Are you a sceptical expectant mother who is wondering whether using clove oil during pregnancy is safe for you and your baby or not? We all know the many health benefits of using clove oil. In spite of that, pregnancy can make even the best of products react negatively with your changing body. Clove oil may affect in an unwanted manner with its side effects during pregnancy. Can you use clove oil when pregnant?

Clove is a herb and clove oil is used as a medicine for various home remedies. Clove oil is mainly used as remedies to treat conditions like diarrhoea, bad breath, and hernia. It can also be used as a safe alternative to cure conditions like nausea, vomiting, indigestion as well as intestinal gas.

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Clove Oil During Pregnancy:

Types of Clove Oil:

There are Three Types of Clove Oil Present in The Market That You can use for Remedies at home.

  • Bud oil, which is obtained from the flower buds of the clove plant.
  • Leaf oil, which is obtained from the leaves of the clove plant.
  • Stem oil, which is obtained from the stems of the clove plant.

Benefits of Clove Oil:

  1. Clove oil has antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and antiviral properties.
  2. It is a much popular and efficient remedy for toothache.
  3. It is used extensively to treat many health disorders like indigestion, cough, asthma, headache and stress.
  4. Clove during pregnancy can also purify the blood and keep you healthy.

Treating Toothache while Pregnant:

To cure toothache during pregnancy take a whole clove and chew on it slowly. The oils that the clove release seeps into your sore tooth and gums, and helps treat your toothache in a safe and natural way. Even though clove oil is available in the market, it is advisable to use a clove. Chew not more than one or two cloves a day. Once the clove oil gets extracted from the clove, a considerable amount of relief from pain is felt in less than an hour.

Possible Side Effects:

Taking an overdose of clove during pregnancy can prove very harmful for health. It can not only affect you but also your unborn baby. It can affect complications in your pregnancy. Mentioned below are some of the side effects of over-consumption of clove oil during pregnancy.

1. More than the recommended amount of clove consumption can lead to difficulty in breathing.

2. An overdose can significantly increase the heart rate, thereby making you anxious and restless.

3. Sudden sleepiness and feeling drowsy is not very uncommon on over-consumption of clove oil during pregnancy.

4. It may make you feel dizzy and nauseous.

5. You may experience a sudden episode of diarrhoea.

6. You may develop a sore throat on having a considerable amount of clove oil in pregnancy.

7. There may be a severe sensation of burns in the mouth and throat.

8. Very large quantities of clove oil consumption may cause significant damage to the nerve, and thereby trigger many changes in the baby’s physiology.

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9. In extreme cases, it can also lead to bleeding in your intestine as well as kidney or liver failure.

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So can you use clove oil when pregnant? Clove oil, if taken in moderate quantity, has immense herbal properties and health benefits. It is an effective remedy for toothache, bad odour and much more. One should take an expert’s opinion on how much to consume and when. If taken in high doses, it is a serious threat to your health. Overconsumption of clove oil in pregnancy can be highly dangerous. It is otherwise considered a safe herbal remedy. Take a doctor’s advice on the consumption of it. Always take small doses of it to stay healthy and protect your baby.

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