Kolkata, the “City of Joy,” once India’s capital was the center of activity, witnessing cultural diversity. It is several hundred years old. Churches in Kolkata are from the British era. Under the British, this former Indian capital had a connection to other European cultures such as Greek, Dutch, Armenian, Danish, Portuguese, and French as they all touched this city. There are churches about which you may not know — looking forward to visiting some of Kolkata’s churches? Then there is a list of the top 9 churches in Kolkata that you must visit. So here are the top 9 churches to visit in Kolkata that should be on your first bucket list.

9 Best Churches in Kolkata Must Visi:

1. St. Paul Cathedral Church, Kolkata:

St. Paul Cathedral Church - biggest church in kolkata Save

Called as “Cathedral Church Kolkata” and is located in the heart of the city. St. Paul’s Cathedral has a length of 247 feet, a width of 81 feet and a transept of 114 feet, hence the biggest church in Kolkata. The flagstaff rises above ground level to a height of 175 feet. It took eight years to build St. Paul’s Cathedral and was finally consecrated on October 8, 1847, by Bishop Wilson. Several memorials are preserved at St paul Cathedral Church in Kolkata.


  • Church Days: Open all days
  • Mass Timings: Weekdays- 6:30 a.m., 7:00 a.m.; Sundays – 7:30 a.m. 8:30 a.m.; 10:30 a.m., 6:30 p.m.
  • Location: Cathedral Road, Maidan, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071
  • How to Reach: The place can be easily reached by metro, bus or taxi
  • Celebrations: With fun and happiness, St. Paul’s Cathedral celebrates Christmas. The entire premises of the church is beautifully decorated during Christmas and offers a real visual treat
  • Other Attractions Near Church: The cathedral stands in front of the famous Victoria Memorial, with two other nearby landmarks being Birla Planetarium and the Racket Club.

2. St John’s Church, Kolkata:

St John's Church - oldest church in kolkata Save

It is the first church in Kolkata church list and a significant heritage site. An original Bengal Parish Church, it became Calcutta’s main cathedral in 1815 and remained so until St. Paul’s Cathedral was consecrated in 1847. The church is a rich repository of ancient reminiscences and historical monuments related to Kolkata’s history. Warren Hastings and Reverend William Johnson, the 1770’s Chaplain, were the church’s prime movers. At St. John’s Church lies the tomb of Lady Canning. This is among the Kolkata famous church.


  • Church Days: Open on all days
  • Mass Timings: 8.00 a.m.-9.00 a.m. every Sunday
  • Location: 2/2, Council House Street, Opp Dewars Garage, Lal Dighi, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal 70000
  • How To Reach: It is about 4 km from the center of Kolkata and can be easily reached by bus or taxis from the local government
  • Celebrations: Remembrance Sunday, National day of prayer and Teacher’s day are celebrated
  • Other Attractions Near Church: Raj Bhavan is the closest famous attraction.

3. Church of Christ The King, Kolkata:

Church of Christ The King best church in kolkata Save

Next, in the best church in Kolkata is Christ the King. Also known as Park Street church Kolkata. In terms of architectural splendour, one of the best churches in Kolkata is located in the busy neighbourhood of Park Circus. It is the largest church in Kolkata, and in its majestic setting it can seat hundreds of people. While the church’s exterior is a sight to behold, no less inspiring is the interior.


  • Church Days: Open all days
  • Mass Timings: Sunday: 6.30 a.m., 8.00 a.m., 9.15 a.m., 10.45 a.m., 5.00 p.m., 6.30 p.m.; Week Days: 6.15 a.m., 6.30 p.m.
  • Location: 5, Syed Amir Ali Ave, Park Circus, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017
  • How To Reach: Bus Station- Park Circus Tram Depot is near to the Church
  • Celebrations: There is a huge Christmas celebration here. They have got Christmas masses both at midnight and throughout the day.
  • Other Attractions Near Church: Howrah Bridge, Quest Mall

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4. St. James Church, Kolkata:

St. James Church - most famous church in kolkata Save

Elegantly located on A.J.C Bose Road, St James Church is one of the city’s most famous churches, and the twin spires dominate Kolkata’s skyline. Built in 1862, St. James was built to replace an older church at Nebutolla Lane with the same name. Bishop Reginald Heber consecrated this ancient church on November 12, 1829. The architectural style adopted is Gothic in early English with traces of Norman details. It is among the top Kolkata famous church.


  • Church Days: Open all days
  • Mass Timings: Sun: 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m., 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 am, All days of the week except Sunday – 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 a.m.
  • Location: 167, A. J. C. Bose Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700072
  • How To Reach: It is located on A.J.C Bose Road and is well connected through all local means of transport
  • Celebrations: Christmas is celebrated with great joy here
  • Other Attractions Near Church: Mother House, Sri Aurobindo Bhawan, South Park Street Cemetery, Lower Circular Road Cemetery.

5. St. Thomas Church, Kolkata:

St. Thomas Church in kolkata Save

St Thomas Church Kolkata is the Roman Catholic Church. The structure is a classic colonial building where you can also see the Gothic tower. Located in the Middleton Row Street Park area, this is the church where Mother Teresa’s body was kept about a week before her funeral in 1997. The beautiful altar windows are a highlighted part of this church in Kolkata, which is the most famous.


  • Church Days: Open all days
  • Mass Timings: Sunday: 8:30 a.m. -10:00 a.m.
  • Location: 7, Sir William Jones Sarani, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016
  • How To Reach: The place can be easily reached by train, bus or taxi
  • Celebrations: A Catholic church, it offers a beautiful experience of Christmas, especially with the carols
  • Other Attractions Near Church: Indian Museum, Saba Sangrahashala.

6. Armenian Church Of The Holy Nazareth, Kolkata:

Armenian Church Of The Holy Nazareth, Kolkata's oldest church Save

Built in 1724, it is Kolkata’s oldest church that attracts a considerable number of visitors to this destination. Armenian Church has seen many design changes that have added many inclusions and extensions to this church. The church is surrounded by a cemetery where you can also see the oldest grave dated June 11, 1630. This church’s interior is well maintained; you can take the stairs to a good collection of old paintings.


  • Church Days: Open all days
  • Mass Timings: Sunday: 7 a.m.
  • Location: 2, Armenian St, Bortola, Barabazar Market, Kolkata, West Bengal 700001
  • How to Reach: Use local transportation to reach here.
  • Celebrations: Grand Christmas celebrations take place here
  • Other Attractions near Church: Millenium Park, Eden Gardens, Howrah Bridge.

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7. St. Andrews Church, Kolkata:

St. Andrews Church, top spots to visit in Kolkata Save

St. Andrew’s Church is the first Scottish Church in Kolkata and one of the top spots to visit. This is the first and only Scottish church in Kolkata in this part of the country that you can see. This beautiful church’s tall and massive spire makes it one of the city’s most highlighted buildings. The church was first introduced to the public in 1818 and has since come under the most frequently visited churches in Kolkata.


  • Church Days: Open all days
  • Mass Timings: Sundays: 9.30 a.m., Visit other days from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Location: 15 B.B.D. Bagh North, Kolkata- 700 001
  • How to Reach: Located in B.B.D. Bagh, the site is well connected by all local means of transport
  • Celebrations: St. Andrews Feast is organised at the end of November every year
  • Other Attractions near Church: St. John’s Church, and Tour De Sundarbans.

8. Assembly of God Church, Kolkata:

Assembly of God Church, famous church in kolkata Save

Established in 1954, two Canadian missionary couples, Mark and Huldah Buntain, established the Assembly of God Church. Moved by poor city kids and people’s post-independence conditions in Kolkata, Pastor Buntain found this church, which also happens to be a school and a charity. Build right at the corner of Park Street, it has a simple architecture, but it is worth noting the initiatives taken by the missionaries.


  • Church Days: Open all days
  • Mass Timings: Every Sunday: 8 a.m., 9.30 a.m., 11.30 a.m., 6 p.m.
  • Location: 125, Park St, Mullick Bazar, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017
  • How to Reach: It is accessible through all public transport modes
  • The Church Organizes Celebrations: Grand Christmas Day Celebration
  • Other Attractions Near Church: Victoria Memorial, Seventh Day Adventist Church.

9. Holy Rosary Cathedral, Bara Bazar:

Holy Rosary Cathedral, Popular church in Kolkata Save

Commonly called the Portuguese Church, after settling in Kolkata, Portuguese merchants founded this imposing cathedral in 1797. The cathedral has a decorated pediment, flanked by two domed towers on either side and an arched entrance portico. The interior includes beautiful sculptures, including 14 Cross Stations. There are Madonna and Child figures behind the altar. The remains of Calcutta’s first Archbishop are under the altar. This is among the oldest church in Kolkata.


  • Church Days: Open on all days
  • Mass Timings: Mon – Fri: 7:15 a.m., 8 a.m., 12:10 p.m.; 5:10 p.m., Sat: 7:15 a.m., 8 a.m, 12:10 p.m.; Sun: 8 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 11 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 5 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 8 p.m.
  • Location: 13,15, Brabourne Road, Pageya Patti Street, Portuguese Church Street, Bara Bazar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700007
  • How to Reach: Frequent bus facilities are available to reach here
  • Celebrations: The feast of Our Lady of Holy Rosary is organised every year on October 7
  • Other Attractions Near Church: Maghen David Synagogue, Armenian Holy Church of Nazareth

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Kolkata Churches exhibit well-kept historical and cultural values. The beautiful architectures and the interesting structure history are something every visitor would love. So, when you are looking for popular Kolkata Tour packages next time, make sure the package includes a visit to one of these churches. Also, comment below if you have visited any other church in Kolkata that you would like to recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Q1. What Is The Most Cost-Effective Way to Travel Around Kolkata?

Ans: Kolkata has a very efficient public transportation system, so this is not an issue at all. Public buses are running throughout the city, even air-conditioned (both government and private ownership). The city has a metro. They also have auto-rickshaws shuttles (tuk-tuks) and taxis plying throughout the day on specific popular routes. You can travel for as small as 5–20 rupees per trip.

Q2. What is The Name of the Most Famous Church in Kolkata That Organizes Social Drives for The Underprivileged?

Ans: The Mar Thoma Church in Kolkata is known to conduct regular social events for the underprivileged, such as blood donation camps and other social drives.

Q3. What Is The Best Time to Visit Kolkata?

Ans: Between October and February, the fall and winter months are the best time to visit Kolkata, as the weather is perfect and there are plenty of festivities. This is the season witnessing travellers’ peak arrival, particularly during Durga Puja. Kolkata has light winters, and hot and somewhat humid summers, with an eastern tropical climate. For a traveller, summers are the least desirable option, and monsoons are not exactly the best season worth a visit, although lovely.


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