Traditional wear is an indispensable choice of clothing for women during special occasions and even regular everyday weak. It might be a modern world, but ethnic and traditional wear has an important place in every Indian woman’s wardrobes. It suits a woman of every body type, skin tone, age and personality. But with the change in fashion trends, the churidar designs have also changed. There are several designs available in the market such as long churidar, Anarkali churidar, apple cut churidar, knee-length churidar, etc. which has taken the place of old lengthy churidar. Similarly, the neck designs for churidar have also become trendy and come in unique and innovative designs. Take a look at some of the best churidar neck design images here.

Best and Stylish Neck Designs for Churidar Suits:

Churidar neck designs are available in different models and patterns. Here are the 32 fabulous neck designs for churidar are as follows.

1. Leaf Look Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

The leaf neck design of the churidar will suit your choice of a simple look. The curvy design on both sides gives the neck an elegant look with appropriate depth. It is widely carried on the cotton churidar with double colour churidar. The new churidar neck is pretty yet simple.

2. Square Neck Designs:

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No matter how much the fashion changes, the square neck designs for churidar will always be in the market. Be it regular or heavy wear; one opts for a square neck for a sophisticated look. When the neck design is bordered with simple gold or silver strips, it highlights the neckline beautifully, giving it a good contour.

3. Double Curve Neck Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

If you love wearing curvy neck designs, try out this neck pattern for churidar dress. This neck design comes with double curves attached. It is also called connected leaf neck design. It gives a sober look when carried for a regular churidar dress design. As it has two curves, it has the perfect depth from the front and a round neck on the back of the churidar.

4. Round Neck Design:

A churidar dress neck designs that have been timeless is the one with a round neck. The design is a flexible one which can be carried out with the depth you wish to keep on both sides. It is a popular design that gives the neck, a sober look, whether churidar or a jeans top. It widely is carried on floral or digital prints to make it look adorable. A classy anytime go-to churidar neck pattern!

5. Collar Neck Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

The latest churidar neck design popular these days are that with a collar neck. The shirts inspire the design, and hence it is decent official wear too. The design is also summer wear to avoid tanning. Widely carried on cotton dresses, it also opts for designer outfits that showcase elaborate neck designs.

6. Boat V Neck Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

Tried the new boat cut? Try boat V neck designs for churidar. It is a royal neck design which is widely used to give a royal look. The neck has similar patterns on both sides. It is made to give the heavy designer to work an elegant look. The neck is suitable with full sleeves to make it look more royal.

7. Pot Collar Neck Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

Pot Collar is a new model churidar neck design made by unifying the churidar’s collar design. The collar is given a pot design, and strings are tied on the neck top. This also gives an adorable look on long churidar for party wear. The strings are attached with various tassels and jingles to beautify the neck and draw attention on the dress. This is perfect for women with broad shoulders as it offers full coverage, yet looks elegant.

8. Round with Small V Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

A widely designed neck for cotton churidars that comes with a small V design under the neck. The design looks awesome with stripes, checks and other geometric patterns. A regular wear design can be kept high on the back to suit for harsh summers. It is also selected design for the women of elder age for a simple and sophisticated look.

9. Semi-Circular Neck Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

A popular churidar neck model for the heavy dress is the semi-circular neck design. The design is widely used for long Anarkali dresses, where the front is given a wide semi-circular design, and the back is given around circular design for a backless effect. When carried for marriage functions, engagements, or other occasions, the design gives a sensual look to the wearer.

10. Packed Neck Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

In the mood for something new this time? Get a churidar dress neck design with a net. The net material is quite in fashion these days. With the net usage, one can give the illusion of wearing two necks in one dress. The net is attached in the shape of ‘M’ from the main neckline’s border, giving a pack neck look. The old dress designs of Bollywood inspire the design.

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11. Collar V Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

Try a design with a V design in the front and a collar on the back for a sensual look. The side collars give a packed look from behind with a square type design leaving the back open. The design is widely given to dresses of long frock style. It is a widely accepted design for functions like marriage, engagement, festivals, etc.

12. Single Folded Collar design:

Image Source: Pinterest

Want to try something trendy for regular wear churidar? A latest churidar neck designs made with a collar and a straight-line design is quite popular among the college folks. To make it more adorable, buttons are attached to the line at the neck, and a triangular collar is folded at a distance from the neck, giving it an open look. A stylish, yet sober look is complete with this churidar neck pattern.

13. U Shape with Pinch Work:

Image Source: Pinterest

Pinch work, also known as tiny flare design, is quite popular for neckline designs also. When such a neckline is combined with a churidar neck pattern in U shape, it gives a glorious look. Women widely carry out a different design with a thin body and a petite neckline. The design is carried for both trendy and regular wear. The tiny pinch work gives an excellent touch to the neck design.

14. Mirror Work Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

Looking for something ethnic? Try this Kashmiri inspired design made with mirrors to give a sparkling look. Although the dress’s neck comes in a packed model, the use of tiny round mirrors in a V shape gives a finishing touch to the neck design. Such dresses are widely carried for functions or small parties and festivals.

15. Tear Drop Neck Design:

Here is a stylish one! Highly suitable for your Patiala dresses, the design of the neck is given that of a teardrop. It is oval from the front, and the two strings are tied from behind. Such dresses are opted by ladies who have thin necklines and shoulders. It gives a sensual appearance for parties and special evenings.

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16. Open Churidar Neck Designs:

Image Source: Pinterest

Planning to go like a chic? Go for a churidar neck model design with an open neck design. The dress comes with a strapless design where the shoulder is left open. This design is a combination of modern and ethnic design. Women should avoid it with heavy shoulders.

17. Coat Design Neck:

Image Source: Pinterest

A widely worn design for frock model long churidar dresses is a coat neck design. The upper part of the churidar carries a coat-like design fully covered from behind and gives in the upside-down shape of a cylinder from the front. The curves add to the beauty of the ethnic design with Gamthi work. The design has widely opted for small occasions such as puja, birthday etc.

18. Necklace Designed Neck Design:

A latest churidar neck design generally designed for heavy Anarkali dress is the necklace neck design. The neck is fully covered and designed with pearls, stones and other charms giving the effect of several necklaces worn. It is a popular choice for marriages and other special functions. The design is generally worn by both heavy and lightweight body women for a regal and sophisticated look.

19. Batique Neck Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Inspired by the Gujarati men’s kurta designs, the Batique design comes with an asymmetric look with a string hanging and the back is given a simple round design. It is a widely worn design for regular wear and also for college wear. Such a pattern can be carried out in double pattern materials. The pattern suits most to the medium body texture.

20. Full Wrap Neck Design:

Want that perfect fusion look of modern churidar neck designs for your traditional wear? Here is our suggested churidar neck model design, inspired by the wrap gowns. The neck design for churidar is taken from the look of a wrap gown, and a string is kept dangling at the joint in the side. The back remains covered which is widely worn for summers. It is a design which women with every body type can carry out.

21. Collar with U Neck:

Image Source: Pinterest

Another simple yet widely worn neck design is a combination of collar and U shape neck design. The neck design comes with a collar design on the back, with a small U shape on the front for a cute everyday look. The pattern suits even heavy women for a sophisticated look. It is most preferred for regular wear or also for small outings or picnics. Try this on your cotton churidar to get that real comfy feel.

22. Wavy Neck Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

A quite simple yet unique look inspired by the ocean waves gives a lovely look to the wearer. The churidar dress neck designs are made closer to the neckline, yet is kept open. The waves give a curvy neckline that highlights thin necks. The design has a covered back and hence is suitable for medium body types as well. It gives a casual look for everyday college wear or shopping trips.

23. Mehendi Designed Neckline:

Image Source: Pinterest

A neckline inspired by the Mehendi designs is widely selected for the heavy dresses. The churidar neck model is given a tiny Mehendi design parallel to the neckline cut. It gives the dresses a royal look for ethnic wear. Designs. It is suitable for anybody texture for the best look on marriages and other functions.

24. Rectangular Edge Neck:

Looking for something having a combination of geometry shape and funky? Get your outfit a neckline with a rectangular shape and give it a funky look by placing a printed piece at the end side. The design is widely used for regular wear or picnics. Widely carried on double print cotton material, it is suitable for heavy body women to give a decent and elegant look.

25. Tie Look Neck Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

Looking for a funky yet fashionable look for your parties or school and college functions? Try a neck design inspired by the tie of professional staff. This churidar neck design with piping is given a tie covered with a transparent, round neck over it for a unique look. The designer neck can be carried by medium body texture. It is made from the material with a strips design print.

26. Peter Pan Neck:

Peter Pan neck is a collar style that is flat in design, that has rounded collars. The neck pattern for the churidar will go well with for any event. Maude Adam’s costume gave the inspiration for many more Peter Pan necks. Although similar styles have been worn before, the style became popular with hers. The neck is mild and comfortable to wear.

27. Mandarin Collar Neck:

Image Source: Pinterest

Mandarin collar neck is a popular neck design these days. Kurtis and churidar neck designs come in this fashion these days and is a popularly opted choice by the ladies. The neck is collared around the neck, and the neck’s opening looks like a small slit. The neck design looks beautiful and looks extremely simple.

28. Crew Neck:

The crew neck is more commonly seen on sweatshirts and men’s tee shirt. However, when designing a churidar, don’t we love to get a little creative? The crew neck is a close-fitting round neckline. This design can be worn for any parties or occasions. The neck will suit the churidar well and be tailored with some embroidery work, to make it look vibrant.

29. Raglan Neck:

Raglan neck is the new cool in town! This new model churidar neck resembles a round shape neck design. Raglan neck design will look cool on your cotton churidar and is stitched to make you feel comfortable. It is slightly different from the usual round neck, in the sense that Raglan neck is a bit higher on the neck. You could try out some piping or keep it simple.

30. Scoop Neck:

Scoop neck will aptly fit those women who have a narrow shoulder, with a small bust line. Along dangler, or a jhumka with a nice hairdo will make you look stunning and sexy, Scoop neck is a typically a U neck design that is deep and will look good on chiffon and Georgette. The back neck design of your churidar can be another U neck to make it look elegant.

31. Split-Neck:

The split neck design is gaining fast popularity. The slip opening of the neck is deep and typically extends up to the yoke section. It makes a V shape neck or a U shape neck design, based on your choice. Embroidery around the slit will look flattering. Try out this cool neck design the next time. Check out the churidar neck designs images to get an idea.

32. Sweetheart Neck:

Image Source: Pinterest

Sweetheart neck design is a sexy design to try. It is comfortable to carry neckline that usually has a three-quarter sleeve to full sleeves. Two arch shapes are adorning the sides of the neck. This is an ultimate sexy churidar neck design that you can try.

Choosing neck designs are the most crucial part in making or breaking the look of your outfit. They are to be carefully selected based on the material, occasion and body type. One can opt for patchworks, covered necks or even transparent materials for necks, decorated with sequins and glitters. Whether you prefer an open neck or a fully covered neck, the right pattern can accentuate your neckline and give your outfit the desired output.

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