Coconut Water Disadvantages

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There are ample gifts given to mankind by Mother Nature and each one of the natural products has a set of defined benefits that is available for the good health of the body. Coconut water is one of them that is mostly found and grown in hot regions especially in India.

In fact, it is supposed to be one of the most natural sports drink to stick by. On the other hand, you will be shocked to know that along with varied benefits, coconut water has a dark side too. It is important to understand the disadvantages way before the advantages so that you can plan it well in the daily diet based on these facts.

Coconut Water Disadvantages

The list below has some of the top disadvantages of coconut water that you should know about. Check them out for more information:

Disadvantages of Coconut Water:

1. Not an Option for Athletes:

A lot of people live in this stereotype that coconut water is a sports drink that is perfect for athletes. However, because of its natural content, the nutrient and electrolyte balance may vary and is limited. It cannot be compared to the strong sports drinks that athletes require. For energy boost and a good performance, athletes cannot use coconut water which is quite low in carbohydrates.

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2. Needs to be Consumed Fresh:

Coconut water needs to consume at once after opening up the coconut or else it gets flushes out of the benefits. Once it loses all the essential nutrients, it is no longer a healthy drink and is of no use to the body.

3. Spikes Up Blood Sugar Levels:

Coconut water does contain carbohydrates in it even if in small amounts along with calories. This does not make it an ideal drink for those who have diabetes. They should plan to skip coconut water in between and not take it on a regular basis or else it will spike up the blood sugar levels. It is one of the disadvantages you should surely remember.

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4. No Help in Losing Weight:

The high calorie content and carbohydrates makes it a no-no drink for people who are overweight and have issues of obesity. There might be some minerals in the drink but in minimal quantities. One has to understand that drinking coconut water does not help in losing weight as believed by a lot of people. An added disadvantage is that it does not prevent cancer either.

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5. Bad Choice for Allergies:

A lot of people have complained about allergic reactions to coconut water. It is true for those people who are sensitive to tree nuts. It is not ideal choice to make when it comes to such allergies. This is more like a disadvantage for most of them.

6. Increases Blood Pressure:

The high levels of sodium in coconut water do not make it a good choice for people who have high blood pressure levels. It is also a bad option for people with heart diseases. According to professionals, those who have high blood pressure should have low sodium levels in the diet. This is a disadvantage you should try to know about. It will help you restore good health by avoiding coconut water.

7. Low Levels of Nutrients:

The important nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are either present in minimal amounts in this liquid or else not there at all. This deficiency of nutrients in the liquid does not make it a good food option at all in the daily diet. It will only add up to calories and carbohydrates.

8. Too Much of Potassium:

Potassium is definitely good for health which can be met through various other healthy foods in the daily diet instead of adhering to only coconut water for the same. It is best that you do not add too much of potassium in the diet with including coconut water. You don’t need that much!

9. Price:

The price of the coconut water is quite high as compared to the nutritional benefits it offers that can be met with any other food item and much cheaper ones. The high price is one disadvantage of coconut water.