Clip on nose pin is a round clip shape nose pin. For this, you don’t need to pierce your nose. It gets fixed by two sides of nose. It contains a lot of varieties in nose clip. This looks so beautiful on ladies. Clip on nose pin are much famous with tribal people. They daily wear it. Seeing them, it became popular with city people. Nose clip are more used by college girls also. It gives sexy look to their face. Swimmers compulsorily use nose clip. And those who have habit of snoring in sleep, it is much useful for them.

Stylish and Attractive Clip On Nose Ring Designs for Young Girls in Trend:

Let we have to look at the top 9 nose clip on rings.

1. Nose Clip with Turquoise Stone:

This is just exceptional clip on nose pin. A very beautiful silver pattern has been done in this round clip. Many circular shapes are done with a kind of dots. There is a turquoise stone in round shape studded in between. The stone has got a silver cover.

2. Tribal Clip on Nose Pin:

This is a kind of nose ring clip with sacred images. These designs are worn by Tribal area ladies. Three different shape clips are there. One is heart shape with ‘om’ written. One is round with some rays and circle in between. On third, there is an image of Goddess.

3. Leaf Clip on Nose Pin:

It is going to look enchanting clip on nose ring. It is having three leaves pattern in silver. This round clip will get fixed inside the nose. It is having traditional design perfect for your ethnic dress like choli. It is plain and receiving attention with its simplicity.

4. Heart Clip on Nose Pin:

This nose ring clip on is made up of plastic especially for kids. It is heart shape in red colour. Below heart shape, the wire is bent and given round shape which goes inside nose. Red colour nose clip instantly catch attention. It is cute nose clip.

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5. Diamond Nose Clip:

It is clip on nose ring hoop in gold. It is studded with three sparkling diamonds. Two are on row and one is below the two. Ladies like more this hoop style nose clip and diamonds are added flavour. The mixture of diamond and gold always appeal to ladies.

6. Bridal Clip on Nose Pin:

This design of clip on nose hoop is worn by bride on her special day. It is a big hoop embossed with one big red stone and number of small white stone. A chain is attached with a hoop that you need to fix with your hairs. The chain contains a line of small beads on certain gap.

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7. Floral Clip on Nose Pin:

It is a floral design clip nose ring. It is in silver and created charming with flower shape. There is a white stone in middle and having petal design studded with blue stone. This is an antique design which will never go out of fashion. Floral design is evergreen and attractive.

8. Clip on Nose Pin for Swimmers:

This swimming nose clip is a special creation for swimmers. Ladies while going for swimming can wear this nose clip. It protects water from going inside the nose and she can swim comfortably. It gets fixed over your nose and having three studs on both sides.

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9. Peacock Motif Nose Clip:

It is an amazing clip in nose ring with peacock motif. It seems like it is oxidized metal. A dancing and happy peacock creature is made on this nose clip. Ladies feel delighted seeing dancing peacock. This nose clip is having engaging design.

As we saw, there are so many designs in clip on nose ring and useful too. The idea of manufacturing nose clip for swimmers is derived from this traditional nose ring. Ladies can try this variety of nose clip and get a seductive face. It can make their day.