Clarks are an international brand from Britain known under the same name worldwide. Clarks Sandals are now present everywhere and in almost all the nations and is easily found in all major shopping malls and shopping destinations. Clarks sandals are genuinely known for the quality of the footwear and the comfort level one gets after wearing the sandal.

Simple and Latest Clark Sandals for Women and Men:

These sandals are very long lasting and that itself is proof for the quality of the product. Here we will have a look into the top 9 Clarks Sandal designs.

1. Stone Studded Clarks Sandals:

These types of sandals are great footwear as it looks classy and royal when worn. The sandals have broad straps in the front making it comfortable to wear adjustable straps. These sandals allow your feet to breathe and are good footwear as evening wear or for chill out parties.

2. Multi Coloured Rust Free Clark Sandals:

This type of sandal looks awesome and give entire new looks to your feet. The sandals have multi coloured straps and it the entire sandal is made of leather. The sandals are available in many colours and varieties and you can choose the one according to your choice. They can be worn with casual clothing as well with jeans.

3. Moon Wide Fit Clarks Flat Sandals:

These types of sandals look very stylish when worn with any kind of outfit you desire. The stylish flat gold sandal gives your feet a flattering look. The sandals look elegant in the feet of women.

4. Flip Flop Clarks Sandals for Men:

This type of flip flop Clarks sandals looks very trendy and are pretty comfortable to wear. The front of the sandals is wide open thus enabling and lending space to your feet’s to breathe and feel airy.

5. Sporty Leather Clarks Sandals for Men:

The Clarks leather sandal appears very impressive when worn and gives you sporty attire also.  It has the adjustable straps thus lending you comfort when you are on the move.

6. Stylish Clarks Sandals for Men:

This type of front enclosed Clarks sandals gives a classy and stylish look to men. The sandals have a closed back thong thus giving immense support while walking and a smart hook for closing the straps of the sandals. These type of sandals are perfect and gels with any kind of attire you wear.

7. Clarks Wave Sandals for Women:

These are brown finished leather sandals which can be used by women for casual wear with jeans, chinos, cargos etc. The unique wave design in the sandal give a nice feel to the feet and are very comfortable at the sole too. The unique features of these sandals are they never hurt the feet as Clarks never compromise on quality. These wave sandals are exclusively for women.

8. Clarks Cross Sandals for Men:

Clarks have sandals for all age groups. So these cross sandals are for middle aged people who want comfortable sandals for everyday use and wear. They have two broad cross straps for better grip while walking. These come in various shades of mahogany, brown, beige, black etc. and are of genuine leather.

9. Clarks Ankle Strap Sandals Women:

Women have a plethora of options in Clarks Sandals. These ankle strap sandals look beautiful on any outfit. They have options in colours with grey, purple, brown etc. as the straps complementing the sole of the sandal. The fine leather as the sole is really soft on the feet and is also elegant.

10. Clark Wedges for Womens:

Wedges look beautiful and give that height to a woman which makes her beautiful and adds to her personality. Wedges from Clarks are soft yet firm and sturdy giving extra comfort to the feet of a woman and hence these wedges can be even worn all day long without any pain in the feet.

11. Clarks Mint Sandals for Ladies:

Mint is a pattern with small dots and holes in the strap of the sandal with a striking beauty of its own. The leather sole is in contrast with the strap with the light and dark combination. The sandals look elegant in the feet of women.

12. Clarks Charm Sandals for Girls:

These unique lynx charm Clarks Sandals are beautiful with a single strap running in between joined with strap near the ankle with a beautiful finish on the sandal. These are perfect with any outfit, Indian, western etc. They have a lot of options when it comes to colours with black, brown, pale colours etc. to match with their outfits.

Footwear from a renowned and famous brand like Clarks of C&J Clark doesn’t need much hype around as the footwear speaks for itself. Excellent quality of fine leather and rest of the materials, sole of the footwear, design and style etc. appeals one and all. Best known for their Desert boots, they have carved a name of their own with the many additions in designs and styles unique to them.

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