Coconut is a universally loved fruit that can also be called a nut or a seed. This coconut does have not only multiple uses but also multiple benefits that make it so popular. While the fruit is popular and trusted, there are still myths surrounding coconut water for babies, its benefits and side effects, so let’s dig in and find out more about this miracle water.

Nutritional Value Of Coconut Water For Babies:

Asking about the nutritional value of coconut water is similar to questioning a genius because they have got it all. You name it, and coconut water has that nutrient in abundance. The presence of these nutrients helps in treating a lot of common sicknesses; let’s check out some of these common nutrients.

Coconut water contains 19kcal of Energy, which is why just a glass of coconut water is like an energy boost. It also contains 2 g and 4 g of Calcium and Vitamin C, respectively. Coconut water contains no cholesterol and contains 1 g of Iron and 6 g of Magnesium which shows us that it has good nutrients. It also contains 105 mg, 0.2 g, 250 mg, 3.7 g and 0.7 g of Sodium, Total Fat, Potassium, Carbohydrates and Protein, respectively.

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A commonly found fruit in many regions of various countries, the benefits and uses of coconuts make it a fruit that is loved by one and all. Although learning how the same fruit can be extremely beneficial for young ones makes it a must-have for people of all age groups. One fruit and multiple uses are what also suggest that it is one consumption can have many benefits, and the nutritional value makes coconut water for kids a must-consume food item.

Benefits Of Coconut Water For Babies

1. Cures Cold And Flu:

Coconut water has healing properties that help cure a common cold, flu as well as fever. The coconut water eradicates all the possible causes of the flu and builds immunity back, restoring the health of the children.

2. Eradicates Stomach Worms:

Coconut water helps in flushing out all the worms that can possibly be living inside the stomach of your baby, a lot of which can be invisible to the naked eye but cause problems. Coconut water helps in the easy removal of these worms.

3. Cleanses The Body:

The nutrients present in coconut water help in cleansing the body from within. Coconut water eradicates all kinds of toxins present in the body, leaving your body feeling lighter, fresher and more active.

4. Treats All Kind Of Intestinal Problems:

Be it diarrhea, vomiting or just runny motions, coconut water is the solution for all of these common intestinal problems. The regular consumption of coconut water will easily treat Gastrointestinal problems.

Side Effects Of Giving Coconut Water To Babies:

Coconut water is considered miracle water. Consuming it has no side effects on anyone, including babies and adults. Although one thing that needs to keep in mind is the time when you start feeding coconut water to infants, as it is only advisable and recommended by professionals to give them nothing but only milk until they turn at least 6 months old. So, coconut water for toddlers is completely safe, but for infants, it should only begin after the suggested age, as the body will not be able to process the coconut water.

Tips To Feed Coconut Water To Child:

Coconut water has a nice sweet taste that’s not too sweet. The water does not have any overpowering or repulsive smell either, which makes the kids like the coconut water as it is.

  • A child can consume coconut water once a day as an energy drink.
  • You can use coconut water in the dough to make sweet-tasting wheat flatbreads.
  • Coconut water can be cooked along with sweet-tasting dishes and is easily consumed by kids.

The Right Time To Give Coconut Water To The Baby:

Doctors and nutritionists suggest giving only coconut water to babies after their sixth month of birth. The only thing that babies should consume until that age is only milk and nothing else, as the body of a baby isn’t developed enough to process and digest anything apart from milk.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers:

1. Can I Give Coconut Water To My Baby During The Time Of Cold & Flu?

Yes, you can give coconut water to your baby during the time of cold & flu as coconut water helps build back the fallen immunity of the baby and cures a cold at a faster pace.

2. What Is The Recommended Quantity Of Coconut Water To Give A Baby?

Since babies have a very small appetite, it is suitable to give them a few Spoonfuls of coconut water. Although it’s always advisable to consult a doctor beforehand.

3. Can I Give Coconut Chunks To An Infant?

Coconut chunks cannot be given to the infant, but only coconut water, as the baby’s digestive system isn’t prepared to digest any solids until they are a year old.


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