9 Highly Recommended Mens Coin Wallets

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Men are an uncomplicated set of people who are not fussy about fashion and trend. Talking about breaking this fashion rules is when they stand out in choosing their accessories like tie, hats, belt etc in this list what tops is the “Wallets”. The back pocket has to be fitted with a perfect color and which blends the outfit which brings out the character of  men, but maintaining the coins which fill up men’s wallet enormously is always a problem in which they are force to choose a big size wallet. But still, men seem to cling on with that one same wallet and brand all the time till the wallet has frayed out, unlike female counterpart who change every day and dedicated by whimsical wind of trend!!


Different Types of Coin Wallets for Men and Women:

Using a plain bi-fold wallet with a square shaped coin rack in the front and reducing the load of cards and bills stacking up in the wallet is highly recommended for men to lead a hassle free and cool day. Here are top 9 types of wallets for the keeping the noise making C called the coins!!

1. Classic Leather Wallet (Bi-folded) with Coin:


Leather and men’s wallet a classic combination. It brings out a classy look due the subtle color bought out by leather. This kind of wallet is a bi-fold wallet,Which has two racks for holding the cash and a small area with button lock system for coins and also a card rack holder. Nowadays the coins section are comparatively spacious, unlike olden times.

2. Ti-folded Wallet with Coin:


This kind of wallet is mostly used by youngsters since its more spacious due to the various compartment and it is very handy to hold on.

3. Coin Only Wallet:


This is one of the best ways of keeping the coins and comes in handy too due to its miniature size. But guys generally are not into carrying it all the time, they do forget the existence of the coin wallet.

4. Checkbook Wallet with Coins:


This is also called as the travel wallet. IT helps to maintain all the important documents needed for the travel in a regular fashion. Along with it comes a small triangular rack for coins.

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5. Card Holder Coin Wallet:


Card holding wallet is generally small in size ,a size of a fist. It consists of many compartments to hold the cards as well it can be converted as a coin wallet ,provided a locking system.

6. Phone Case Wallet with Coin:


Carrying a wallet filled with bills, cash and holding the phone separately adds bulk to the pocket to avoid this, simple way of carrying coins and cash along with a phone case with a separate racks and lock buttons comes more in handy.

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7. Coin Sport Wallet:


This kind of wallet is made from synthetic material and with brighter colors with manly outlook which makes the content stay put inside the allotted racks. The locking system usually is zip type with coin and cash holding  proficiency

8. Super Slim Wallet:


This type of wallets is usually recommended for men who lives in a country where Coin usage is not seen in larger part of the community. He requires carrying only one or two coins in the wallet due to its sleek shape and less amount of usage.

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9. Mens Cloth Wallet:


This is generally used by men who are more into using organic material and environmental friendly. This is usually bi-fold to hold in cash and coins.

According to fashion and style, there are infinite number of shapes and color of wallet, it purely depends on each personal choice and taste to use an alligator skin or a recyclable material. A darker and subtle color wallet always brings out a formal and subtle look.And saving all the required documents on the  internet which reduce the number of cards and bills in the wallet.

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