian Wedding Sarees:

Image Source: Pinterest

The off-white or cream-coloured Christian wedding sarees are new in fashion and trend right now. Most of them are with embroidery or cutwork and focus less on embellishments. These kinds of sarees are quite elegant, and the bride appears poised and stunning with regal looks. This kind of off-white saree is mostly preferred by a modern-day bride who loves to perform gracefully yet straightforwardly.

  • Design: Off White Saree with Cutwork Design
  • Fabric: Cotton Silk
  • Suitable Blouse: Elbow Sleeve Blouse with Gold Embroidery
  • Wash Care: Dry Wash Only

5. Tamil Christian Wedding Sarees:

Image Source: Pinterest

The Tamil Christian wedding sarees are quite colourful and bold, unlike the usual ones that come to our mind. Most of the Tamil Christian brides wear red and golden work sarees, similar to pattu sarees. They look traditional and are quite comfortable to wear. The brides can adorn themselves with gold jewellery to enhance the overall look.

  • Design: Gold Saree with Golden Work
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Suitable Blouse: Matching Beige Blouse with Golden Border
  • Wash Care: Dry Wash Only

6. Stonework Christian Wedding Saree:

The modern-day brides often wish to have a stylish and regal look with heavy work and designs on them. The all-new Christian bridal sarees we now encounter are filled with similar styles, and here is one such example. This ivory saree is filled with stone work and embellishments on the border. Although the saree looks simple, what adds to the look is the elegant and trendy blouse with a sturdy design and detailing on it. This is also good as a reception look, which follows after the wedding!

  • Design: Plain Ivory Net Saree with Stone Work
  • Fabric: Net
  • Suitable Blouse: Heavy Work Boat Neck Blouse with Long Sleeve
  • Wash Care: Dry wash only

7. Christian Wedding Silk Sarees:

Image Source: Pinterest

The silk sarees are most preferred and famous among Christian brides. The plain white Christian wedding silk sarees often feature plain lace work, a great pick for modern-day brides who want to keep it traditional yet stylish. They look stunning with their intricate detail stitching. The sarees are delicate and need to be carefully handled.

  • Design: Off White Foil Printed Christian Wedding Saree
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Suitable Blouse: White Blouse with Zari Borders
  • Wash Care: Dry Wash Only

8. Christian Wedding Saree with Veil:

Image Source: Pinterest

The veil adds new style and elegance to the entire look. The Christian wedding sarees with a veil are no new concept but are rising in trend in the modern-day era. They look stunning, with a long veil going downwards on the floor. It signifies the bride’s innocence and purity, thereby also displaying the bride’s grace and beauty from within.

  • Saree Design: White Lace and Net Saree for Wedding
  • Fabric: Silk and Net
  • Suitable Blouse: Lace Blouse with Elbow Sleeve
  • Wash Care: Dry Wash Only

9. Christian Wedding Net Saree:

Image Source: Pinterest

Another common sight in Christian wedding sarees is those with net silk fabric. The netted sarees look gorgeous with their intrinsic work, and most are filled with pearl embellishments around them. Alternatively, we also spot the Christian net sarees with golden work, which can be the case of the bride’s personal choice. Although these are popular and common, they still are in heavy demand and fashion.

  • Design: Net Saree with Embellishments
  • Fabric: Netted silk
  • Suitable Blouse: netted blouse with embellished long-sleeve
  • Wash Care: Dry wash only

10. Christian Bridal Engagement Saree:

Image Source: Pinterest

The Christian engagement sarees are often not like the wedding looks. In most cases, the sarees are pastel pink shaded colour ones with net and stone work on them. They are simple yet add look and elegance to the bride. The sarees are perfectly royal and look stunning on the bride.

  • Design: Pastel Pink Embroidered Saree
  • Fabric: Net
  • Suitable Blouse: Full Sleeve Embroidered Blouse
  • Wash Care: Dry Wash Only

How to Style Christian Bridal Sarees:

The Christian bridal look is not just about getting the saree and outfit right but also about styling it properly. The way one styles the saree decides the final look and appearance of the bride. Here are some tips.

  • Always make sure not to skip the necklace. If the saree has golden highlights or borders, you can wear gold jewellery. Otherwise, prefer diamond or pearl jewellery to add to the look.
  • Wear matching bangles or bracelets to the same. Never wear simple jewellery and bangles to the bridal saree as it may turn off the final look.
  • Never neglect the hairstyling. That can make or break the look. Go for a messy or stylish hair bun or a waterfall braid to look good.
  • You can always wear a tiara on the hair to enhance the beauty.
  • Prefer to wear flat sandals with sarees.

You may have never imagined that there exist several such variants within the bridal looks. I hope you have liked our guide on types of Christian wedding sarees with images. If you are soon to be a bride, you can now prefer the best look as per your choice and style it accordingly. These are not it; you can always go ahead and add a personalized touch to the sarees by getting them specially designed if you would like to! Share your views with us; we love to hear from you!

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