Nine reasons to have coconut water, if you are diabetic

Coconut water is truly a drink from the heaven’s brink. This natural drink is loaded with goodness and benefits.  The refreshing beverage is rich in minerals and fiber. It helps in quick rehydration and is a good replacement for artificial and processed drinks. Coconut water is beneficial for treating various ailments. It has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a rich source of B-complex vitamins.

Coconut water does not contain harmful fats or cholesterol. It is low in calories and despite being a naturally sweet drink; it is highly beneficial for people who are diabetic. Have a look why,

Coconut Water for Diabetes:

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Increases Metabolism:

Consumption of coconut water helps to curb excessive hunger, which also helps to keep food intake limited. Increased metabolism means that the body is burning calories and sugar faster, releasing more energy in the body.

Vital Nutrients:

Coconut water is rich in minerals like potassium, sodium, zinc and iron. It also has anti-oxidants, necessary amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids. These are required for maintaining the sugar level in blood. It also helps to deal with the acid-producing agents in the body and also reduces the risk of cancer. It is best to consume coconut water fresh because exposure to air and dust for long will destroy its nutritional value.

Better Blood Circulation:

Diabetic people often suffer from improper blood circulation leading to eye-sight problems, pains, cramps, numbness in feet, also atherosclerosis. Consuming coconut water helps widen the blood vessels, removing the restriction or blockage in the normal flow of blood. This relieves the person from discomfort and increases the level of oxygen in the blood.

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Controls Weight:

It satiates hunger, preventing you from eating too much. For any diabetic patient, weight becomes a major problem. Coconut water is a nutritious mid-day snack if you are very hungry and it is also the ideal drink during a hot summer afternoon. It does not add fat but gives you all the quintessential nutrients.

Low Sugar:

This is the most important advantage. Coconut water contains very low amount of natural sugar, making it the perfect drink for diabetic people, for whom cola is a strict ‘no’. But it has to be consumed in moderation because drinking large quantities might have adverse effects on the body.

High in Fiber:

The inner layer that is translucent is the meat. This coconut meat is very high in fiber and is an ideal snack. Fiber is known to slow down the process through which glucose is released in the body, reducing the requirement of insulin in absorbing the released glucose.

Prevents Heart Problems:

High blood pressure is a primary risk that is associated with heart diseases and stroke. Potassium and Magnesium help in reducing the blood pressure. Coconut water is effective in reducing high blood pressure and helps in normal blood circulation. It also reduces the risk of heart failure.

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Reduces Kidney And Urinary Problems:

Presence of minerals like potassium and magnesium reduces the risk of kidney stones and facilitates kidney functioning. It acts like a natural cleanser and also reduces the stone size, making it easier to eliminate from the body. Coconut water also increases urine production and helps remove toxic waste from the body.

Anti-Aging Properties:

Coconut water is the best natural source of cytokinins. Cytokinins are hormones that regulate growth and aging. It is also a very good source of anti-oxidants, cleansing the system. Drinking coconut water keeps the skin free of toxic and helps tighten facial muscles, increasing their elasticity.

So go ahead and enjoy this natural health drink!


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