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How to Use and Apply Coconut Milk for Hair Growth?

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Hair being a sign of beauty and a charismatic personality should be handled well. Hair growth is very important for a human since if there is no proper hair growth, it puts a person in an agonized state. There are various reasons behind a bad quality braid like hormonal imbalance, poor and an incomplete diet, worries or stress, etc. There are numerous ways through which a good texture and a good quality hair can be attained. One should take a note of the nutritional ways to attain a good quality braid.

While the market is constantly coming up with new and promised improved ways to make your hair better and brighter, here in this article we talk about how hair can also be healed and made longer using simple coconut milk.

coconut milk for hair growth

Brief About Coconut Milk:

This residue is extracted from the grown up coconuts and it is distinct from coconut water. It proves to be a good substitute of milk because of its creamy texture and consistency. Coconut milk is very beneficial for skin, hair and health in many ways. The concentration of fats in the milk is very high but it assists in losing weight. The compounds like folate and niacin are present and they help to diseases like cancer etc. People who are irritated with a bad and a poor hair growth can try coconut milk as they help in the stimulation of the hair growth and also they help to make the follicles of the hair healthy.

Coconut Milk in The Making:

Even before we venture into the benefits or application methods, let’s take a look into the know how to making coconut milk at home. Even though it can be purchased commercially to here in this segment we will learn how to make coconut milk for hair that shines brighter than a star.

To start off, you need fresh coconuts and a coconut grater to grate off the while fleshy part. Now use a muslin cloth to squeeze the white milk out of the coconut and then sieve it properly to remove the particles. Now in a pan warm it for 2-3 minutes before refrigerating it until it cools down.


Ways of Using Coconut Milk For Hair:

The coconut milk is easily available in the market or can be easily prepared at home. The coconut can be bought and soaked in steamed water. The soaked coconut shreds should be then grinded and sieved for use.

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Firstly, the liquid extracted from grated coconut is very beneficial for hair. The high concentration of oil attributes to a great taste and texture. The coconut milk oil can be softly massaged towards the scalp and should be left for a span of sixty minutes to hinder the loss of hair. After an hour the hair should be rinsed well with lukewarm water and this procedure should be repeated three times for making the hair manageable and lustrous.

Hair withstands pressure and tough environment on a daily basis, especially being exposed to heat, pollution and of course the harmful UV rays. This weakens and dulls hair thereby making it split ready, often resulting in hair damage. Recently it has been observed that coconut milk is used by many hair experts. The concentration of vitamin E and saturated fats help to render proper nourishment and moisturization to the hair. The coconut milk helps an individual to get rid of dry and frizzy hair and enhances the growth of hair. It infuses potent nutrients within the hair fibers allowing them to grow stronger and much healthier. With the essential food, it’s easier now for the hair to become more flexible thereby allowing itself to stretch or grow.

Here are Some Other Hair Benefits That Coconut Milk Provides for us:

♦ Coconut milk for hair growth not only tackles stiff stunted growth problems but also takes that extra step to nourish, nurture and care for your hair so that it can maintain the healthy consistency. The presence of essential vitamins are of paramount importance to the health and shine of your hair.

♦ Benefits of coconut milk for hair also has a part to play in eliminating grey or dulling hair. Hair in its refined form is put under a lot of stress and pressure due to which premature aging is quite common. This is where coconut milk revitalizes and rejuvenates hair cells giving them their original glow and vitality.

♦ Coconut milk along with coconut is an all organic approach that you can adopt to keep your hair from getting damaged. Coconut milk also restores and repairs damaged weak and unmanageable mane healing them to their flawless self.

For curing hair loss, coconut milk and the sweetener should be nicely blended to attain a lemon color mixture. The mask should be then massaged over the damp hair and left for a span of few minutes. This helps in the circulation of blood and promotes the growth of hair. The hair should be washed well so that the greasiness comes out of the hair. The thickness and the healthiness of the hair is attained through an application of milk and the hair becomes glossier and shiny through honey. The hair tends to look voluminous by an application of honey.

Coconut milk along with yogurt with an additive called camphor help to treat bald people. The mixture should be gently applied and massaged to get rid of this problem. The spots prone to balding should not be missed out and after a wash the head should be covered with a towel.

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Coconut milk proves to be very beneficial in treating premature grey hair. The coconut milk should be blended well along with Indian gooseberry and applied over the scalp. The mixture should be left over for two hours and then should be rinsed off with lukewarm water. This therapy is preferred since it is natural and it minimizes the graying of hair. In a nutshell, coconut milk is very beneficial and one should try for attaining beautiful hair.

Apart from them, here are some more home made remedies to great hair using coconut milk.

Detangle Cure:


♦ Coconut milk
♦ Yogurt
♦ Banana puree


  • Mash banana slices and then mix condensed yogurt to it.
  • Now add the coconut milk to make a thick paste and leave it overnight using a shower cap to keep things from getting messy.

coconut milk for hair growth

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  • The very next morning right after shampoo, you will feel your hair exuberant, lively and most of all silky soft.
  • This also keeps dry hair from frizzing due to heat and keeps hair from tangling in harsh situations.

Deep Conditioning:


♦ Olive/lavender oil
♦ Honey
♦ Coconut milk


  • Here’s how to apply coconut milk on hair for deep conditioning and moisturizing it.
  • from the very start we mix honey and lavender oil and now warm coconut milk to a slight degree before mixing them all together for a good hot oil massage.


  • This is a good pre shampoo ritual which you can keep overnight. The goodness of coconut milk and the essential oil will nurture and moisturize hair while honey hydrates and heals the damages done.
  • The benefit of going au natural and organic is never before experienced in such a refined way. we have all heard of the essentials of coconut oil and now we come across the benefits of coconut milk to help you take care of your hair the best way possible.