Jewellery designing is a never ending process as it changes with the changing fashion. It is not only a thing meant to be worn by a woman but also by man too. Today, there are plenty of the jewellery designs available. If you want a creative and design with something unusual look and style, then ring designs are the best platform which showcases your attire and style as these do not only expose your creativity but can also make you feel at the top of heaven. Also known as cluster ring or a dinner ring, a cocktail ring will be generally oversized featuring a large stone in the center surrounded by small stones. In the last few years, designer cocktail rings, which for a while were a trend better left in the past have made a serious comeback now.

Cocktail diamond rings do add a statement to a little black dress but, look just as good with a long black silk gown. No matter what style of dress you are wearing or what sort of functions you are attending; designs of cocktail rings are never out of place. Always in the aspect of style and looking great, cocktail rings made from gold and diamond are the next big things in the jewellery. Today, you can also get the designer cocktail rings made in an intrinsic design with diamond stones which will add a touch of flamboyance to your ensemble.

Designer Cocktail Diamond Rings:

Start exploring for the new and trendy cocktail ring designs for female and male, and I am sure that you will end up with something which will be beautiful and adorable.

1. The Shalon Ring:

The ring has sixteen onyx cabochons carved in a beautiful design and sixty round cut diamonds placed around the European cut diamond center in the platinum carved Deco reproduction. The rim and shoulders of this ring will be ended up with an adorable design with twenty natural emerald stones giving an elegant look to the cocktail ring.

2. The Diamond Coseyn Ring:

This is a majestic piece of platinum champagne asscher diamond cocktail rings in a bezel setting and it’s surrounded by the luxurious asscher and old European cut diamond accents. It is an elegant pierced gallery and sparkling diamond shoulder that adds a true glamorous look and it is inspired by reproduction ring.

3. The Azua Cocktail Ring with Diamonds:

This unique platinum art of reproduction ring highlights a charming vertical row of that three fine-looking blue bezel set sapphires with encircled diamond accents in a round mounting for a smooth and magnificent effect.

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4. The Lucienne Cocktail Ring in Gold:

The fabulous 14K yellow gold Retro ring from the 1940’s, with sparkly blue rhinestone was accented by four essential rubies and two excellent diamonds. These diamonds are set in palladium for an attractive look and it approx. 0.05 karat weight, and it suits to any type of outfits.

5. The Sharyl Diamond Cocktail Ring:

This 18K white gold ring exposes a glowing orange ruby set in double prongs, with glowing diamonds stress. The fragment of a shank with mill grain details gives a simple and mesmerizing look, with Art of deco reproduction piece is approx.0.08 karat weight.

6. The Lanita Ring:

This 18K rhodium-plated rose gold piece from the retro aged structure was made with a splendid oval shape tourmaline encircled by a stunning diamond accents for an elegant look. It is around 0.32 karat weight wearing and this will give a nice feel that suite to any outfit.

7. The Lonnie Orange Diamond Cocktail Ring:

Lonnie cocktail rings in gold design have a 14K glamorous oval shaped white gold and its centerpiece is impaled with an orange diamond, this Art Deco ring is from Retro are of 1950’s. It is around 3.25 karat weight and wearing this will give a good look.

8. The Margaretta Cocktail Ring Design in Gold:

This 14K yellow gold engagement ring has an oval shaped and impaled with natural blue ruby beautiful diamonds. This mesmerizing piece of cut diamond is from Victorian era and approx. 0.70 karat weight.

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9. The Arlena Cocktail Diamond Ring:

This impressive Retro-era ring highlights a teal colored round zircon center with a diamond accented metal on the top. The typical knife edge gives a look to this platinum piece; it is approx. 0.56 karat weight.

10. The Mikaela Gold Cocktail Ring:

The Mikaela ring which is a gold cocktail ring will be really fantastic when worn with the matching outfit. It was an amethyst design surrounded with the petite pearl at the center of the ring. This will delicate to wear especially at the special occasions.

11. The Porcello Designer Cocktail Ring:

The porcello ring is a familiar one amongst all the other cocktail rings which will be utterly distinctive and this is a type of a retro era ring with a fierce and glamorous look. This will be glistening old mine cut diamonds are set in a 10 K made up of dazzling floral patterns.

12. The Zenobia Ring:

This Zenobia ring will be definitely gorgeous looking with an oval shaped synthetic opal at the centerpiece of the ring. It was made with an 18k gold which remained to be the fashion from the 1950 years. Wearing this with casual outfit will be perfect.

13. The Andra Gold Cocktail Ring:

The Andra ring was the very familiar ring in the category of the cocktail rings as they are ended up with a breathtaking design with an oval shaped amethyst that adorns the retro style. For an eternal look, it was provided with the claw pronged setting.

14. The Reba Ring:

The Reba ring as a remarkable design with 14k yellow gold and this will the best choice for the weddings and engagement occasions. This ring was made with an emerald stone in the oval-shaped centre that was surrounded by an impressive triple halo of cut diamonds.

15. The Olli Cocktail Ring:

If you are searching for a perfect and stylish cocktail ring, choosing this Olli ring will be the perfect choice as this is a bold design with a white gold setting features. It was beautifully made with five pieces of French cut synthetic sapphires and twenty-four single cut diamonds for a ravishing design.

Cocktail rings are the large rings that are originally designed to make a big statement due to their dramatic appearance and style. Of course, they are the top trending in the jewellery industry. Costume cocktail rings earned their name from United States era as they remained to be a very popular sign of prosperity. During the fifties, cocktail jewellery was increasingly gained popularity and today, they have come back amongst fashion savvy trendsetters who are into retro fashion. While you are shopping a cocktail ring, it is very important to keep certain things in mind as like you want to ensure that you were having a pleasant experience and could satisfy with what you end up with.

Cocktail rings are supposed to represent wealth and opulence and this is why they should be dazzling in appearance to catch the people’s attention towards the wearer. Please ensure to buy these rings that are as large as 3-5 carats. Of course, the cost of these cocktail rings will get varied depending upon the style and design as well as the person from whom you have purchased. In contrast, you can use some other gemstones in these cocktail rings which will add an additional beauty to the appearance that fits outfits of all range. Another advantage with these cocktail rings is that the replacement cost will be less in the event if it is lost or being stolen. They are available in wide range of collections and you can choose the colors which are very bold as like the green and orange colors.


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