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9 New Churidar Salwar Designs for Womens in Trend

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A Kurta Pyjama is a quintessential Indian attire for both men and women! In case of women, it is called a Salwar Kameez, with the “Salwar” pointing to bottom wear and “Kameez” meaning a shirt. Salwars are often replaced by their counterparts, the Churidars! Churidars are tight-fitting pants, which are worn by both the genders. They have been in existence since the Mughal era and were embraced by people of many generations. In this article, we shall take a look into the trending features of Churidar salwar suit designs, along with images and detailed descriptions!

Features Of Churidar Salwars:

Here are the characteristic features of Churidar Salwars:

  • Churidars are long, tight fitted pants, which end up creating a layered look on the ankle.
  • These start in a wide cut on the waist part of the pant and narrow down to reveal the shape of the legs.
  • The length of the pant is kept longer than the actual length of the person to make way for the folds on the ankle.
  • These pants are finished with a button that snugly keeps the pant hooked in its place.
  • They get their name from the appearance of a set of bangles on the leg and hence called Churi-dar (bangle-like).
  • These pants are worn with Straight fit Kurtas and Anarkali Tops.

Fabrics Used For Churidar Salwars:

The original Churidar Salwars were made with cotton fabrics, as cotton lent the fit and grip needed for this style. Later, many materials were introduced for making them, including silk mix, georgette, raw silk and rayon. Elastane Churidars, also called Leggings, are the most popular pants with women, for ease of use and comfort.

Latest and Beautiful Salwar Churidar Designs for Ladies in Fashion:

Let we have to look at the top 9 salwar kameez churidar designs.

1. Loose Churidar Salwar:


A design widely liked by the teens in this collection is the loose salwar churidar suit design. The salwar is kept slightly lose from the thighs section while it is given proper grip at the ankle side. The top is made with short length to show the loose section of the salwar.

  • Design: Red Loose Fitted Churidar Pant
  • Fabric: Cotton silk
  • Preferred Body Shape: Slim and Tall Women
  • When to Wear: Office and Daily wear

2. Georgette Churidar Salwar:

Georgette Churidar Salwar

Georgette gives a flawless look to the salwar and churidar designs. The georgette top is given slim-fit design with a fancy salwar in silk. The dupatta is also left plain with a mild golden border. The top is also given a broad belt in velvet at the end.

  • Design: Blue Georgette Churidar Salwar
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Preferred Body Shape: Slim and Tall Women
  • When to Wear: Parties and Festivals

3. Straight Cut Churidar Salwar:

Straight cut churidar salwar

A stylish salwar kameez churidar design which has grabbed the hearts of several females is given a floral design with aqua-coloured top. The dupatta of the churidar contains similar aqua prints while the salwar is given plain texture with an ankle-length.

  • Design: Red Ankle Length Churidar Salwar
  • Fabric: Cotton Mix
  • Preferred Body Shape: Slim and Tall Women
  • When to Wear: College Wear and Office Wear

4. Frock Design Salwar Churidar:

Frock design churidar salwar

Highly inspired by the anarkali churidar designs, the churidar salwar patterns are given a new looking out with creasy salwar and layered flaws top. The top is kept long in length, which makes only the ankle churi section visible. It is the best in traditional functions.

  • Design: Black Cotton Churidar Salwar
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Preferred Body Shape: Slim and Tall Women
  • When To Wear: Festivals and Weddings

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5. Designer Churidar Salwar:

Designer churidar salwar

Designer salwar churidar designs add charisma to the look for any kind of functions or party. A similar sleeveless design is given to short anarkali churidar. The skin fit salwar is given embroidery designs making cute flowers. The ankle is given lure of silk bundles for a glamorous look.

  • Design: Grey Georgette Churidar With Embellishment
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Preferred Body Shape: Slim and Tall Women
  • When To Wear: Parties and Night Functions

6. Ankle Length Churidar Salwar:

Ankle length Churidar salwar

Want to have a different outfit for a special party! An ankle-length straight cut salwar churidar is the best you are looking for. The top in multicolour is given a complete length with straight side cuts and skin-tight salwar below. It gives the perfect slim look for weddings or parties.

  • Design: Ankle-Length Churidar Salwar
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Preferred Body Shape: Slim and Tall Women
  • When To Wear: Weddings

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7. Indo-Western Salwar Suit Churidar:

Indo-western churidar salwar

This design of churidar and salwar is given an Indo-western touch which is quite loved by the brides in the marriage functions. The kameez is given a centre cut with tiny golden embroidery giving an embossed appearance. This type of bottom wear is ideal for parties to make a bold statement!

  • Design: Off-White Embroidered Churidar Salwar
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Preferred Body Shape: Slim and Tall Women
  • When To Wear: Weddings and Reception

8. Sleek Dhoti Salwar Churidar:

Sleek dhoti churidar salwar

A salwar churidar inspired by the look of the dhoti is given a wondrous design in the form of the suit. The salwar of the dress is given an ending inspired by the dhoti while it gives skin fitting at the thighs. The kameez is given a loose-fitting with two cuts and centre dividing design.

  • Design: Black Dhoti Style Churidar Salwar
  • Fabric: Cotton Silk
  • Preferred Body Shape: Slim and Tall Women
  • When To Wear: Small Functions

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9. Tunic Salwar Churidar kameez:

Tunic churidar salwar

A churidar salwar kameez Indian design is given a western touch inspired by the tunic design. The salwar of the dress is given an embroidery touch with ankle-length while the top is given flaws which are short from front and long behind.

  • Design: Red Embroidered Churidar Salwar
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Preferred Body Shape: Slim and Tall Women
  • When To Wear: Wedding Functions

How To Style Churidar Salwars?

Follow these expert style tips to look rock the Desi diva look in your Churidar Salwar:

  • Churidar Salwars are readily available in the market in different colours. Pick a contrast colour to your Kurta for a unique look.
  • Experiment with a variety of prints like polka dots, animal prints and geometric patterns to look stylish.
  • Try to wear them with a variety of upper wear like Anarkalis, A-line Kurtas and even Shirt Kurtas.
  • Adding Payal at the end of the Churidar can give a Boho effect to your look.
  • You can also try wearing different footwear like Jutis, sandals and high heels.

Anarkali is the very first churidar pattern salwar suits which were highly worn by women in the ancient period. The salwar and churidar patterns have now gained a new design by experimenting the tunics and other long-short design kurti for a fancy look.