One of the many things that growing kids learn is time. This simple clock craft will give them a chance to learn the concepts of time in an interesting way.

Best Clock Crafts And Ideas For Preschoolers and Young Kids:

Let’s find here with mentioned clock craft ideas and images for kids and adults to make them fun.

1. Paper Clock:

This simple paper clock craft is great to teach kids about time. The paper clock is made by cutting a round piece of paper. You can then cut paper numbers for the time. Stick in the hands of the clock with a tack. Use blue colored paper which looks fresh and catchy color for the clock craft.

2. CD Clock:

Another cool way to make a clock is to reuse an old CD. The clock making craft is perfect for bigger kids. The CD is placed in the center and the hands are attached to it. The numbers are cut from contrast paper. CD gives a shining look while you put this in the kids’ bedrooms; it gives a nice shine in the light.

3. Paper Plate Clock:

This cute clock craft idea is great for small kids as it is simple for them to do. They need to color the paper plate and then write down the numbers all around. They can then stick two hands on the plate in the center using a paper pin. If you have small kids then this one you can let them make a try. They will learn from this type of craft.

4. Time Teller:

When kids are at an age to learn the time, you can make them create this lovely clock parts for crafts. The paper plate is filled with the numbers of the time. In addition to this, you can also add in the minute digits so that it becomes easy to learn. It helps to motivate your kids to attract study while playing.

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5. Cogs worth Clock:

Help kids enjoy their movie, ‘Beauty and the Beast with this nice Cogsworth clock craft. The craft clock kits can be assembled to look like him, and this includes the hour and the minute hands. This movie clock is very interesting. This one looks funny but nice idea as a clock craft.

6. Cuckoo Clock:

Here is a cool cuckoo clock that shows the craft clock hands along with a little cuckoo bird. The hanging cuckoo clock is very impressive, and kids will love the details on it. You can decorate it as you like. You can add pictures of any superhero which your kids love to watch in cartoons.

7. Candy Stick Clock:

Here are the nice woodcraft clocks that can be done by kids easily. The wood candy sticks are painted in the colors of the rainbow and then stuck together. You can try this woodcraft wall clock as a chance to teach the kids about time and the colors of the rainbow.

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8. Penguin Small Clocks For Crafts:

This is a small clock for crafts that you can show your kids. The penguin theme is done using foam pieces that are easy to stick together. Let kids decorate it with glitter and sequins to make it look shiny.

9. Wrist Watch For Crafts:

This nice idea for clockwork for crafts is a great way for older kids to learn time. The wristwatch is made from brown paper that is decorated with number dials. The kids can move the hands of the clock easily too.

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Clock crafts are a great learning tool for all kids. The clocks made from paper, paper plates, foam, etc. are wonderful ways to keep the kids engaged.

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