How to Use Coconut Oil for Weight Loss?

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This article aims to give you information in brief about why should you cook your food in coconut oil and how it is beneficial for your overall health as well as your weight loss programme. Obviously, using coconut oil alone is not going to do any wonders if, you are otherwise not controlling your general calorie intake or are not exercising enough. Cooking in coconut oil is only an additional step or catalyst in your weight loss programme. Use organic virgin coconut oil for cooking purposes while you are on a weight loss mission. The benefits of coconut oil have been utilized since long in tropics.

Coconut Oil for Weight Loss?

When I got to know about it, even my surprise knew no boundaries. Coconut oil can actually help you lose some extra pounds of your weight. This has been supported by various studies, researches and trials. Unlike, most other cooking oils, which are primarily composed of long chain fatty acids, coconut oil is almost entirely made up of medium chain fatty acids or triglycerides. These fatty acids are known to boost up metabolism.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

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Anything and everything that boosts metabolism kicks starts the weight loss processes of the body. Also, the medium chain fatty acids are utilized and metabolized differently by the body. During the digestive processes, the medium chain fatty acids, found in the coconut oil are metabolized in the liver and converted either into ketone bodies or utilized to fulfill the energy requirements of body in form of ATP molecules.

Different types of foods undergo different digestive and metabolic processes. Studies suggest that medium chain fatty acids need more amount of energy while being metabolized. This means that comparatively more calories are burnt while trying to digest food prepared in coconut oil as opposed to those cooked in routine vegetable oils.

The chief Medium chain triglyceride present in coconut oil is called as Lauric acid.  These medium chain triglycerides are not stored as fat deposits due to difference in their metabolic pathways.

These boost up your energy levels quite significantly. Consuming approx three tablespoons of organic virgin coconut oil in a day would help you achieve that kind of energy boost.

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The ketone bodies produced in liver help in inducing a sensation of fullness and curbs hunger pangs. Thus making sure that you do not indulge in meaningless snacking in between meals. This, in turn reduces your daily calorie intake. Additionally, coconut oil has been found to make the digestion better along with a more efficient absorption of nutrients from the gut. So, even while dieting, you are able to extract maximum nutrition from your food and don’t end up feeling weak or tired all the time.

Coconut Oil

Various studies conducted on lab rats demonstrated that the rats fed on medium chain fats gained almost 20% lesser body weight and fat as compared to the control group fed on long chain fatty acids.

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Studies have found that coconut oil consumption also keeps your mood swings in check. So, you stay more positive and motivated to achieve your weight loss goals. This is so because the medium chain fatty acids of coconut oil help in converting the cholesterol into a steroid called pregnenolone. This particular hormone triggers the smooth functioning of many other hormones related to weigh loss like: digestion, better fat utilization etc

Out of the total family of vitamins, some are classified as water soluble, viz Vitamin B complex and the others, including Vit. A D E and K are fat soluble. Coconut oil helps in better absorption of these fat soluble vitamins. So, this leads to a better skin texture, stronger bones too as and indirect effect of consuming coconut oil.

Last but not the least, since coconut oil is easily absorbed and utilized by body. It decreases the work load on pancreas, too. Pancreas is the gland responsible for product of insulin. So, a less stressed pancreas is able to handle blood sugar better.

Hope, you found the article informative and will surely benefit from it.