Claddagh is a city located in the Irish country from where the tradition of expressing love, friendship and honesty is expressed through Claddagh design. In this Claddagh design, two hand holds a heart at the center with a crown on top of the heart which, literally means a couple holding their love among each other with respect and honesty which is portrayed by a crown on the heart.

This article will help out people who want to express their love or for folks who are expressive with top 9 Claddagh tattoo designs.

Simple and Stylish Claddagh Tattoo Designs for Men:

Let’s find here with attached Claddagh tattoo designs which will give a tremendous look to you.

1. Claddagh Ring Tattoo Design:

The Claddagh ring is a typical Irish way of exchanging rings during the wedding. This ring can be designed into a tattoo on the ring finger or on the wrist region. The size of the ring tattoo can be a personal choice .

2. Celtic Claddagh Tattoo Design:

Celts are known for their tattoo designs which cover their body in a knot or twisted line form, which is a way of telling the opponents that they are strong enough to face the war. This same design is used in designing the Irish Claddagh tattoo design.

3. Claddagh Heart and Clockwork Tattoo Design:

The combination of clockwork and anatomical way of drawing the heart is combined with two hands holding the center heart. Instead of the crown clockwork design is drawn on top of the heart.

4. Irish Flag Claddagh Tattoo Design:

As the Claddagh design tattoos were originated from Ireland, it is of great importance to remember the origin. The centre of the heart is inked with Irish flag color which is a combination of white, green and orange. This type of tattoo design can be an arm tattoo design with red color crown studded with stone.

5. Celtic Cross with Claddagh Design Tattoo:

The Celtic cross is quite famous design among the younger generation. This design, when combined with Claddagh design, is indefinitely a perfect combination of ancient artwork with modern design.

6. Irish Claddagh Tattoo with Red Roses Design:

As Claddagh design signifies love and romance it is necessary to add in some rose flowers to this unique design. These roses are red in color since red color roses also signify love. This tattoo can be worn by girls who are in deep and immense love as a Claddagh wrist tattoo.

7. Wing Claddagh Tattoo Design:

Wings attached to the heart instead of hands holding the heart can be a way of telling let peace prevail around the world. The wings tattoo design are drawn with dove bird in mind, as this bird is a way of expressing peace.

8. Small Claddagh Symbol Tattoo Design:

Claddagh symbol inked around the back in a miniature version. The hands holding the heart is literally the size of a newborn kid with a small crown on top of the crown. This kind of tattoo suits well for girls who like small tattoo designs.

9. Name Engraved Claddagh Tattoo Design:

The Newer generation is very expressive when it comes to romance and love since they are open minded in reveling their loved one’s name to the public. This motivated the designers in inking the Claddagh tattoo with the name on the center of the heart.

This Irish tattoo design inked with green ink is a trend which people follow not only in Ireland, but in rest of the world. Instead of a seeing, this tattoo design as a style, but with a traditional concept will definitely help this tattoo design sustain its presence forever.