Snake tattoos have been a favourite in tattoo art for a long time. Snake tattoos in different forms and ways are now being reinvented in this art form. Said to be the king of the snakes, a cobra symbolizes power, agility and charm. The majestic yet mysterious charm of the snake hence makes it a perfect choice for all tattoo artists.

Cute and Amazing Cobra Tattoo Designs:

The top 9 unique cobra tattoo designs are elaborated with pictures.

1. Cobra and Skull Tattoo on Back:

The backside of the tattoo has been a favourite part of experimenting with new tattoo designs. Enormous Cobra tattoo designs on the backside, either in colour or in expression style, is an all-time favourite. This style of design catches the attention while you are going on a beach or outing.

2. Cobra Tattoo Heavy Design for Calf:

A raging cobra leaping onto its prey, portrayed in artistic form, makes a great king cobra tattoo to flaunt on your calf. Extended fangs and a twisted tongue give the overall design an excellent touch.

3. Traditional Pattern Cobra Tattoo:

While the modern cobra tattoos deal with the expressions and more graphic representation of the snake, the traditional cobra tattoos are colourful and less animated. One such classic tribal cobra tattoo design is the skull and the cobra, where the cobra can be seen spiralling a skull or as separate entities in the same frame.

4. Simple Cobra Casual Tattoo Design:

Those not fond of the graphic and more extensive designs of the black cobra tattoo can choose a simple one. Two cobras facing each other or the other way around in simple black and minimalist representation has a tribal feeling and looks good.

5. Realistic Style 3D Cobra Tattoo Design:

3D Cobra tattoo designs are nowadays becoming a favourite for all tattoo lovers. The larger-than-life approach can be the envy of many. The quirky designs and innovative ideas can scare a good amount of folks and can also be a treat to the eyes.

6. Cobra Head Tattoos:

A furious cobra head tattoo can be an excellent subject for a tattoo design. It looks artistic and has a mysterious aura and charm surrounding it. It can be simple as well as more graphic and colourful.

7. Cobra Tattoo on Face:

Imagination has no limits. This Cobra tattoo on the face is quirky and super cool. The colour complements the texture of the tattoo. This small tattoo signifies your brave approach and is cunningly placed. This style of tattoo design is an incredibly awesome tattoo for girls who are in a tattoo frenzy.

8. Cobra Tattoo on Head Special Pattern:

Even for tattoo lovers, this might be a little too far, but it gives you a distinguishing effect. It will surely make you stand out from the crowd. The tattoo details are not very significant, but this only adds to the subtle strength of the cobra tattoo.

9. Cobra Tattoo Fusion:

The cobra tattoo is frequently seen being experimented with. Cobra tattoos could be fused with skulls, roses or even other animals, such as panthers. This tattoo looks significant because you can get the vibe of strength that this tattoo reflects, as both the animals are known for their ferociousness.


The tattoo designs and ideas depicted above are the best possible designs you can modify according to your taste and choice. I hope you love the top 9 cobra snake tattoo designs and ideas. Go and get it as per your choice.

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