Churidars have always been in fashion since the old times. Let it be your mummy or your grand mom. Every woman has a fetish for these pants. The present era has brought in churidar pants with the new western look too to increase your choices. To provide you with the sorted out list of these pants.

Latest and Fashionable Churidar Pant Designs for Mens and Womens in Trend:

Here is a list of the top 15 models of churidar pants to choose the one for yourself.

1. Cream Knit Churidar Pant:

This churidar in the cream colour has a well-knit design with the border at the bottom. The churidar is a typically traditional one and can be worn on the special ethnic dress-up days. This is a must-buy for you because of its unique design.

2. Dhoti Churidar Pant:

Churidar pants, when moulded in the trendy fashionable ways to appear better, are an attractive piece to buy. This one in the light pink colour with the block prints is one such pant perfect for the girls as casual wear. It can be worn nicely with any top or a kurta and make you appear good. Buy this for yourself.

3. Turquoise Blue Churidar Pant:

Turquoise is an attractive colour and would greatly enhance the look of any of your ethnic kurta, just like the one in the picture. Buy this for your attractive looks and off the mood looks even on normal days, and stand out in the crowd because of this.

4. Beige Coloured Loose Churidar Pant:

Beige is a very sober colour and this allows this churidar to match with any of the kurta or outfit. The churidar is a loose one with the fitting being a loose one and also the knot in the pant and no elastic present. Comfortable wear for you and you can easily buy this for your daily wear.

5. Silk Blend Churidar Pant:

Dark brown coloured pants in the silk material are classy wear to have. This is the one you need for your khadi and simple printed kurta for particular occasions. This needs to be present in every girl’s closet. Buy this for yourself and look good with the pants on.

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6. Twill Style Churidar Pant:

Coloured in the off white colour, these pants are designed in the trending twill style, resembling the one Deepika Padukone wore in the cocktail movie. This is the one for yours, if you are a Bollywood buff and follow the clothing trends. Buy this for your trendy and good looks.

7. Pajama Style Churidar Pant:

Styled for the women especially, these are loose pajama styled pants to be worn as ethnic wear with a kurta especially. Comfortable enough to be worn, this is a good buy for any girl. Also, the prints on the pants have a nice look making it appear attractive. Buy this for yourself and look good with the ethnic dress upon.

8. Churidar Balloon Pants:

Designed in the dhoti style, these pants are known as the balloon pants being a little fluffy upwards and bearing the churidar style design beneath. The pants are trendy wear and the lemon yellow colour is also a bright one to be bought. Buy this for yourself and flaunt the style with the pants on.

9. Front Pocketed Churidar Pant:

Grey coloured with the light stripes on the shining clothing material, the churidar pants have a western touch and are a perfect choice for nay teenager. Paired with your t-shirts and casual tops, you are bound to look sexy and stylish with these on. These should be in your closet and bought without a thought.

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10. Churidar Cum Formal Pants:

In the shining dark golden colour, the pant with the black bold prints looks gorgeous. Not only a churidar but with the chain and buttons, it looks more of a formal pant too fulfilling your multipurpose. A perfect buy for any girl! Buy this for your collection.

11. Solid Green Casual Churidar Leggings:

Every girl needs one casual lower to be available as an option for her every time and this one fulfils that choice. Dark green coloured, this would suit any of the kurtas. This is perfect enough to be worn outside as daily wear and used for rough and tough use. Buy this for yourself as casual wear.

12. Soft Grey Pants:

Made with the soft and cosy material, these pants in the grey colour are an absolute piece of comfortable wear. These pants are best suited for your gym and work out process. Not only that, but they look stylish too. Girls should definitely make this a part of their tick off a list of churidar pants.

13. Purple Lace Churidar Pant:

Purple coloured churidar with the lace design is a stylish one to be bought. The transparent texture because of the net design provides for an attractive look and thus this churidar can be easily preferred by any woman.

14. Formal Churidar Pant:

The churidar pant is a formal piece of outfit and also a unisex pant to be worn along with any of the upper wear to perfectly suit it. A kurta or a shirt, anything would go with the pant giving you the look, you desire for. Buy this for your lowers collection.

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15. Sherwani Churidar Pant:

The red coloured churidar pants are the perfect one for a male at his wedding. The colour is sure enough to be matched with any of the heavily designed kurtas and make him look as attractive as possible. A good looking and sophisticated wear, you can easily choose this one for your wedding and buy this.

The list is going to provide you with endless options for you to buy and solve all your problems with choosing what to wear. From the casual to the ethnic to the formal ones, you will find all sorts. So buy the best for yourself.

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