Churidar also called the Salwar-kurta one of the most traditional outfits in India which enhances feminity as fashion spreads like a virus it is when it comes to the traditional outfit worn in other foreign countries, in Western countries churidars are worn mostly during summer due to its glossy outlook.

Girls can try customizing their own do-western kurta or designing an Anarkali suit with stones and embroidery work on it and trying out patchwork designs in plain cloth and then stitching the fabric.

Different Types of Ladies Churidar Tops:

Here are the top 15 famous Churidar models who help young girls and ladies out there to discover the unknown designs and known designs which can be worn to bring out the versatility of Indian outfits showcasing them as modern outfits too.

1. Long Straight Kurta:

This is one of the most-seen kurtas worn by all age groups of women. Due to its simple and elegant look, this type of kurta can be casual or formal wear. Straight kurta is to knee length without any flare at the bottom.

2. Block Pattern Straight Churidar:

Block patterns run around the fabric with different colours of Printed block which are usually contrasting colours. However, selecting the right colour combination plays a vital role in bringing out the perfect outfit for the day. This type of kurta is straight and knee-length with a slight flare at the bottom.

3. Printed Churidar:

A simple printed kurta with lace or Saturn works given for the neck. This type of neckwork itself adds a fine quality to the dress and also cuts out additional accessories. This type of kurta is usually worn as casual outwear.

4. Shirt Style Kurta:

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This type of churidar top is the most in-demand in any fashion store. It is a fusion of Indian churidar and western shirt patterns. This is one of the trendy outfits and choosing the right material is the key. Most commonly seen are denim material or linen fabric. This is worn to knee level with a pair of leggings.

5. High-Low Churidar Top Design:

This is commonly worn among youngsters since it brings an elegant as well as modernized look. The front hem is shorter when compared to the back without any side cuts, which makes a frock look.

6. Kaftan Churidar Top:

This is now in trend with all young college girls. It is a loose-fitting kurta with wide sleeves that fall down like a fall, which sheds glamour and a sophisticated look. This outfit is generally matched with leggings or jeans. Most worn as a summer favourite cloth.

7. Princess-Cut Kurta Pattern:

Princess cut is used for stitching blouses for ladies, these seams bring out feminine body curves. The same principle of cutting is used to make a kurta. These seam cuts started from the shoulder and continued till the waist region which brings out body curves with 3/4th sleeves.

8. Asymmetric Long Top Churidar:

Women like to try all sorts of tailored outfits with different cut patterns. In that list is asymmetric kurta one among them. This pattern is most commonly worn by media people to stand out of the crowd. The material used is crepe, georgette, and chiffon which are lightweight and gives a flawless look.

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9. Latest Double Layered Kurta:

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As the name suggests, it is a double-layered salwar. The two layers can be stitched together according to measurements or separate salwar with one fabric as sleeveless and another one which can be worn on top of it like a coat with sleeves which are 3/4th. The distinguishing colour makes the outfit speechless among the crowd.

10. Reversible Churidar Tops:

This type of kurta is the most economical variety among others since it can be worn on both sides. Twist and turn are the keywords not only is it an advantage but it also reduces selecting the outfit in women the wardrobe which is already mouth full.

11. Indo-Western Kurta:

Creating our own style statement brings out the Indo-Western style. This type of pattern is usually brought out by designing an outstanding neckline by adding lace or net cloth around the neck region with innovative cuts and sleeve designs. This kind of pattern is usually above knee level with a pair of leggings.

12. Floor Length Churidar Tops for Wedding:

This type of kurta is mostly worn during the festive season or on a special occasion like a wedding. Nowadays Indian bride tends to choose the floor-length kurta for the Reception party due to its grand look brought out by the stonework and lace sleeves with embroidery work done on it. A good hair makeup with this dress is enough for a party to start.

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13. Flared Churidar Kurta:

The flared kurta is in style due to its poised look bought out by the tailoring and the feminity of the dress is well maintained. This is one of the types of Anarkali kurta, but this type of flared kurta is made from cotton fabric and the flares are comparatively compact. The flared hemline works well for tall girls.

14. Anarkali Long Top Churidar:

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The word Anarkali makes the girls go crazy, it is so much in fashion and loved outfits from youngsters to middle-aged women even popular among small kids. This kurta brings out the perfect body shape like an apple or pear or hourglass shape and falls down below knee level and flares out. This kurta is straight around the bust region and opens down with a flare. For chubby girls choosing the right colour and designs enhances in bringing out the perfect look.

15. Designer Dhoti Style Kurta:

The Dhoti style is an upcoming trend of outfits among women. Among the usual designs, this type of design brings out the variety and creativity. This kind of kurta is loose and user-friendly. Mostly recommended for parties. A Belt can be worn around the waist region to enhance the body curves.

Women complement themselves by choosing the right set of clothes which goes along with their complexion, height and weight. Which speaks a lot about her personality too. Salwar Kurta is one of the older traditional attire worn by Indian women and it continues its legacy of ruling in today’s fashion world too. The improvisation made in designing these kurtas has made it more famous not just traditional but also in the stream of creativity. For tall build-up, ladies should prefer wearing Flared kurtas with a simple neck design. Ladies who are petite should try wearing kurtas with a boot neck design or with Mandarin collars.

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