9 Trendy Indian Cloth Carry Bags in Different Designs

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Ever since the awareness of how polluted our environment has become, people are opting for more Eco-friendly bags like jute, canvas, paper and cloth. Cloth bag is best of the options. Cloth bag is also called ‘bag for life’. They are bright, fresh and light. By its name, it is made of fabric. You can make it by yourself by sewing it. Many of the retail stores give their products in it.

Trendy Indian Cloth Carry Bags in Different Designs

Environment Friendly Carry Bags by Using Cloth:

Here we provide 9 best indian cloth bags with images and make your own stylish new bag by hand painting, tie dyeing or embroidering it. Add colour to your life by this beautiful cloth bags.

1. Colorful Tie Dye Cloth Bag:

Tie Dye Cloth Bag

Put a new spin to your regular cloth bag by Tie Dying it. It is a very old technique. Patterns are obtained by twisting, pleating and crumbling fabric. They are made very colourful and bright. It is perfect for a beach outing.

2. Hand Painted Cloth Bag:

Hand painted Cloth Bag

Hand painted Cloth bag is painted by hand. Most of them are customized. They are very special because of its uniqueness. It will get you all attention.

3. Embroidered Cloth Handbags:

Embroidered Cloth Bag

Embroidered cloth bag has embroidery on it. It has mirror and beads on it. It adds fresh touch to your evening outfits. You can use it for daily use.

4. Cloth Tote Bags for Women:

Tote Cloth Bag

Tote cloth Bag is short double handled cloth bag. it has opening on the top which opens into main compartment. It is very famine.You can use it with a flirty evening dress or with your comfortable denims. It is a mistake free style.

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5. Hobo Cloth Bags for Girls:

Hobo Cloth Bag

A hobo cloth bag is a large shoulder bag, with a soft body that forms a curve between two end straps. It comes in many colour and details. It is comfortable and stylish. It is simple and sophisticated style.  You can carry it to work or for a weekend.

6. Messenger Cloth Bags for Teenagers:

Messenger Cloth Bag

A messenger cloth bag is also a sling bag or a single strap bag.  It was used by courier men, hence the name. It is now used by students and people who are on the go. It is sometimes big enough to carry a laptop. It can be used for work also.

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7. Oversized Cloth Bag:

Oversized Cloth Bag

Oversized bags are the new trending style. They are made of many materials; cloth is one of favourite one. They are huge and very spacious. It is very stylish and outgoing. Normally they have studs and diamonds. They can very glamorous too.

8. Back-Pack Cloth Bag:

Back-pack Cloth Bag

Back packs are usually two shouldered bags which are carried by students mostly. They are made of synthetic materials mostly, but due environment awareness, cloth is been favourite amongst many. They are trendy and colourful. It comes in every shape, colour and prints. Many women prefer it for long travel, especially young single mothers.

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9. Duffle Cloth Bag for Travel Luggage:

Duffle Cloth Bag

Duffle cloth bag is a unisex bag. It has two straps which normally run down to add extra strength. It is normally bright and colourful. They are quite a trend in men. They are used especially for gym and travel.

If your environmentalist or not, cloth bag is the new upcoming style. You can make it yourself or buy it from a store. Our Indian mom’s used to make it out of our old t-shirts and dresses. This is why they are reusable. This is the new Eco-friendly product in town and I am sure everyone is going to love it.

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