Babies and their delicate skin should be kept away from any kind of harsh chemicals at an early stage. It is always advisable to opt for a more natural substitute to provide moisture as well as while massaging the baby’s body. Coconut oil for infants has been used for centuries by people in India and other countries to give their bodies much-needed gentle care. The oil is gentle on the skin as well as provides a lot of nutrients and benefits to the skin. Let’s learn more about coconut oil and the multiple ways in which we can use it for babies.

Varieties of Coconut Oil for Babies:

While the oil is extracted similarly, the process, they go through makes them distinct. There are several varieties of coconut oil for infants available in the market. These different types of coconut oil for kids are packed with care and precision, keeping in mind the needs of the baby. The different types of coconut oil for baby skin available in the market are,

  • Pure coconut oil for babies
  • Virgin Coconut Oil for babies
  • Organic Coconut oil for baby hair
  • Cold Pressed Virgin/Organic coconut oil for baby skin

Coconut Oil Benefits for Baby Skin:

The reason why coconut oil is loved by one and all is because of its innumerable benefits and uses. So let’s check out the various benefits for baby skin.

1. Non-reactive Moisturizer:

While there are many baby products available in the market. They are known to be safe for infants, as a parent, you surely don’t want to bring your child near any chemicals until and unless completely necessary. As we are well aware that the benefits of coconut oil are many, and one such benefit is it being a very good moisturizer. Coconut oil has no reaction on the skin of the kids and moisturizes even the driest skin instantly.

2. Treating Rashes:

Wearing diapers or using reusable underpants is the best way to avoid your baby from becoming cranky and upset because of soiled pants. But these things though very useful, often lead to rashes. Coconut oil for baby rash is a very cheap and effective solution. All you need to do is just apply a few drops of the oil on the rashes with the help of a cotton bud or clean fingers. The oil will completely heal the area while also reducing the redness and any kind of itchiness or pain.

3. Healing Dry Abrasive Skin:

As we are well aware that the coconut oil baby moisturizer technique really works. Similarly, coconut oil baby lotions are also much loved. Often kids, especially babies, dry skin immediately turns red. Using a coconut-based lotion will moisturize and heal the skin in just a few uses. The results are immediate without any side – effects.

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Is Coconut Oil Good for Baby’s Hair?

The baby has lived in the womb developing for 09 months. After delivering, even though the baby is out, the developing period is still ongoing. The body of the baby is fragile and needs utmost care. Since the baby is in a developing stage; its scalp is in the process of formation.

During this phase, it is important to handle the baby with the utmost care and an added touch of that care is provided with the help of coconut oil. Coconut oil helps as a nutrient and a great massage oil at the same time. The oil is very good for hair as it is so organic in nature.

Uses of Coconut Oil for Baby’s Health:

Now that we have understood how coconut oil is so beneficial. Let’s understand the different uses of coconut oil for a baby’s health,

1. New Tooth Pain/Teething:

It is believed that babies are under a lot of pain and discomfort when they get their first set of teeth.  A very easy way to take care of this pain is by wrapping a clean cotton cloth around your finger, dipping it in some coconut oil and then gently massaging it on the gums of the baby. This gentle coconut oil for baby teething pain is a hack that works every time.

2. Common Yeast Infection:

Babies can get yeast infections in their private parts easily due to constant suffocation. That is created in that area because of diapers. This is mostly due to lack of air inflow in that area so a really good way to treat is by using coconut oil for baby yeast infection. Apply the oil to the affected area and then just let the baby be open for some time, getting some air on the naked skin. The infection will vanish in a short span of time.

3. Chapped Cheeks:

Use coconut oil for baby-chapped cheeks for instant results. The extremely moisturizing ingredient can be applied to the clean skin of the baby at regular intervals, and one can immediately start seeing the redness of the cheeks vanishing and the skin looking healthier.

4. Constipation:

Babies can only sustain milk for the early days of their life. Although there are chances that maybe due to the milk or any medicines, the baby may get constipation. You can use coconut oil, feed it to the baby in the right way and your baby will be free of all issues in a short span of time.

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5. Thrush:

Oral Thrush is a very common sighting in babies that often goes undetected because of unaware parents. This is a fungal growth that appears in small white patches in the mouth and can make feeding difficult for the baby. Coconut oil for thrush in children plays a great role as virgin coconut oil is a very good anti-fungal solution, so it is advised that mothers rub some on their breasts before breastfeeding as this can avoid the back and forth of the fungus.

Advantages of Coconut Oil for Babies:

Apart from the well-known and much-heard benefits and uses, coconut oil for toddlers also has a lot of advantages, let’s find out about some of its best advantages,

(A) Coconut Oil for Cooking:

Yes, there are several different answers on how to give coconut oil to children, the most common way is through food. When the baby becomes old enough to eat you can use this multitasking oil to cook their food as it’s completely safe and used in many countries. Adding coconut oil to an infant’s food has no consequences; in fact, it helps with digestion.

(B) Baby Massage:

Coconut oil for baby massage is the most sought-after product. Coconut oil has several benefits. We understand how much important is baby massage for the baby. So doing it with the right kind of oil makes it even better. You can heat the oil a bit to make it warm so that it feels even better on the skin and give the baby a nice warm massage.

(C) Baby Bath:

Not many may be aware that coconut oil for children is considered so important because it can also be used in their bath water. Yes, add a small amount of oil to the slightly warm or room temperature water before washing your baby with the water. Coconut oil helps to clear the skin and make it hydrated. Also is considered a very good source of releasing toxins, making it suitable for adults as well.

Coconut undoubtedly can be considered a very good ingredient with multiple benefits. Use its milk, oil or the coconut itself in several ways. Another great quality of coconut is that it comes in handy for people of all age groups; the oil can be used for cooking or just a good head/body massage. Use this coconut oil for baby massage without any worries about major side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are There Any Allergic Issues That I Can Face While Using Coconut Oil for Toddlers?

Coconut oil generally has no allergic reactions as the ingredient is very mild and pure if used in the organic form, although if you are unsure, you can always consult a doctor about the same.

2. Is It Safe To Add Coconut Oil to a Baby’s Food?

Yes, when the baby can start consuming solids, you can use cooking coconut oil instead of any other oil to cook food for them as the oil is completely safe for a baby’s consumption.

3. Can I Use Coconut Oil to Treat Heat Rashes And Burns for My Baby?

Coconut oil has healing properties, so yes, you can definitely use the oil after treating it medicinally to soothe the skin as well as keep the pain and itching at bay for babies.


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